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My Motorbike Solution

Client: Japanese

Many motor shop owners want to increase sales but find it hard to track the performance of their staff. What’s more, they struggle with communicating to their employees among different branches.



  • 01 Handling chart UI in Xamarin.Forms. ​
  • 02 Customer's concerns about price, fast-delivery products, and some further suggestions. This app also needs to run on both iOS and Android platforms.​


  • 01 Use Xamarin.Forms - a mobile cross-platform that helps to minimize development and maintenance time, and cost.​
  • 02 Build UI, UX, then hold meetings and demos with client. The app development process begins after an agreement is reached.​


  • Implement chat channels among employees and different showrooms. ​
  • Monitor sales performance of employees. ​
  • Keep track of customer records and product sales.​


  • Xamarin.Forms
  • C#
  • Push notifications.
  • Graph QL​.

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