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Our ultimate motto does not only stop bringing success to our clients but also gains satisfaction and lasting value for customers after each project.
Client: Japanese

Many motor shop owners want to increase sales but find it hard to track the performance of their staff. What's more, they struggle with communicating to their employees among different branches.

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A social app for a beauty salon chain in Japan that allows customers to find the nearest store location, information about services and promotion. About 2 months after its release, the salon saw an increase of 30% in revenue, and gained more than 1,000 users.

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hair and beauty salon app

A mobile app for end-users to manage their telecom contracts with activities including registering, unregistering, and updating plans and services. Especially, this application is also designed to serve entertainment needs: listen to music, watch movies, play games…

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The mobile app allows patients to connect with their pharmacy to track their records of medication plus those of family members. ​Moreover, they can order medicines, make appointments and chat with the pharmacy.​

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