Mobile app development

Building a web application for digital banking

Singapore Finance

About Client

The client is a small Singapore bank that wants to build a digital banking solution that prioritizes flexibility and ease of use.


They faced many challenges in terms of both a highly qualified technical team and effective platform management.

Specifically, they wanted to build a modern online banking platform that integrates multiple functions such as:

  • Being accessible 24/7
  • Organized in scheduling recurring bill payments and transfers
  • Logging in with faceID,…



Chosen as the vendor for software development outsourcing, TECHVIFY provided the Customer with a self-managed dedicated team of senior specialists. The team consisted of:

  • A software architect (acting as a project manager as well)
  • A business analyst
  • 3 back-end and 3 front-end developers
  • A QA specialist.
  • Project management was shared between TECHVIFY’s PM and BA, and a product owner and a scrum master on the Customer’s side.

Change management

To get an in-depth understanding of the Customer’s needs, TECHVIFY’s BA elicited new requirements at the meetings with different groups of stakeholders and user acceptance testing (UAT) sessions, as well as ad hoc, when business needs and goals altered. Relevant user stories were created to accommodate the requested changes, added to the backlog and prioritized at the meetings with the target user groups.

Development and QA

TECHVIFY’s developers established the CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps Server to speed up the delivery of requested changes.

The team carried out code refactoring, replaced outdated non-maintainable technologies with modern ones, and adjusted the system’s architecture. They implemented a brand-new permission structure and optimized functionality with the automation of manual recalculation and audit processes to help users streamline their work.

TECHVIFY’s team provided proactive problem-solving and consulting throughout the project. It allowed for minimizing internal integration issues and risks of backward compatibility with the old application’s architecture.

The QA process involved performance and functional testing:

  • Smoke tests
  • UAT tests
  • Regression tests

The latter helped ensure the modified functionality didn’t affect the rest of the solution.


Thanks to the input of TECHVIFY’s dedicated team, the client was able to cut development time and reduce project costs, as well as lower future maintenance costs due to the implementation of modern technologies. The new version of the application has stable high performance and enhanced functionality, which allows the client to attract new users, draw external users’ loyalty, and lead to a significant increase in revenue.

Although the initial outsourcing engagement was supposed to be complete after the application’s modernization was finished, the client chose to extend cooperation with TECHVIFY. Currently, in the 2nd year of collaboration, 4 developers from TECHVIFY continue working on the application’s evolution and maintenance.

Technologies and Tools

  • Project management and DevOps: Confluence, Jira, Azure DevOps Server
  • Solution: .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Angular 1.5.8, IDE Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Studio, Azure

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