The 5 Advantages of Hiring Remote Software Engineers

If you’re not planning to hire remote software engineers, you’re missing out on all the great benefits. Let us give you the 5 advantages.

#1: You can optimize your budget effectively with remote software engineers

This is most likely to be the main reason why companies only hire a remote software engineer (or a team of engineers). 

Hiring local developers means prices change depending on the location. For example, If you’re living in the US, specifically either on the East or the West Coast, hiring a local engineer there will cost you a lot of money since those are the locations growing the most in the business.

This makes you passive in choosing what suits your budget plan. So, instead of looking for local professionals, look further. Almost everywhere on earth has people working as software engineers, and they’re willing to work remotely. 

Countries like Germany or a few more in Europe have a good Tech industry. Even Asia (For example, Vietnam) is growing extremely fast in technology. Moreover, they offer a much lower price compared to anywhere else in the West.

That’s because the industry here is trying to attract more investors to come to the country. Hence, a low price doesn’t mean it has poor quality. Vietnam is on a fast pace of offering standard quality products to many countries worldwide and is expected to sit on the top list in the next decade. (TECHVIFY is a big example). 

Remote software engineer benefits #1

Also, hiring a remote developer means no charge for infrastructure. They work for where they live, remotely from where you live. They communicate with you through popular social platforms supporting remote collaboration businesses.

And that only costs you a small charge instead of throwing big money into expensive infrastructure. Eventually, the work is still done on time, with the result as good as having a local team. So, why not a remote developer with this generous benefit?

Spending on a Visa is also another costly charge. Some choose to bring back to their company an engineer from another country. It depends on certain cases that a company decides to do so.

However, in most cases, you don’t have to bring anyone to work directly at your company. Because all the problems with their visa will all be on your shoulders afterward, that does not only take time but money to solve. Therefore, think twice before implementing your plan. 

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#2: You have more options with a remote team.

Searching where you live and still haven’t seen anyone matching your requirement? You might be thinking that you’re at a dead-end now. But it’s no longer the case. 

Hiring a remote engineer means recruiting engineers from anywhere in the world. They can be within the country, in another country, or on another continent and will still be able to get the job done. This gives a better selection of what suits your scenario best.

Remote software engineer benefits #2

Even if you’re on a tight budget or need an engineer with specific knowledge, you will still find it anywhere in the world. 

#3: You can get more work done in a short time.

Less money spent on hiring a remote engineering team means you can use what’s left in the budget for another project. 

Businesses get busy every day. You and many other businesses expect to finish as many projects in the shortest amount of time as possible.

0714 RemoteSoftware 3

That boosts the company’s productivity and helps the business earn more profits. One way to go through that is by optimizing the budget as much as you can. 

#4: They have thorough processes.

I’ve seen many local developers with their subjectiveness. Many sometimes think that since they can contact you quickly through a phone call or meet you in person, it’s no rush for them to speed up their work process. However, it’s unlikely to happen when you work with an engineering team from another country. 

Since the time zones of both sides are different, it may make everything look like work is a lot harder to manage. Nevertheless, it creates an opportunity for work to be done more tidily.

0714 RemoteSoftware 4

Remote developers have found it challenging throughout their difficulties in working long distances.

Therefore, they have made clear procedures for themselves so that both clients can work with each other effectively. (For example, when and how phone calls must be made for communication). 

Also, remote engineers will list specific steps that you must go through to approach the project. You, in that position, have no other option but to follow it strictly.

If you mess up, work may not go as it’s expected. This will likely boost the productivity of both sides and help you be more disciplined with work. Just like a full-time motivator whenever you need it!!! 

#5: They are the best communicators in the business.

As mentioned, many local developers tend to be subjective. You may work with a very bad communicator sometimes. They think they need to call you whenever they want, and the work is done. This causes outrageous moments so many times when I try to go to bed. 

A remote engineer knows how to deal with these situations professionally. Since the time zones are different, they will have to come up with a clear schedule of when to call and how to contact you. Calling is not always the best option.

0714 RemoteSoftware 5


Therefore, a remote worker will know when to call and not to call. Also, if that’s an urgent matter, they will know the exact way to contact you so that it won’t make you feel disturbed. 

We hope the article helps you decide whether or not you should hire remote software engineers (the answer is yes). Make sure to follow for more useful tips and knowledge that you must catch up on in the tech industry. 

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