How to build a startup team in 3 steps

Would you want to know how to build a startup team that is capable and dedicated from scratch?

Recruiting members for a startup has never been a piece of cake. For a new entrepreneur, this is usually the hardest step. In most cases, the haste in recruiting likely makes a big fail because many steps in the process will be skipped. Such matters must not happen, especially during the early stages of business establishment.

To be a successful entrepreneur from the beginning, everyone needs a solid foundation of human power. The success of one business depends a lot on the qualities of a member. If one person doesn’t meet the requirements at the very first stage, things will likely get a lot more difficult for you.

The disadvantages of a hasty recruitment procedure

Both sides of one matter always have advantages and disadvantages. However, as a wise entrepreneur, you must know when to apply certain strategies that are suitable for the situation of your company. The first stage of recruitment is usually the part that you don’t want to put everything in a rush. Moreover, the disadvantages at this stage outweigh the advantages.

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  • Over-budget

One of the biggest drawbacks of haste is the waste that you are about to make on the budget. Most of the time, pushing the process forward within a short period costs big-time money on digital marketing. As a firm that just has started fresh and new to the market, money spent on digital marketing is a bit too fancy. The money can be spent elsewhere such as buying the right office equipment, training for staff, etc. With the recruitment procedure, make sure you only spend a decent amount of money. Also, use whatever is free on the internet to exploit everything it has to offer. Finally, prepare a thorough interview process to make sure you choose the right one to be on board.

  • A vulnerable culture

The second thing to be aware of is the culture of the company. Having the people who don’t want to be there for the team will cause you a lot of trouble. As a recruiter, I bet you don’t want to clean up too much mess that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Therefore, before deciding to pick someone for the team, put everything into consideration. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should never jump to a conclusion when seeing an excellent individual. That might be the one who is capable of enforcing the company’s standpoint and helping the business grow. However, if he or she doesn’t have a proper work ethic, problems will step in your way no matter how good they are.

  • Low-skilled staff

This is one of the worst parts of hasty recruitment. Every recruiter wants to have the people with the right skills to accompany the company in the long run. Having a low-skilled member on the team will only slow the growth down because the time for actual business work is spent on extensive training, which is costly and time-consuming. Therefore, be careful with the interview procedure that you conduct.

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The strategy of recruitment

Recruitment strategy is a form of art. It’s about understanding people and showing accurate analysis about different types of people. However, before getting to that point it will take an extensive amount of time to practice and experience. Therefore, I’ve listed the 4 criteria that you can use to help you out with directing yourself in the right direction.

0904 FormTeam 2

  • Knowing exactly what you need 

A lot of entrepreneurs often misunderstand between knowing what they need and knowing “exactly” what they need. That might sound like an absurd statement but in fact, it reflects reality.

As a business leader, you certainly want a pro to be on the team. However, a pro can be anyone. I have seen people who want someone versatile to deal with whatever issues come their way without taking too much away from the firm. This is an unrealistic expectation of many entrepreneurs when looking for team members.

When recruiting, there are a lot of things that you must take into consideration. For example, what types of skills you’re looking forward to working with a person, how they deal with certain issues, how they treat their colleagues, etc. These are the criteria that define “exactly” as you may want to answer a lot of questions to know exactly what you need to improve your company.

  • Hire an experienced recruiter. 

A business owner will surely have a lot of things to do. Therefore, not everything can be done by one person. You will need an extra hand to help you out with the recruitment process. Recruitment needs solid team ideas so that everyone can decide what’s best for the company. Hence, it’s a good idea to hire a skilled recruiting specialist to support you along the way.

  • Prepare a professional interview procedure.

Having the right procedure for an interview is the number one supporter in recruiting the right one for the team. An interview that has the right question set focuses on details, and is friendly to interviewees will certainly collect the most accurate information.

Also, complex questions can be added to the set if you feel like evaluating more carefully a potential candidate. For example, you can give the interviewee some real-life challenges frequently happening in a company and ask how they would overcome them. Also, advanced questions relating to their speciality are encouraged. By asking these types of questions, you will be able to arrange them for a suitable position. The candidate when working for the company will confidently express their best to serve the needs of the company.

Moreover, don’t forget to test the candidates’ communication skills. Communication is to me, the most important skill when working professionally.

  • Closely observe when the candidate is on board.

The probation period is the time for you to closely observe the successful candidate. By doing this, you are aware of how he or she performs so that you can make your own decisions afterwards. The interview part is not the end of the road. Therefore, don’t lose your focus on the new ones.

The traits of an elite team

This can vary depending on your expectation such as the end goal, the culture establishment, etc. However, certain traits can be applied to all businesses.

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  • They’re resilient people 

It has never been easy to start working in a startup. There are a lot of challenges that all the members of the team will have to overcome, especially during the first 1 or 2 years. Therefore, resilience is the number one quality that helps form a successful team.

  • They’re experts in what they do.

People who lack experience may end up making the job harder. That’s why you need someone good and experienced enough to help you clarify different matters and be your solution consultant.

  • They’re optimistic and they spread positive energy

A team, even though they are good, might end up being stuck if they meet a dead end filled with negativity. At the end of the day, the positivity that one can share with other team members will aid everyone to get through the difficult time together.

  • They’re good decision-makers.

Hesitation might seem innocent in most cases, but it can be deadly at times. The first stage of a business requires people to quickly deal with different situations. Therefore, if one hesitates to make a decision, others will also end up being stuck in an unexpected situation.

I hope the tips above help new entrepreneurs out there to have a stronger faith in forming their own elite world-class startup team. If you’re curious about more business knowledge and IT information specifically, make sure to follow Techivify for our daily updates.

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