14 March, 2023

Happy International Women’s Day – BEYOUTIFUL

Another 8/3 season has come again, with a lot of things to give to the women you love. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, a series of events to honor women with the theme “BEYOUTIFUL – Be you, be beautiful” have been prepared with love by TECHVIFY men. Opening the activities to celebrate March 8 at TECHVIFY, it is impossible not to mention the cool “bubble tea” prepared by the men colleagues thoroughly. Who said “IT Boys” are cold and quiet? Girls at TECHVIFY also partly feel the warm love from the brothers, right? Following the sweetness of the morning... Read More
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Happy International Women’s Day – BEYOUTIFUL

Another 8/3 season has come again, with a lot of things to give to the women you love. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, a series of events to honor women with the theme “BEYOUTIFUL – Be you, be beautiful” have been prepared with love by TECHVIFY men. Opening the activities to celebrate March 8 at TECHVIFY, it is impossible not to mention the cool “bubble tea” prepared by the men colleagues thoroughly. Who said “IT Boys” are cold and quiet? Girls at TECHVIFY also partly feel the warm love from the brothers, right? Following the sweetness of the morning... 14 March, 2023

TECHVICON #17: Container Deployment On Kubernetes

On February 22nd, TECHVICON #17, with the topic Container Deployment On Kubernetes, was successfully held under the leadership of Speaker David Ho.  With modern web services, users expect applications to be available 24/7, and developers want to deploy versions of that application multiple times a day. Packaging the application into the container helps address this goal, allowing applications to be released and updated easily and quickly with no downtime. Kubernetes helps you make sure container applications run wherever and whenever you want and helps them find the resources and tools they need to run. Kubernetes is open-source, can run in... 13 March, 2023

TECHVIFY YEAR-END PARTY 2022: Look Back At Memorable Moments

Last night, January 16, 2023, TECHVIFY Software successfully organized its Year End Party with the theme “To Infinity and Beyond“.  The Year End Party program is a gesture of gratitude to all employees, partners, and customers who have accompanied TECHVIFY in the past year. The TECHVIFY Year End Party 2022, inspired by the infinity symbol, is not only for us to connect and reflect on the one-year journey “Starting from a dream, going up by turning points.” Moreover, the party is also a place where we all prepare together to get motivated and ready to “travel beyond all limits” in... 18 January, 2023
Happy New Year 2023

TECHVIFY Happy New Year 2023

🌟The year 2022 is slowly passing, and a new year is approaching. We are grateful and privileged to be corporate and achieve many global accomplishments with customers and partners in 2022. 🎆TECHVIFY looks forward to continuing to work with you to achieve even greater success in 2023. From all of us at TECHVIFY, Happy New Year to everyone!🌸🌸 #newyear2023 #opportunities #Techvifyhappynewyear ——————– TECHVIFY Software No tags for this post. 18 January, 2023
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TECHVICON #16: Essential Professional Communication Skills

TECHVICON is back!  To welcome the first presentation of the new year 2023, we will present speaker Chloe Nguyen with a fascinating and necessary topic: Essential professional communication skills.  In the digital transformation era and the industrial revolution 4.0, the internet gradually plays a vital role in people’s lives. Because of this, many people also face the problem that direct communication with each other is not effective in life or daily work.  With the leadership of the Head of CCM – Chloe Nguyen, Techvifers had a lively discussion together, thereby equipping them with the necessary Professional Communication skills. TECHVICON #16... 18 January, 2023

Top 10 Offshore Software Development Companies

Companies are almost finding a way to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology in the digitalization era. Hiring an offshore software development company is one of the most effective solutions to update technological advances for products quickly. Nowadays, the demand for experienced software engineers is sky-high. As a result, companies are outsourcing the entire or part of the software development project. This strategy can provide a range of benefits to companies looking to reduce costs, access skilled talent, and improve project outcomes. There are thousands of companies providing offshore development services around the world. That’s why you may... 18 January, 2023
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TECHVIFY celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with all employees

On September 5, 2022, TECHVIFY Software sent more than 140 Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to all employees working at the company.  Every year, when the Moon Festival approaches, it is also the time when TECHVIFY is busy preparing thoughtful presents to send to employees. Organizing meetings and giving gifts for Moon Cake Day is an annual activity that has become a part of the company’s corporate culture. In Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, small gifts of affection and concern from the company’s Board of Directors will continue to be given to all staff.  TECHVIFY has given over 140 gifts to employees with a... 05 December, 2022

Blossom Up – Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day 2022

Recently, a series of events to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20 was held at TECHVIFY with many meaningful activities.  The event was themed “BLOSSOM UP — HAPPY VIETNAMESE WOMEN’S DAY,” and the message to the TECHVIFY women was: “Let us always be cheerful, beautiful, and shining like blooming flowers.” Not only for today but for all the days to come.  Opening activities to celebrate October 20 at TECHVIFY included a sweet gift-giving ceremony by TECHVIFY’s males for females. As soon as walking into the office, our gorgeous girls received lovely cupcakes with loving wishes.  We also see that... 02 December, 2022

Top 10 Offshore Software Developers in Vietnam

In recent decades, Vietnam has emerged as one of the world’s best destinations for software outsourcing. High-quality software vendors with lots of positive feedback and results from international clients contribute to Vietnam’s success in the global technology industry. This article will discuss the top 10 offshore software development companies in Vietnam.  Offshore software development meaning   Offshore software development is the process of delegating project operations to a third-party software outsourcing vendor. You should work with an IT Partner rather than a freelancer if you intend to outsource the entire construction process.  Nowadays, businesses must consider many elements when building a... 30 November, 2022
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It would be great if every day was Men’s Day!  That was the sentiment expressed by many male Techvifers after a long day at the Techvify Men’s Day: Brainbox 2022 event.  Men’s Day 2022 took place extremely excitingly throughout the office. The girls at TECHVIFY have prepared many special activities and programs for the guys, bringing many exciting surprises.  Coming to the company early in the morning, the boys of TECHVIFY brightly smiled when receiving consecutive surprises. The office was beautifully decorated, and cards with loving messages were secretly prepared at each person’s seat. Entering the office, the boys got... 28 November, 2022

Fintech Development Outsourcing: The Ultimate Guide

As the fintech sector continues to grow, more and more financial institutions are encouraged to develop digital solutions using new technologies, like artificial intelligence and blockchain, to offer them a competitive advantage.   Building your in-house team, however, can be expensive and time-consuming. Because of this, more organizations are increasingly searching for specialized fintech development outsourcing providers to assist them in developing cutting-edge banking or financial products.  What Is Fintech? Fintech is a term that combines financial and technology and is used to describe businesses that apply advanced technologies to improve and enhance the quality of financial service delivery methods, including... 02 November, 2022
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TECHVIFY Establishes a New Division: DES (Digital Enablement Solutions)

This October, we have a lot of events to celebrate. The first is the successful organization of the event on October 20 to show gratitude to the female colleagues. There is also an event that cannot be ignored, namely, that TECHVIFY has officially added a new department: DES (Digital Enablement Solutions).  Surely everyone remembers that in September, we welcomed a new member with a “huge profile” – David Ho. Following the “hot pitch” stage this October, the DES unit was formed under the temporary leadership of Mr. Harry Nguyen (CEO) and David Ho (Lead Solution Architect) and is in the... 31 October, 2022
Top 100 Venture Capital investors in 2022

Top 100 Best Venture Capital Investors In 2022

Are you looking for the best venture capital firms? The Forbes Midas list of 2022 is the most reliable source of reference information. The name Midas list comes from the name Midas in Greek mythology – The man who has the ability to turn everything he touches into gold. The Midas List is the annual ranking of the top 100 tech investors. They are angel investors of startups, especially in the field of tech, blockchain, or AI – the technologies of the future. The list is known as the “Oscars for venture capitalists in tech.” In 2022, the Midas list... 28 October, 2022
outsource mobile app development

How to outsource mobile app development?

You must make a difficult decision when your company wants to build a mobile application. Which one is better: an in-house team or an outsourced mobile app development vendor?   A great tip here is that you should research to have a general look at both the advantages and disadvantages of the two models before making any choice.   This article will provide an overview of both mobile application development options as well as delve into the specifics of the second selection. We also offer a helpful guide when you decide to outsource your app.  Should You Hire Someone to Build Your... 27 October, 2022
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TECHVICON #14: Web Automation Testing With Selenium

The recent TECHVICON #14 was held on October 19 under the leadership of our speaker Thomas Hoang and went well.  Automation Testing is also a series of knowledge you need to understand for those who are looking to learn to become a Tester. Knowing the psychology of many people who are confused about the concept, our “long-haired singer,” Thomas Hoang, and his teammates discussed related issues.  Nowadays, instead of manually testing all the processes, which might be time-consuming and expensive, Automation Testing will bring us a better option with the most reliable accuracy. Phenomena such as incorrect data entry, incorrect... 19 October, 2022

What is MEVN stack? Everything You Need To Know

Those who have had the opportunity to work with the JavaScript programming language must know the concept of MEVN Stack. MEVN Stack makes a huge contribution to website and web application development. So what is MEVN Stack? Component of MEVN Stack? Learn everything you need to know about the MEVN stack below!  What are web stacks?  If you are a web developer or full-stack developer,  you might have come across the terms MEAN, MERN, LAMP, etc. These are some web application stacks comprising a bundle of software and frameworks used to build a web application from front-end to back-end and... 06 October, 2022
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TECHVICON #13: Serverless Architecture

On September 28th, TECHVICON #13, with the theme of Serverless Architecture, was successfully held under the leadership of speaker Jackson Nguyen.  Nowadays, serverless has become ubiquitous, and every leading cloud provider offers this platform, like Microsoft Azure (Azure Functions), Google Cloud (Google Cloud Functions), and AWS Lambda. With a unique combination of properties and benefits, a serverless architecture is well-suited for use cases involving microservices, mobile backends, as well as event and data stream processing.  Under the leadership of Java Technical Leader – Jackson Nguyen, Techvifers had a lively discussion together, thereby deepening their understanding of Serverless Architecture. TECHVICON #13,... 28 September, 2022
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On September 15, TECHVICON #12, with an interesting gRPC theme, officially took place under the leadership of Speaker Hughie Nguyen.  At TECHVICON #4, held in May, Speaker Hughie brought up the topic of Non-Blocking IO with much helpful knowledge. No longer a strange name, coming back to TECHVICON #12 this time, he and members of the Delivery team together troubleshoot the “difficult” topic – gRPC.  gRPC is a new technology, but it is considered to have great potential to develop and replace other server-server communication methods in the future. This technology uses HTTP2 as the foundation, thus inheriting the high... 15 September, 2022
reduce software development costs

How to reduce software development costs

Investing in software development is a focus for many businesses nowadays, yet the cost often soars. These companies frequently have a budget while striving to develop cutting-edge software to spur growth. The top priority of all firms is consistently reducing project costs without compromising quality.   In this writing, we’ll discuss how to reduce software development costs to help you stay within your allotted spending limit.   9 Tips to reduce software development costs  1. Detail the project’s requirements and scope Make sure you communicate the project’s scope, objectives, and functional requirements, whether you begin working with a software development company or... 09 September, 2022
Mobile App development companies in Singapore

Top 10 Mobile App development companies in Singapore

Are you looking for top-notch mobile app development companies in Singapore? If so, then this article will be what you need. There are tons of mobile application development companies out there in Singapore, so choosing a reputable company that meets your high demand for you is a big challenge.  As a leading software development company in Vietnam, TECHVIFY Software has the opportunity to cooperate with many customers in Singapore. Therefore, we are relatively knowledgeable about the mobile app development market in Singapore and the top leading companies in this field. With the data and information below, we will select the... 31 August, 2022