Should I Hire a Startup for Offshore Development Project?

This question must be one of the top concerns of business owners when it comes to offshore development. With the fast growth in the number of offshore development centers (or ODC in short), there are various outsourcing company sizes to choose from.

So should you choose a large offshoring corporate or a startup that will be better for your project?

Let’s find out about TECHVIFY Software in this article.

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Benefits a big company can offer to you.

Large offshore development companies stand out thanks to their experiences in various outsourcing services with many clients from different business fields. Therefore, hiring developers from leading software companies for your project may ensure a higher quality outcome. So, what are the main benefits of a big offshore software development company?

First, it is no doubt that large companies have a better brand reputation. Since those companies have worked for several years, they have a wide client base. This can give you more practical case studies for further consideration. Thus, many clients also need solid proof to confirm their credibility.

Second, big offshoring companies have more experience in developing large projects. Due to having many skillful experts, the developer team can handle projects of any size and different levels of complexity. Depending on your requirements for the offshore development project, you can hire as many software engineers as you want to create the best solution for your goals.

Moreover, experienced developers are better at solving arising problems. So, you can rest assured that no matter how complicated and challenging your project is, big offshore development companies can offer you the most professional working process.

Lastly, such a company can offer you an extensive portfolio. The company’s portfolio is the perfect information source to check what service they are capable of. Large outsourcing companies, with their long list of customers, can provide you with a large portfolio and satisfied clients.

You can look at their previous projects to see whether they have experience in developing such software as your requirements. As a result, you can, in some way, ensure your vendor expertise.

However, a big offshore software development company might not be an economical choice for medium to small businesses. A company with such size usually charges much more money than a smaller technology firm.

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Benefits of choosing a startup for your software project:

Regarding costs, a startup ODC is a more cost-effective choice. Small outsourcing companies usually have more flexible and progressive offshore development plans. Regardless of the business field, startups tend to be more agile and excel at exploring their niche.

Furthermore, startups offer clients a much more exclusive service. They pay attention to every wish of the client, follow all requirements, and are open to changes, as the rule of survival.

Because the offshore software development method is well known for its low costs, price is always the first thing to consider when it comes to outsourcing. Startups with a small operation scale and workforce usually provide offshore development services at lower prices than bigger companies.

Therefore, if your budget is not very generous, startup technology companies can guarantee an affordable price for their software development service. However, a low price doesn’t mean low quality. With a startup, you can still get quality service at a reasonable price.

A startup technology is more flexible than companies on a larger scale. And flexibility plays a decisive role when it comes to offshore development. Startups can offer your company more control over picking and choosing whom to work with on specific projects or tasks. Because every customer can affect their survival in the market, smaller software outsourcing companies will flexibly approach customer needs.

Moreover, a smaller team offers a more efficient process. At smaller companies, it’s easier to work together and know each other better. Fewer team members, less conflict! In case any disagreements arise during the developing process, they can be solved quickly because there are not many opposed opinions. Therefore, the team can cooperate more effectively to deliver the product on time.


So, how to choose a compatible offshore development center for your business? There are many criteria to consider when making the decision, such as the size of your project, your budget, your requirements, your time, etc.

For instance, if your business is small, you can hardly get good results from a large IT software outsourcing company and vice versa. So make sure you fully know each model’s pros and cons for a more suitable choice.

Although TECHVIFY Software is a startup in the offshore development field, with our skillful and dedicated developers, we are very proud that about 86% of our customers are satisfied with our services. So, if you are looking for an ODC that offers a reasonable price but top-quality results, TECHVIFY is the right choice.

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