05 December, 2022

TECHVIFY celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with all employees

On September 5, 2022, TECHVIFY Software sent more than 140 Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to all employees working at the company.  Every year, when the Moon Festival approaches, it is also the time when TECHVIFY is busy preparing thoughtful presents to send to employees. Organizing meetings and giving gifts for Moon Cake Day is an annual activity that has become a part of the company’s corporate culture. In Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, small gifts of affection and concern from the company’s Board of Directors will continue to be given to all staff.  TECHVIFY has given over 140 gifts to employees with a... Read More

TECHVICON #4: Non-Blocking IO

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Techvify’s April Happy Day

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TECHVICON #3: Tips For A Successfull Q&A Session

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