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DevSecOps empowers large companies to enhance their security posture and shield themselves from cyber-attacks while expediting software development by integrating security practices into the software development lifecycle. As a leading provider of DevSecOps services, TECHVIFY delivers top-tier experts and rigorous quality assurance procedures to help businesses stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our DevSecOps Service Offerings

We deliver different DevSecOps services to help businesses secure software faster, reduce security risks, and increase customer trust.

Secure Software Development

TECHVIFY's professionals integrate security practices into the software development life cycle, including building CI/CD pipelines, conducting threat modeling, performing code reviews, and identifying security vulnerabilities. They also ensure secure software configuration and deployment in production environments.

DevSecOps Consulting Services

Offer end-to-end consulting services to guide you through implementing secure DevOps workflows, establishing robust application security, performing dynamic and static analysis, and organizing developer security training. The process help firms achieve the fully DevOps maturity level, which includes increasing software safety and efficiency.


With expertise in the DevSecOps tool, we enhance application security through transparent documentation, knowledge sharing, and specialized assistance. Count on us for advanced data security tailored to your specific circumstances.

Operational DevSecOps

Encompass essential elements such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Containerization and Orchestration, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). These services establish a comprehensive DevSecOps framework to ensure scalable infrastructure provisioning, leverage real time monitoring and respond to security incidents.

Benefits of DevSecOps

With secure development processes customized to your organization's specific needs, DevSecOps services offer various benefits as follows:

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Integrating security practices into the DevOps process can remediate security vulnerabilities at an early stage in the software development life cycle and reduce security breaches and data loss.

DevSecOps services offer security automation to help streamline your software development process and remove security as a bottleneck

Emphasize collaboration between development, operations, and security teams, fostering a culture of communication and teamwork. This collaborative approach can help break down silos within an organization and improve overall efficiency.

DevSecOps services result in more reliable and customer-focused software by preventing security issues, ensuring compliance with standards, improving collaboration, and streamlining the development process with automation

Businesses can save time and money compared to addressing them post-release. Allow firms to achieve compliance with numerous regulatory frameworks, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS, which are crucial to handling sensitive data and adhering to strict data protection regulations.

Our DevSecOps Process

TECHVIFY's seasoned team uses an efficient DevSecOps process that seamlessly integrates development, security, and operations to deliver high-quality software faster.

Gather Requirements and Analysis

An in-depth architecture analysis is conducted to ensure the seamless integration of security measures into the system's design. Our dedicated team also focuses on fortifying the secure DevOps pipeline by employing static research techniques to identify vulnerabilities within the code meticulously.

Design and Architecture

We use several DevSecOps tools to create a secure architecture and harness the best DevSecOps strategy to ensure the design is scalable and maintainable.

Security Testing and Assessment

DevOps experts perform frequent security testing and assessments (SAST, SCA, AST, IAST) to spot problems early. Reduce the possibility of exploitation by setting up the system securely.

Deployment and Maintenance

TECHVIFY's talents deploy the system in a secure environment once it is ready. They also guarantee that the system is maintained and patched regularly to keep it secure.

Enhancements and Updates

Support your team with an interactive process for deploying new features and updates while keeping the software up-to-date, and improving its functionality.

Tools and Technologies

Using the latest tools appropriately in the DevSecOps process helps us achieve greater automation and integration capabilities, reducing the time and resources needed for manual testing and deployment.

Open-source Tools

Jenkins | Istio | Spinnaker | Codacy |Acunetix |Docker |Archery |Grafana

Testing Tools

CircleCI | Coverity | Black Duck | Qualys | Argo CD | Vault |Datadog |Cucumber |JUnit 5|Nagios|Eclipse

Automation Tools

Helm | Maven | Python


SonarQube | Snyk | GitHub | Veracode | Veracode |Veracode |Amazon Web Services (AWS)|Google Cloud|IBM Cloud|Microsoft Azure

Major Components of the DevSecOps Model

To help our valued clients address real-time security threats, we implement cultural and technical changes in our approach to DevSecOps services.

A successful DevSecOps model encompasses five key components, including:



DevSecOps Assessment 

Review your company’s existing security controls, processes, and policies and analyze the risks associated with the software development and delivery processes. 

Custom Code Security 

Use various techniques, such as static code analysis, dynamic code analysis, and manual code reviews.  

Security Integration in DevOps 

Automate security practices into CI/CD pipelines, allowing fast and efficient identification and remediation of security issues. 

SBOM Creation and Utilization 

Improve security and compliance by providing visibility into the software supply chain and enabling proactive management of software components. 
Security Championship Program Buildout 

Scale a security program by extending the security team to educate developers, share best practices, and simplify software security daily. 

Why Choose TECHVIFY for DevSecOps Services?

TECHVIFY is a trusted and valued partner in providing top-notch DevSecOps services. With an extensive ecosystem and a wide-reaching global presence, our company offers a strong foundation for ensuring the security and efficiency of our systems. Whether streamlining processes, implementing new tools, or strengthening security measures, TECHVIFY provides the support needed for success.

The mark we have made:

  • 500+ experts onboard
  • 100+ successful projects
  • 95% of clients satisfied with our process
  • 80+ NPS score
  • ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 for excellent quality management and information security.


What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps (Development Security and Operations) is a revolutionary approach to software development that prioritizes security, collaboration, and automation. It is a mindset shift that enables organizations to provide better software quickly while ensuring security is built into the software from the outset.

What are DevSecOps services?

DevSecOps services are a set of procedures and tools that aid businesses in creating trustworthy software. These services ensure that security is considered from the outset of the software development process and is built into every aspect of the final product. This method encourages businesses to maintain compliance and gain their customers' trust.

What distinguishes DevOps from DevSecOps?

DevOps and DevSecOps are software development approaches aiming to deliver software faster and more efficiently. However, the key difference between them is their approach to security. DevOps aims to speed up software delivery by emphasizing communication and cooperation between the development and operations departments. Security is not the primary focus and is often added as an afterthought. In contrast, DevSecOps integrates security into the development process from the beginning, making it a fundamental aspect of the approach.

How to Implement DevSecOps?

Implementing DevSecOps requires a strategic approach involving the following steps: 1. Develop a security culture across the organization to promote security awareness and prioritize security. 2. Incorporate security into every stage of the software development process, including planning, design, coding, testing, and deployment. 3. Automate security testing, scanning, and monitoring to find and mitigate problems swiftly. 4. Select and use tools that support DevSecOps, such as code analysis, threat modeling, and automated testing tools. 5. Continuously monitor the software's security and use feedback to improve the DevSecOps process.