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Global companies trust us to build best-in-class AI applications, software, and agile business solutions to accelerate their projects, deliver excellent user experiences, and reduce operational costs.

Our Artificial Intelligence Development Services

TECHVIFY provides full-cycle AI development services, from data collection and data analytics, to recommend the most suitable solutions for your demands. Apply our innovative and custom AI solutions to automate and help your enterprise achieve optimal decision-making and business process automation.


Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning excels at dynamic problem-solving. This technology enables computers to learn through data without the need for explicit programming. Our machine learning development services help you in exploring data-driven ways to make better recommendations for improving business operations.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

TECHVIFY’s NLP professionals can assist your company in developing solutions that effectively process and analyze massive amounts of natural language data.


Neural Networks

Neural networks instruct computers to analyze data in a manner modeled after the human brain. We deliver network-based solutions aiming to build neural networks and apply deep learning to boost performance.


Computer Vision

Computer vision is an area of AI that mimics the human visual system. TECHVIFY focuses on developing software to assist computers in acquiring, processing, analyzing, and comprehending live and offline video frames, photos, and other visual inputs, thereby improving the efficiency of your business processes.


Predictive Analytics

Our team consult and creates predictive analytics services, such as custom advanced AI app development and smart forecasting solutions having the ability to anticipate your business outcomes in real-time.



Our services enable the creation of intelligent robots that can perform tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. By automating tasks through robotics, organizations can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of their products and services.

Why choose TECHVIFY as a reliable AI partner?

Building software using AI technology has become critical in increasing profits and promoting enterprise development. AI is being used to reinvent business processes and cut operational costs.

TECHVIFY is known as a trustworthy artificial intelligence development company in Vietnam with a vast array of advanced software consulting and development services to assist companies in automating their operations and increasing customer engagement, which keeps them one step ahead of their competitors.

Our team of tech-savvy developers, data scientists, and machine learning specialists are ready to provide agile business solutions using data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies. We integrate artificial intelligence into your existing infrastructure to automate repetitive tasks, eliminate human error, reduce downtime for complex operations, and maximize profits.

Our Clients

Our Process

With us, the right process plays an important role in successfully cooperating with our clients, which releases the best outcomes. We at TECHVIFY develop a client-oriented approach optimized for high effectiveness with tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Requirement Analysis

Our experts analyze clients' requirements to ensure that our AI solution meets business needs.

Data Collection and Preparation

In this step, TECHVIFY’s experts collect data, clean it, and transform it to prepare it for analysis and machine learning.

Model Development

Our team creates solid architecture to produce high-quality end products based on the requirements to design solutions swiftly and effectively.

Testing and Deployment

We test the solution using different datasets to ensure the model is accurate and reliable. Then, We deploy the solution in real life.

Improvement & Updates

Continue retraining the model, collecting new data, or updating the algorithm to improve its accuracy and performance.

Our Industry Expertise

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence technology to deliver successfully tailored solutions and help partners & clients grow their businesses with digital-oriented initiatives in various fields. No matter your industry, our leading AI services can help you solve any technical challenges your business faces.

Apply AI-powered analytics to diagnose, give reliable predictions based on data, and recommend personalized treatment methods.
Take advantage of AI software our seasoned and in-depth professionals developed to address current matters, including predicting and assessing loan risks, automating finance analysis, and more.
Give AI-driven solutions to reduce risks, build customer-centered services, and analyze large amounts of data from various sources to detect fraud and unusual patterns.
Develop strategies using artificial intelligence and the latest tech to collect, interpret, and categorize data. From there, we support companies globally to evaluate and analyze trends, learn about customer habits, and give practical suggestions.
Help retail enterprises optimize business processes, increase loyal customers and satisfaction, improve inventory management, and cut costs.
Use AI-backed analytics and data for autonomous driving features, smart driver monitoring, reducing unplanned downtime, and enhancing efficiency.


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How much does it cost to hire an AI developer?

The cost of hiring an AI (artificial intelligence) engineer is estimated to range from $30 to $100+ per hour, based on skills, experience, and responsibilities. However, this cost level could change following the areas. Usually, you pay less when hiring AI specialists from developing countries like Vietnam than those in developed ones, even though their expertise and working capacities are equivalent.

What are the costs of AI development services?

The cost of AI development services depends on multiple factors, including:
  • Project scope
  • The infrastructure, integration, and maintenance fees
  • Cooperation model
  • Business objective
  • Technology stack, etc
In general, it is necessary to take a deep look at each AI software development project's specific requirements, complexity, and involved elements in giving an accurate price level. We assist you in balancing the cost and quality of the output. Connect with us today to get a free quote and more.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important?

AI technology is vital because it allows the software to increasingly effectively perform human capabilities such as understanding, reasoning, planning, communication, and perception. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, as well as deep learning, are the foundations of all computer learning and the future of all complex business decision-making. The application of AI enables corporate revenue growth and cost savings in existing fields.

Which industry needs AI the most?

People's lives have become more efficient and intelligent as AI has thrived. Thanks to AI assistance, industries and businesses have seen tremendous growth in capitalization and marketing. In fact, some industries have embraced AI and machine learning on a larger scale than others. Undoubtedly, the industries listed below are at the forefront of AI technology application and adoption.
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Which programming language is used for AI?

The most widely used programming languages for artificial intelligence include: Python, Lisp, Java, JavaScript, C++, Julia, R, Prolog, Haskell In general, Python is considered the best all-around option for AI development.