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QA and Software Testing Services

As a leading software testing and QA testing partner, TECHVIFY's deep knowledge and excellent quality help firms develop robust, faultless software solutions.
Our expert professionals use cutting-edge technologies and methods to ensure your software applications satisfy the highest performance, security, and functionality standards. Partner with us to optimize your software development process and achieve superior software quality assurance services.

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Our Software Testing & QA Services

TECHVIFY's team of experts excel in conducting various types of testing, guaranteeing quality and reliability for your software applications. Our dedicated efforts result in high-quality reports, providing valuable insights to enhance your software's performance and deliver a seamless user experience.

Functional Testing

Ensure your software meets the specified requirements with holistic functional testing services. Our team conducts end-to-end testing of your application, verifying its behavior, features, and interactions to guarantee smooth and error-free functionality.

Manual Testing

With a foundation of developed test methodologies and experience with all the top functional testing technologies, we offer end-to-end manual testing services for your operational testing requirements. The seasoned team at TECHVIFY assists organizations in improving their product's user experience and usability.

Performance Testing

To deliver an exceptional user experience, your software must perform optimally under various load and stress conditions. We evaluate the application's responsiveness, scalability, and stability, enabling you to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks.

Security Testing

TECHVIFY's test teams use advanced testing methods to find vulnerabilities, security breaches, and data leaks. Automated testing services are conducted to safeguard software against threats and meet industry security standards.

Compatibility Testing

With so many devices and platforms, your software must perform flawlessly across situations. Let us help you with a consistent user experience across operating systems, browsers, and devices.

Usability Testing

User experience determines software success. Leveraging usability testing services from TECHVIFY, you can improve your app's usability, intuitiveness, and user experience.

Automated Testing Services

Utilize automation to speed up the testing process, reduce time to market, and enhance overall product quality. Seasoned testers employ industry-leading tools and frameworks to create and apply powerful automated test scripts for efficient and trustworthy testing.

Mobile Application Testing

Conduct mobile application testing services to ensure that the app functions flawlessly on various platforms, eliminating potential compatibility issues and maximizing user satisfaction.

Technologies We Use

With our commitment to excellence, we deliver exceptional software QA services to prominent corporations by leveraging cutting-edge industry tools. Our arsenal of technologies includes the following:

Web Apps Testing

Telerik Test Studio | Cypress | Ranorex | Puppeteer |Selenium WebDriver |Apache JMeter | LoadRunner | BrowserStack | CrossBrowserTesting |Sauce Labs

Mobile Apps Testing

Appium | Calabash | Xamarin.UITest |Selendroid | TestComplete | Kobiton | AWS Device Farm

API Testing

Postman | SoapUI | RestSharp | REST Assured |JMeter|Swagger

Performance Testing

Apache JMeter | Locust | LoadRunner | Gatling | BlazeMeter | NeoLoad

Security Testing

OWASP ZAP | OWASP Dependency Check | WebScarab |Burp Suite | Nessus | Qualys | Acunetix

Management Tools

Asana | JIRA | Trello | TestRail | Zephyr | Azure DevOps

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Industries We Serve

At TECHVIFY, we possess a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and expertise in QA and testing services tailored to a wide range of sectors. Our proficiency extends across diverse industries, ensuring we can effectively meet each client’s unique testing requirements.

Healthcare Financial Banking Logistics Manufacturing Enterprises
Retail/ E-commerce Education Travel Transport Hospitality Telecommunications

Our Software Testing Process

Our meticulous software testing process guarantees comprehensive and efficient testing of your applications. It encompasses key stages that are carefully crafted to deliver exceptional results:

Requirement Analysis

The process begins by thoroughly analyzing your software requirements, understanding your business objectives, and identifying the critical functionalities to be tested. This helps us create a comprehensive test plan and strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Test Design and Planning

Based on the requirements analysis, we design detailed test cases and test scenarios covering all your software's key aspects. Our team prioritizes test cases, determines the testing scope, and defines the test environment and data requirements.

Test Execution

Execute the test cases as per the defined test plan. Skilled QA engineers meticulously perform both automated and manual tests, documenting the test results and identifying any defects or issues. This rigorous approach guarantees that your software undergoes strict scrutiny, enabling us to deliver a robust, high-quality product.

Defect Tracking and Management

Utilize robust defect tracking and management tools to log and monitor identified issues. Our team systematically prioritizes and resolves defects, ensuring that all reported issues are thoroughly addressed.

Test Reporting

Provide detailed reports highlighting the testing activities, test coverage, test results, and any identified defects. These reports will help you clearly understand the software's quality and make informed decisions for further improvements.

Why choose TECHVIFY as your QA and Software Testing Partner?

Among the best QA and software testing services companies, TECHVIFY truly stands out among the competition. With a track record from 2018, we have delivered 150 big firms with 300 notable projects. Our expertise and dedication have consistently led to significant results for our clients, including an impressive 30% increase in revenue and a remarkable 50% reduction in overall costs.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Expertise and Experience

TECHVIFY’s specialists have considerable experience in software testing and quality assurance. Our specialists comprehend software development’s intricacies and produce high-quality, trustworthy software solutions.

  • Comprehensive Testing Approach

We use a thorough and systematic testing approach to ensure your software application meets the hist quality requirements, including functional, performance, security, and usability testing. These approaches uncover and resolve all the potential concerns.

  • Customized Solutions

With our testing solutions, we tackle your challenges head-on, ensuring the success of your software projects. This strategy lets us address your specific problems and guarantee seamless execution, ultimately delivering optimal outcomes for your organization.

  • Timely Delivery

Ensure timely delivery of test reports and provide prompt support for issue resolution with streamlined testing processes and a dedicated team. Trust us to optimize your testing efforts to meet deadlines and maintain a smooth application development cycle.

  • Confidentiality and Security

We prioritize the privacy and security of your software and data by adhering to strict security protocols in QA testing services. Every sensitive information remains protected throughout the whole test process.

Ways we collaborate

By leveraging our collaboration options, organizations can strengthen their software QA capabilities, achieve better quality outcomes, and streamline their development processes.

Software QA Outsourcing

Experienced QA professionals work as an extension of your team. This collaboration model allows you to leverage our expertise and resources while reducing the overhead costs of maintaining an in-house QA team.

Dedicated QA Team

TECHVIFY provides the option of a dedicated QA team solely focused on your project. This dedicated team ensures seamless communication, efficient collaboration, and an in-depth understanding of your software requirements. They collaborate with your development team to deliver high-quality software and achieve your project goals.

Software QA Consulting

Aim to assist you in developing an effective QA strategy and optimizing your testing processes. Consultants from TECHVIFY provide valuable insights, best practices, and recommendations to enhance your QA efforts. Whether you need guidance on test planning, tool selection, or process improvement, they are here to support you.


What are software testing services?

Software testing services refer to the professional offerings provided by specialized companies or teams to conduct testing activities on software applications or systems. These services include various aspects of the testing process, such as test planning, test case design, test execution, defect reporting and tracking, test automation, performance testing, security testing, and more. Software testing services aim to ensure software products' quality, reliability, and functionality, helping organizations deliver robust and defect-free applications to their users.

What is the distinction between software testing and QA?

Software testing is a specific activity within the broader Quality Assurance (QA) field. Software testing involves executing a system or application to identify defects or errors. It focuses on verifying and validating the software to meet the specified requirements. On the other hand, QA encompasses the overall activities and processes aimed at ensuring the quality of the software development lifecycle, including planning, process improvements, and defect prevention.

What is the benefit of software testing?

Software testing offers several benefits to organizations and the overall software development process. Firstly, it helps identify and eliminate software defects, bugs, and errors, ensuring that it functions as intended and meets user requirements. Testing enhances the quality and reliability of software, leading to improved user satisfaction.
It also helps reduce the chance of expensive failures or system malfunctions in production by revealing potential concerns early in the development cycle. Ultimately, software testing increases confidence in the software's performance, stability, and security, contributing to the product's success and the organization's reputation.