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TECHVIFY Software is a reliable and trusted IoT development partner, assisting clients with IoT projects. With deep knowledge of various industries, our team creates custom-tailored solutions that cater to specific needs, resulting in maximum impact and efficiency.

Our IoT Development Services

We boast our top-notch IoT development services to boost several innovative ideas into smart physical IoT devices for businesses.

IoT Consulting

Consist of outlining the key performance indicators and essential functionalities. Collab with our dedicated business consultants and analysts to co-create use cases and solutions that deliver measurable results and drive growth.

Embedded Software Development

Provide the software development process from firmware and device driver development to software for end users. Use the graphical user interface (GUI) and board support package development to design, code, and thoroughly test software for single-board computers and other embedded systems.

IoT Application Development

IoT software developers are responsible for creating, and expanding Microservices/APIs and ensuring platform optimizations. They also offer assistance, provide technical descriptions, and document their work.

IoT Data Management & Analytics

Involve the accumulation, storage, and updating of data and information retrieval, which helps organizations understand how environmental conditions and user behavior can affect the performance of their products.

Technology We Use

By leveraging the cutting-edge technologies and platforms that are highly recommended for IoT application development services, we are committed to securing your project’s success.


Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform

Cellular (3G,4G,5G)
Mesh protocols


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Our Approach

To build the best custom IoT application development project, such as IoT apps and devices, a comprehensive and strategic approach is employed.

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Conduct market research, analyzing industry trends, and gathering insights from IoT data or potential users to determine essential features and functionalities for the IoT solution. Define the project's scope in detail and establish an effective project timeline.

IoT app developers use the appropriate hardware and communication protocols to design software architecture, including user interface and backend infrastructure.

Establish a reliable and robust hardware foundation for the IoT solution by designing and prototyping the hardware components, selecting and integrating sensors.

Test the function, performance and seriry of the IoT solutions to guarantee they satisfy your expectations and quality standards. Compare to the safety certifications, electromagnetic compatibility, and data privacy regulations.

Install the hardware, configure the software, and integrate the solution with existing systems. Mark the interoperability, stock up on backup hardware, customer support, and technical support for Wi-Fi or cellular networks, gateways, web interfaces, apps, and your cloud platform.

We provide continuous support for your IoT applications, so that they remain reliable, secure, and up-to-date with the latest technologies and standards.

TECHVIFY as a Trusted IoT Software Development Company

TECHVIFY is an exceptional global AI and software consulting leader, renowned for outstanding IoT development services. With years of experience and a proven track record of 200+ successful projects, we have earned the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, attesting to our unwavering commitment to quality management that consistently surpasses client's expectations.

End-to-end Services

Our IoT solution development services assist you with the entire process, starting from conceptualization and designing, progressing towards hardware and software development of both frontend and backend, and finally continuing with the ongoing operation.

Our Expertise

We offer top-quality talents with skilled resources in various industries. Whether you are a startup or a big corporation, utilize our expertise to create the best IoT product that fulfills your business goals.

Data Security

Experience the reassurance of having information safeguarded at every step. We take extensive measures to guarantee that data development is inherently secure and can be expanded without any potential hazards.

Cost and Value

Let us help to scale up your IoT platform with advanced security features, powerful provisioning tools and user-facing applications while significantly reducing its cost.

Industries We Expertise

No matter which industry you belong to, TECHVIFY’s unmatched IoT applications and services will deliver the most innovative and effective solutions.

Provide real-time monitoring and tracking of patients’ health through wearable devices. Improve patient outcomes and enable healthcare providers to deliver personalized care.
IoT app developers collect and transmit data on machine performance, energy usage, and other production-related metrics. Enhance your predictive maintenance capabilities, minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of the equipment.
Providing fleet management involves using sensors and GPS tracking to monitor vehicle location, fuel consumption, and driver behavior. Leverage IoT devices to collect real-time data on traffic flow and adjust signals and routes accordingly to reduce congestion and improve safety.
Attached to assets to identify inefficiencies and delays. Monitor the condition of goods during transportation. Control inventory levels and optimize warehouse layouts, which reduces inventory costs and improves order fulfillment times.
Retailers track behavior, optimize stores and personalize marketing with sensors and beacons. IoT-enabled checkout systems improve payments and boost satisfaction.
Smart Homes/Cities
Automate tasks such as lighting, temperature control, and security. Use IoT technologies to optimize transportation, energy usage, waste management, and public services.
Remotely control irrigation and fertilization, monitor weather conditions, and receive alerts on crop health.
Hotels leverage IoT products for digital check-in and keyless entry to Chatbots, predictive analytics, and cashier-less restaurants – revolutionizing the guest journey.


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What is IoT development?

IoT development is the process of creating customized hardware and software solutions that connect devices to a unified network, enabling them to collect and exchange data over the Internet. It involves expertise in various technologies, such as sensors, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

What are IoT development services?

IoT development services are a crucial aspect of digital transformation, which provide cutting-edge tools to harness the power of connected devices and data to achieve their strategic objectives. Specifically, these services involve creating customized IoT solutions integrating devices, collecting data, and utilizing advanced technologies. They are designed to optimize workflows and operational efficiency while providing valuable insights into IoT devices’ performance.

What are the benefits of IoT development services?

Businesses can gain several benefits from IoT development services. Firstly, IoT solutions allow for the collection and analysis of real-time data, resulting in more informed decisions and optimized operations. Thus, improving efficiency and productivity, automating processes, and reducing operational costs. Leveraging IoT development services can also create personalized and convenient IoT devices that enhance user experience through remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and automated customer support. Moreover, IoT solutions increase safety and security by providing actionable insights for improving safety protocols.