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With much experience in outsourcing services, TECHVIFY provides a wide range of Information technology (IT) services including custom software development, web and application development, AI/ML consulting and development, as well as cloud services across several industries, including finance, banking, fintech, insurance, e-commerce, manufacturing, hotels, and internet services.

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is the use of third-party service vendors to deliver IT-enabled business processes, infrastructure solutions, and app services to achieve business goals.

Businesses frequently collaborate with offshore software firms to cut labor costs, improve performance, and access top-tier talent pools.


Why IT Outsourcing with TECHVIFY?

IT outsourcing has become a trend in recent years, with the ability to help businesses gain a competitive advantage compared to their competitors.

Hiring remote software experts helps your company concentrate on its core values and critical issues and approach hugely talented resources, which relieves the in-house IT team.

TECHVIFY collaborates with the leading Vietnamese experts to provide world-class IT outsourcing services in multiple industries. Our middle-senior and senior engineers offer custom software solutions to assist medium and small businesses in optimizing their working processes, reducing risks, cutting launch time, boosting performance, and increasing the quality of outcomes.


Our IT Outsourcing Services

With the top 3% of Vietnamese experts working for us and an optimal collaboration process, we drive the digital transformation journey of your businesses through the best software solutions.


IT Consulting

Our IT outsourcing services include strategy consulting based on your needs and objectives, developing a proper enablement plan, recommending support solutions for existing business processes, and launching new business ventures.

Staff Augmentation

We offer an IT augmentation model that adds additional talent to your in-house team. This fills resource or skill gaps and gives your team the speed and flexibility it requires to scale quickly and complete development on time.

Dedicated Software Team

For long-term software projects, a dedicated development team is an excellent choice. With our professional software team, your business can reduce costs of recruiting, administration, and office expenses.

Custom Software development

TECHVIFY provides the top custom software development solutions tailored to your specific needs, improving your workflows’ efficiency and performance.

Web Application Development

Our experienced and knowledgeable software developers have designed and developed unique, professionally crafted websites with flawless UI/UX.

Mobile App Development

We build professionally native mobile applications to attract a large number of customers and provide great experiences for users.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services at TECHVIFY assist businesses in driving innovation and digital transformation. We focus on increasing business agility, reducing labor costs, and simplifying processes.

Software Testing

Our high-quality testers implement system integration testing processes to ensure superior quality for the ultimate products that meet all your business requirements and purposes.

Blockchain Development

As an outsourcing company with years of experience in IT, TECHVIFY supplies full blockchain services to assist in creating decentralized apps that provide increased data and transaction traceability and security.


How To Outsource IT Services?

You should consider the elements below to know the way to outsource IT solutions:

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Each project has its own set of requirements. Please ensure to clarify the expertise and technologies required for the first step.

Every IT outsourcing company applies its own methodologies. Discuss your ideas for the next project with your vendor, and they will recommend the fit workflow to meet all your needs.

Your provider could provide scalable IT outsourcing solutions that correspond to your business's expanding capabilities. Basically, complex projects necessitate the use of specialized labor.

Always check communication differences involving language, time zones, and culture since communicating effectively with IT outsourcing companies will guarantee your project the best results.

Do not forget to check case studies, references, and feedback from previous customers about your IT outsourcing vendor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to outsource IT solutions?

Before deciding to use IT outsourcing services, there are several factors that you should consider. The cost depends on the package you choose, the critical security, the types of programming languages you require, and the number of staff you want. However, generally, you can expect to pay between $100 and $250 per month per user.

How to choose an IT outsourcing services vendor?

Since there is a wide range of software outsourcing providers, prepare a checklist for evaluating IT outsourcing partners before choosing any. To ensure that the selection process goes smoothly and fits your needs, you should establish several critical criteria below:
  • Examine the business requirements
  • Talk about flexibility, availability
  • Discuss the management systems
  • Request references, case studies, and testimonials
  • Examine the infrastructure and tech stack
  • Check whether communication barriers or not
  • Schedule demonstrations and interviews

When to Use IT Outsourcing Services?

There are many reasons why businesses select to outsource their software projects. IT outsourcing is an ideal choice in those situations:
  • Projects necessitate the use of specialized technical roles
  • Lack of qualified and experienced software developers
  • A complex project with a great deal of technical expertise and software engineering
  • Limit budget or deadline

What are the disadvantages of IT outsourcing?

Despite a wide range of benefits of outsourcing, IT outsourcing has some downsides.
  • Less control over the project
  • Potential quality-involved issues
  • Security risks when granting other vendors access to your sensitive data
  • Communication difficulties regarding language or time zone differences
  • Hard to find the right IT provider among a vast pool of vendors

How to contact TECHVIFY?

You can reach out to us in many different ways, including:
  • Make a call at (+84)2477762666
  • Please send us an email at [email protected]. vn
  • Leave your information in the form on the bottom page

Our team will be ready to support you 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.