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Software Development Outsourcing Services

TECHVIFY Software is the top leading software development company in Vietnam. Our Software development outsourcing services help companies save time and cost in developing high-quality software, mobile apps, and web apps.

Your Trusted IT Partner

Before starting your project, please consider the timeline, budget, and your available internal skills & resources. If you are still confused, our software engineering team is ready to recommend a development plan based on your requirements.


TECHVIFY as a Leading
Software Development Outsourcing Company

At TECHVIFY, we work with the top 3% of Vietnamese tech talent. Our software engineers can assist you in achieving product-market fit in record time and with results beyond your expectations.


Access talent pool

Software outsourcing services allow you to work with newly trained talent from all over the world. Hire highly skilled engineers to build your software products.

Reduced risk

Through extensive QA and testing, a dedicated team can identify issues and bugs. This reduces the possibility of errors in your software.

Increase your project’s performance

Outsourcing software development allows businesses to access top technical skills and development best practices, increasing project productivity and performance.


When outsourcing software product development, you only pay for your required expertise. You can also scale up your software development team as needed.


Outsourcing reduces costs while allowing companies to devote their time and resources to core business functions.

Start your project immediately

Outsourcing can accelerate software development while maintaining quality. Working with competent outsourcing developers who have insight into the fundamentals of your project can speed up your project’s time to market.


Main Models of Software Outsourcing We Offer

We at TECHVIFY are ready to support your project at any phase.
Our team could take charge of the whole or part of your software development project.


Dedicated Team

This model provides a project manager who updates you on progress regularly. The dedicated team increases software development capabilities as well as reduces management effort for your business.


Staff Augmentation

The staff augmentation model is the most basic form of software outsourcing, in which our outsourced team collaborates with your internal team to proceed with the software project.


Software Outsourcing

We take care of the entire software development project, from timescales, specifications, and workflow allocation to quality testing. Our end-to-end development team is fully responsible for adhering to your requirements.


Software Outsourcing Services are Available for

Outsourcing supports you in getting more done and delegating crucial tasks and processes to specialists without having to increase your team significantly. It enables you to increase efficiency, keep costs under control, and concentrate on the core aspects of your business that you excel at.

Custom Software Development

This is one of the most popular services required by clients. Enterprises choose to outsource custom software development solutions for designing, building, deploying, and maintaining software to achieve their business goals and requirements.

Mobile App Development

Outsourced mobile application development services for Android, iOS, and cross-platform with a catchy user experience design and an outstanding appearance enable businesses to reach more users easily. Valued brands nowadays recognize the importance of having a robust mobile app.

Web App Development

Web apps support integrating the customized experience of native apps with easy access from any device. The easy way to increase authentic user engagement and create successful brand experiences is to hire a dedicated outsourced team to develop web applications.

Software Testing Service

With comprehensive services that deliver better products for your end users, outsourcing QA helps increase your software solutions' speed, accuracy, and performance.

AI and Machine Learning Development

While AI refers to a computer system's ability to copy human cognitive functions, machine learning is a subset of AI guiding a machine on how to learn. AI and machine learning enable companies to automate a wide range of manual processes involving data and decision-making. You can benefit from data-driven insights with more incredible speed and efficiency at a lower cost by leveraging AI and machine learning outsourcing solutions.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain development includes building, designing, and maintaining blockchain apps and systems. This technology, with its distinct features, greatly aids businesses in increasing efficiency and identifying new business opportunities.

MVP Development

Minimum viable product (MVP) development is a low-cost method of testing the demand for a new solution or verifying business assumptions for custom software. With the help of a dependable outsourcing development partner, you can eliminate all cost and scale barriers in the product development process.

TECHVIFY’s Development Process Flow

You have the chance to approach a wide range of talent pools, more effective use of internal resources, easy access to the top leading technologies, and no need to consider hiring more developers, operating teams, or maintaining infrastructure.
Here are the main steps in our software development outsourcing process.



Project analysis

The development model you require will be determined by the size of your project, budget, timeframe, and level of complexity. TECHVIFY will discuss with you and recommend the best approach to achieve the highest outcome.

Choose the right methodology

Through extensive QA and testing, a dedicated team can identify issues and bugs. This reduces the possibility of errors in your software.

Visualize project’s details

To help you have more details about your project, our team provides a brief that includes necessary project specifications and technologies along with appropriate workflow planning and execution.

Kick-off project

The outsourcing team can start working on your project. At TECHVIY, you could use staff augmentation to increase productivity at any time so that you can focus on more pressing activities and essential tasks.

QA testing

During this phase, our testing professionals make suggestions for possible development enhancements and implement QA processes to test your product from start to finish.

Complete the project

TECHVIFY adheres to the road map and launches your app on the due date. Based on your review, this step could undergo many modifications before packing. We can also continue to provide maintenance, support, updates, and more following the nature of the project.

Our Industry Competency

Our team creates robust and scalable software development solutions for a wide range of industries.
Take a look to get an insight into some popular fields that we serve.

Banking & Insurance
Retail & E-Commerce
E-Learning & Education


Which Factors to Consider?

Pick your trusted partner

Determine the expertise you need, examine your team’s capabilities, verify project specifications, and outline what the product will do and how the task will be completed. Then, contact the providers on your shortlist to determine which is the best outsourcing partner for you.

Select the right approach

There are so many options for outsourcing nowadays that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It is necessary to understand their differences and choose the outsourcing model that best suits your needs.

Define clear goals

Setting milestones and expectations from the beginning significantly affects the software development process and the project results.

Prioritize communication

Make sure your provider maintains smooth and up-to-minute communication through productive communication channels to help you update the project progress.

Ensure maintenance and support

An excellent outsourcing team not only stops at building software apps but also has a maintenance strategy created from the beginning, customized for your needs and ensuring the software solution’s expandability.