What is a Virtual CIO (vCIO), and What Do They Do?

The term virtual CIO has increased in popularity in recent years with the development of the Internet and information. In the IT field, hiring a virtual CIO can help new companies gain more experience and knowledge. This person will suggest to your company the right orientations to develop. A virtual CIO can also modify your company’s operation and facilitate technological changes. With the strategic advice they give, your business grasps more chances for stable growth.  If your company needs strategic IT plans, you should consider hiring a virtual CIO rather than a traditional consultant. Give him the authority to make... 04 July, 2022
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Case Study: Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

As the leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam, Techvify instigates flexible yet simple solutions for complex connections that enable our clients to operate more efficiently and produce more value.  With more than 500,000+ hours of experience in the following technologies of Java, PHP, .Net & Mobile Applications that specialize in offering client-oriented software solutions, TECHVIFY has a dedicated team of young, hardworking, creative, and committed skilled professionals that are equipped with the knowledge and passion for technology.  Experienced in major corporations in Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam, we are proud to have an unique combination of domain, technology & project management... 17 December, 2021
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Guide to digital marketing for a fresh startup?

Before digital marketing, marketing in its traditional form has been the key factor that drives the success of a startup. It does not only provide a company with solutions but also premises that establish innovative ideas for future growth. Because of the huge impacts that marketing has had for many years, it constantly evolves to serve multiple purposes of a business as companies begin to be more hungry for further accomplishment. Digital marketing is one in the many ways people do marketing. It has become a must-perform branch that stimulates the growth of every business scale.  Digital marketing is relatively... 27 September, 2021
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Product thinking: The criteria for a successful business

The product thinking process is usually a combination of a lot of steps. They include examining different angles of the design aspects, users’ demands, and solutions to users’ problems. Product thinking plays a huge role in specifying the precedence and the requirements in an arranged timeline. Since product thinking is too much of a huge topic, it causes misconception a lot of time. As we talk about users’ experience, it all comes down to characteristics such as being user-friendly, attractive to the eyes, and simple to use. They may seem important due to their ability to convince potential customers to... 21 September, 2021
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How to build a startup team in 3 steps

Would you want to know how to build a startup team that is capable and dedicated from scratch? Recruiting members for a startup has never been a piece of cake. For a new entrepreneur, this is usually the hardest step. In most cases, the haste in recruiting likely makes a big fail because many steps in the process will be skipped. Such matters must not happen, especially during the early stages of business establishment. To be a successful entrepreneur from the beginning, everyone needs a solid foundation of human power. The success of one business depends a lot on the... 09 September, 2021
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What should managers do to optimize business profit?

Making business profit is one of the core factors that define how successful a business is. It’s not only the backbone of the business but also the substance that provokes business growth. The bigger it gets, the more countless advantages it has to be the top competitor among other rivals in the market.  But, not every business knows how to use their profit wisely. Oftentimes, many businesses struggle because they have chosen the wrong way to go. The money spent elsewhere, not on the critical focus of the company, and bankruptcy after a couple of weeks of uprising sales are... 13 August, 2021

DIGINEX – Hong Kong enterprise believe in partnering with us

With the slogan “Empower your digital innovation”, we are grateful and appreciated the opportunity to accompany the business transformation around the globe. Moreover, in the challenges, we encounter our own path.  Hence, this article aims to pinpoint how DIGINEX – Hongkong enterprise about digital finance and blockchain believe in partnering with us as well as how TECHVIFY has adapted ourselves for the global environment and scope in the digital transformation era. 1. We catch the light from the challenging time. As the year 2020 comes with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, various businesses find it hard to get... 23 August, 2020
The New Branch Of Techvify In Singapore

Congratulation On The New Branch Of Techvify In Singapore

Over the years, the partnership between TECHVIFY in Vietnam and Singapore doesn’t stop at being further but to its fullest. The time has come, we proudly state the opening of TECHVIFY in Singapore as our second home. A new adventure has begun!  We always dreamt of being a part of this country’s economy and now here we are, at a land considered a high-income economy with its gross national income of US$54,530 per capita (2017). This land expands its arms to approach a business-friendly economy, making it a promising opportunity for every business to conquer success and ambitions. But what’s... 23 August, 2020

The flourish of IT industry in Vietnam

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a booming sector in Viet Nam, supported by world-class telecommunication infrastructure. ICT revenue in 2018 reached almost US$100 billion, posting an 8% increase compared to 2017. Software export revenue is estimated to reach US$3.5 billion, an increase of 11.6% over the previous year. Vietnam’s plans for a digital economy, smart cities, and start-ups have helped the country’s IT industry continue to record vigorous revenue growth. Foreign Investment The growing capital inflow in Vietnam’s IT industry from private investors, especially foreign ones, has been considered a “golden opportunity” for the industry to expand, an official... 06 July, 2020

Business Survival 101: Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

To survive and grow, every single product and service offering must have some clear, distinct competitive edge over its competitors in the marketplace. In short, the competitive edge is the key to sales success and high profitability. It is absolutely essential that you are excellent in some specific areas that customers value. In other words, to be able to say, “We offer the best for you in this critical area.” is critically important in building customer’s trust. Especially during this crisis while most of everyone is working remotely from home in 2020. To design, address as well as meet the... 30 June, 2020