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Why Cloud-native Platforms Wil Be Key For IT Leader In 2022

Cloud-native platforms enable organizations to accelerate and enhance the adoption of cloud computing (and deliver on digital initiatives) within their business. By 2025, cloud-native platforms will serve as the foundation for more than 95% of new digital initiatives, Gartner predicts. With the adoption of cloud computing only set to rise in 2022, integrating cloud-native platforms is crucial now more than ever and will provide the primary means for companies to execute their digital strategies and ensure business growth, customer retention and efficiency. Fast-track and standardize solutions Cloud-native platforms provide abilities that fast-track the use of cloud computing. They include technology... 01 March, 2022
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How To Choose A Cloud Service Provider?

Cloud services have offered many benefits to businesses. It is a cost-saving solution to set up a virtual office, which allows access from anywhere at any time. Thus, cloud computing also protects your data and systems from many security crises. Therefore, finding a trustworthy cloud service partner is essential to maximize the benefits of cloud computing. Let’s find out the criteria for an ideal cloud services provider with TECHVIFY Software. A cloud services provider that can ensure cloud security: Security is a top concern when it comes to seeking a cloud service provider. Hence, getting information relating to your use... 10 July, 2021
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Top 5 Cloud Service Best Practices to Protect Your Data

Cloud service plays an undeniably important role in managing businesses. It enables business owners to store information on the internet, develop virtualized IT infrastructure, and deliver software through the cloud. Therefore, to fully utilize the power of cloud service, there are some cloud service practices that businesses should follow. Let TECHVIFY introduce the top 5 cloud service best practices to ensure your data security. #1: Encrypt your data Encryption is considered one of the most effective cloud service best practices to ensure data security. By applying encryption and practicing secure encryption key management, businesses can be sure that only authorized... 22 June, 2021
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Cloud service brokerage: 4 Facts You Miss

In the realm of digital transformation, the global cloud service brokerage market is expected to grow to $19.16 billion by 2020, as stated by the research by MarketsandMarkets. Even though cloud service brokers aren’t necessary for every use-case scenario, the role a cloud services brokerage can perform within enterprise IT is largely misunderstood. In fact, there are plenty of situations where a cloud service broker can significantly influence the price negotiation, customization, and deployment of most public or hybrid cloud architectures within the organization. First and foremost, knowing the meaning of cloud service brokerage helps you intimately understand this article.... 28 August, 2020

How Cloud Services Empower Digital Transformation

Cloud services provide an opportunity for businesses to undergo digital transformation, where they provide services, software, apps, processing, or storage through the cloud. Cloud services have brought the revolution to computing, not least through IaaS, PaaS, and especially SaaS, which have enabled businesses to develop virtualized IT infrastructure and deliver software through the cloud, independent of a user’s operating system. The first part of this article aims to pinpoint the meaning of cloud service meaning and what is cloud services platform. Subsequently, cloud service offerings will be listed in the second part as well as which solutions Techvify can deliver... 24 August, 2020