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Top 10 Offshore Software Development Companies

Companies are almost finding a way to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology in the digitalization era. Hiring an offshore software development company is one of the most effective solutions to update technological advances for products quickly. Nowadays, the demand for experienced software engineers is sky-high. As a result, companies are outsourcing the entire or part of the software development project. This strategy can provide a range of benefits to companies looking to reduce costs, access skilled talent, and improve project outcomes. There are thousands of companies providing offshore development services around the world. That’s why you may... 18 January, 2023

Top 10 Offshore Software Developers in Vietnam

In recent decades, Vietnam has emerged as one of the world’s best destinations for software outsourcing. High-quality software vendors with lots of positive feedback and results from international clients contribute to Vietnam’s success in the global technology industry. This article will discuss the top 10 offshore software development companies in Vietnam.  Offshore software development meaning   Offshore software development is the process of delegating project operations to a third-party software outsourcing vendor. You should work with an IT Partner rather than a freelancer if you intend to outsource the entire construction process.  Nowadays, businesses must consider many elements when building a... 30 November, 2022
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How To Build Your Tech Team in Vietnam

In recent years, along with giant powerhouses in outsourcing, such as India and China, Vietnam has become a promising destination for software development outsourcing – thanks to its large talent pool and young. Moreover, many people believe that Vietnam has the potential to become a second Silicon Valley. These stats partially explain the wave of building tech teams in Vietnam. This blog will help further understand why and how you should do it.   Why Should You Build Your Tech Team in Vietnam?   The abundance of IT talents   Vietnam has an even more promising source of IT talent for those companies... 04 October, 2022

Offshore Software Development Rates By Country

Offshore software development provides businesses with numerous benefits, including access to a larger talent pool, which helps to reduce the cost of software development while maintaining the desired quality of the final product. Offshoring relieves you of the burden of finding qualified software developers.  However, there are currently thousands of offshore software development companies from various countries, and choosing a suitable one has never been easy. Numerous questions surround this: Which country offers the best rate for offshore software development services? Which factors do software offshoring rates depend on? How to hire offshore development vendors?   Read further about the average... 24 August, 2022

How To Outsource Software Development?

Scaling up your team while staying within your budget is one of the biggest outsourcing software development benefits.  Basically, you get a competitive edge by working with top-notch professionals having access to trending tools & technologies. To fully understand how to outsource software development and how it can help your business, we’ve put together a few subtopics that hold the most valuable information. Why do companies outsource software development? Want to increase the quality and efficiency of your software while reducing development costs? The answer is to work with an offshore development center (ODC). As a highly successful tool, the... 15 July, 2022
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Benefits of Offshore Software Development

Offshore software development is becoming increasingly popular. Clients gradually transition from their in-house to the ODC model. Many businesses consider this model an excellent way to start a business because of its advantages.  Offshore Software Development Benefits Offshore software development is a remote model overseas comprised of experienced experts with the necessary technical background to support the company’s software projects. Choosing the ODC model brings your company a vast array of advantages, including:  Competitive Prices  The main advantage of offshore software development is its low cost. The model enables you to achieve solid technological potential at low operating costs. ODC... 15 July, 2022

How to manage offshore development teams effectively

Offshore software development has been a business trend in recent years. Besides the many benefits, including only paying for delivered services, not having to worry about seeking highly skilled professionals, or maintaining infrastructure costs, Companies are always looking for how to manage offshore development teams effectively. Offshore development services are typically performed in Asia, where labor prices are much lower than in the receiving country, which helps optimize costs for businesses that hire offshore development teams.  In most cases, managing offshore teams are the first thing you should consider when outsourcing your software project.   Despite all the fantastic benefits of... 06 July, 2022
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How To Hire Offshore Developers For Your Project

Building a full-fledged, ready-to-use software product can be very challenging. In fact, it is daunting even for the most professional developers. Sometimes, it is even tough to find a capable team or agency in your area for a demanding task. As such, you should choose to hire offshore developers. The process is pretty simple and offers many added benefits, which we will discuss right below. What Is An Offshore Development Team? To put it simply, an offshore development team is a group of professionals whose primary job is dealing with tasks that are delegated to them by another company from... 04 July, 2022

Offshore Outsourcing Pros and Cons: All Your Need to Know

There are many situations in which you need to resort to external resources or third parties in foreign countries to handle your business operation. People call this an offshoring strategy. It can optimize your business’s productivity and provide impressive results. In the age of information and the internet, it has become easier to seek external services. This strategy helps operations become more flexible and avoids wasting unnecessary costs.  If you want to get your business off the ground with this strategy, this article will provide you with detailed information you should prepare. You will have a clearer look under which... 30 June, 2022
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Offshore Delivery Center: The Definitive Guide

In today’s world, offshoring and outsourcing have become staples of any global business. The main questions have shifted from “Why should we offshore?” to “How to offshore successfully?” and “How to take advantage of offshoring?”.  As a result, offshore delivery center (ODC) has become an emerging concept in recent years. As a matter of fact, even in the pre-Covid era, organizations worldwide have adopted and implemented this idea in their business practice. So, it is not something new, especially in the IT and accounting sectors. Yet, we still need a clear definition to understand the concept. What Is An Offshore... 28 June, 2022

Offshore Development Center (ODC): The Complete Guide

In the IT industry, offshore software development has had an impressive rise. As a result, the Offshore Development Center is finding its way to every business, be it a technological or non-tech company. This service has even outweighed outsourcing recently.  This is a suitable option if you are interested in an offshore software development center or looking for an end-to-end solution for software projects. Why? The reasons will be revealed in this complete guide.  What Is Offshore Development Center (ODC)? Definition An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is an offshore team of talents. It provides the services of developing software to... 24 March, 2022

How To Create An e-Learning Platform Like Coursera & Udemy

The presence of Covid-19 has made an enormous impact on how education works. Across the globe, schools and educational systems have to close due to the pandemic’s restrictions.  In such a circumstance, online teaching or eLearning has emerged as a prominent solution to maintain educational activities. Thus, creating an eLearning platform can be one of the first steps to becoming relevant and profitable for educational institutions, hence necessary. That’s why many will start to question, How to create an e-learning platform? Why Should You Create An E-Learning Platform? A Growing Demand In Public As we mentioned, amid Covid-19, we see... 23 March, 2022
End to End Solution

End-to-End Software Development: What and Why?

In this article, TECHVIFY Software will explain What is end-to-end software development? And The reason is ODC is known as an effective end-to-end software development solution. A decade ago, software outsourcing was seen as an ideal option for businesses that wanted to lower operational costs. Today, with the significant increase in demand for IT outsourcing, Offshore software development has become trending for global brands. Consequently, offshore development center, or ODC in short, is no longer an unfamiliar term for companies in the information technology and software development industries. What is end-to-end software development? The term is used to describe a... 22 July, 2021
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Should I Hire a Startup for Offshore Development Project?

This question must be one of the top concerns of business owners when it comes to offshore development. With the fast growth in the number of offshore development centers (or ODC in short), there are various outsourcing company sizes to choose from. So should you choose a large offshoring corporate or a startup that will be better for your project? Let’s find out about TECHVIFY Software in this article. Benefits a big company can offer to you Large offshore development companies stand out thanks to their experiences in various outsourcing services with many clients from different business fields. Therefore, hiring... 22 July, 2021
Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Vs. ODC: Which model is better?

If you’re a business owner looking to outsource software development, you’ll come across two popular pricing models. You might not know whether to choose a fixed-price vs. ODC model. Don’t worry. This article will help you clear everything out. What is a fixed-price model? Fixed price is a custom software development model based on an estimate of the amount of work needed. Therefore, scope, time, and cost are all fixed in a fixed-price model. First, project requirements need to be clarified by the client to define the scope of work. Then the contractor will calculate the price and timeframe based... 21 July, 2021
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What Makes a Good Offshore Development Center?

Hiring an offshore development center to develop software has brought many significant benefits to business owners. Time savings, lower costs, and skillful experts are among the top reasons that make offshoring become more and more popular. However, to take full advantage of outsourcing, businesses should know how to find the best offshore development center for them. In this article, TECHVIFY Vietnam will help you solve this concern. Select a skillful offshore development center: First of all, business owners should consider the offshore team’s experience. The quality of a software development project greatly depends on the quality of the outsourcing team.... 10 July, 2021
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Waterfall Process in Offshore Software Development

What is the Waterfall process? The Waterfall process was one of the earliest and simplest ways to put together a software development process. It was called “Waterfall” because of the order of phases. Each step in a Waterfall process flows into the next like a waterfall’s cascading tiers. No phase begins until the prior phase is complete, and each phase’s completion is terminal. The only way to revisit a phase is to start over at phase one. In other words, the Waterfall management method is a sequential, linear project management process consisting of several discrete phases. The Waterfall process’s goal... 05 July, 2021
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Top 5 Offshore Software Development Best Practices

Offshore software development has been offering businesses, from small to large, many significant benefits nowadays. To process a successful offshore software development project, as well as make the best use of this innovative format, businesses should be fully aware of the best practices in offshoring. By choosing a professional team, establishing a transparent workflow, and aware of what’s might come up along the way, businesses can thoroughly prevent the most common risks when outsourcing. Let’s take a look at the top 5 offshore development best practices with TECHVIFY Software. #1: Choose a trustworthy partner Since having a developing team, including... 05 July, 2021
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How To Build a Super App With an ODC Team?

Many companies are trying to promote the super app development trend these days. But what exactly is a super app? How to develop it with the help of an ODC team?  What is super app development? According to Mike Lazaridis – a businessman, an investor in quantum computing technologies, and founder of BlackBerry: “A super app is a closed ecosystem of many apps that people would use every day because they offer such seamless, integrated, contextualized, and efficient experience.” In other words, a super app is some marketplace in which services and offerings are delivered via in-house technology and through... 05 July, 2021
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Offshore Product Development [Complete guide] with TECHVIFY Software

Companies that choose offshore product development (OPD) can have the benefit of releasing their products faster than their competitors due to time differences and 24-hour’ development. In a digital world, speed is a massive advantage. Moreover, with offshoring, you will save a significant amount of recruiting, training, and managing costs for your company. OPD vendors can also offer you a skillful and experienced team if you choose your partner wisely. What is offshore product development? Offshore product development is the practice of outsourcing software products to a team of professionals located in a different country or region. The offshore team... 07 April, 2021