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How To Reduce Risk in Software Development

There are numerous possible risks incurred during software development. How software development developers confront and manage the impact of risk on a project’s scope, budget, and timeline will decide the quality of the output product.   In this article, we’ll discuss the most common potential problems that clients and development teams must deal with. We’ll also go over how to reduce risk in software development.  What Is Risk In Software Development?  Risks in software development are potential problems occurring internally, and externally that can affect the success of projects. Risk shows the potential for loss, and total risk exposure to a... 10 October, 2022

Agile Development Team: Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

In recent years, the keyword “Agile development team” has been mentioned a lot in technology and production, especially in information technology and software development.  This article will seek to clarify what an Agile development team is. How does Agile teamwork? Roles and responsibilities in an Agile team.  What is an Agile development team?   An agile development team is a group of developers based on the Agile methodology. It’s a team built to produce delivered products efficiently and in line with business goals. Two common characteristics of an Agile team are self-organizing and cross-functional.   You don’t have a Project Manager dictating... 15 September, 2022
reduce software development costs

How to reduce software development costs

Investing in software development is a focus for many businesses nowadays, yet the cost often soars. These companies frequently have a budget while striving to develop cutting-edge software to spur growth. The top priority of all firms is consistently reducing project costs without compromising quality.   In this writing, we’ll discuss how to reduce software development costs to help you stay within your allotted spending limit.   9 Tips to reduce software development costs  1. Detail the project’s requirements and scope Make sure you communicate the project’s scope, objectives, and functional requirements, whether you begin working with an outsourcing software development company... 09 September, 2022

Top 10 Software Development Companies in Vietnam

Today, the number of Vietnam software development companies is increasing rapidly in quality and quantity. Vietnam is also known as a powerhouse in IT outsourcing services. Vietnam’s software industry has a strong transition from outsourcing to creativity.   To choose reputable units as IT partners or workplaces, you need to know about the top companies in this IT field. In this article, TECHVIFY Software will introduce the best software development companies in Vietnam for your reference!    Why choose Vietnam software development companies?   IT outsourcing services are increasingly developing and dominating in Vietnam. So why is IT outsourcing so popular? Let’s find... 29 August, 2022

Software Development Agreement Checklist 

Every software development business calls for a well-rounded contract to maintain effective collaboration among the vendor of the outsourcing team and stakeholders. A good software development agreement checklist helps you avoid disputes and includes relevant terms for the security and privacy of services. This agreement checklist is also necessary for the software development team during the payment process and resolving problems arising in client relationships. General Infomation  A well-written software partnership agreement includes the parties’ legal obligations, rights, and responsibilities. This checklist also aids in mutual expectations made clear and improving communication from the start of the collaboration. A software... 26 August, 2022

Offshore Outsourcing Pros and Cons: All Your Need to Know

There are many situations in which you need to resort to external resources or third parties in foreign countries to handle your business operation. People call this strategy offshore outsourcing. It can optimize your business’s productivity and provide impressive results. In the age of information and the internet, it has become easier to seek external services. This strategy helps operations become more flexible and avoids wasting unnecessary costs.  If you want to get your business off the ground with this strategy, this article will provide you with detailed information you should prepare. You will have a clearer look under which... 30 June, 2022
proof of concept vs feasibility study

Proof of Concept Vs Feasibility Study: What’s the Difference?

The primary outcome of the feasibility study will be the key to what your new system will look like. You conduct a proof of concept (POC) on a potential solution based on the feasibility study findings. Meanwhile, a minimum viable product (MVP) is created after a successful proof of concept. This writing will show the overview of two concepts and the differences between proof of concept vs feasibility study.  What Is Proof of Concept (POC)?  Proof of Concept (POC) can be viewed as the first step toward launching a functional product that meets the target audience’s needs and brings benefits... 30 June, 2022

In-house Vs Outsourcing Software Development

One of the most profitable sectors of the company is software development. With an increasing number of people utilizing smart devices daily, the world continues to change, and new demands can only be met by new, inventive software. Software outsourcing is a viable option for developing software in-house, but it comes with advantages and disadvantages. We’re here to explain both in-house vs. outsourcing software development and show you what each offers. In-House Software Development Software development by building your own in-house team, often known as insourcing, is the process of creating software utilizing the resources available at your organization. You... 28 June, 2022

TECHVIFY’s 4th Anniversary Celebration

TECHVIFY has been through 4 years of establishment and development. We celebrated this special milestone through many meaningful activities, including Team Building and Gala Dinner to look back on all the memorable achievements and events in the past four years and the development orientation for the next journey together.  TECHVIFY – 4 years of unforgettable milestones on the development journey  May 2018  TECHVIFY took the journey’s first step when deciding to start a company. And the rest is history.    March 2019  TECHVIFY started focusing on software development and outsourcing services with the first office in Duy Tan, Hanoi.   ... 17 May, 2022

What Is A Business Analyst, and What Do They Do?

A standard business analyst assists his firm in service and software optimizations. This role serves as a link between IT and businesses. It has been a prevalent career choice in recent years. Still, few people get acquainted with proper training. Our article entails a business analyst job description and guidelines for better preparation. What Is A Business Analyst? First of all, what is a business analyst? A business analyst (or BA) records and evaluates a firm’s total performance. He supervises key factors such as market environments, systems, and operations. System analyses are closely related to BAs. These works operate as... 31 March, 2022
software development models

8 Basic Types of Software Development Models

When starting any new app or software development project, it’s important to consider the various steps necessary for its final rollout. There are 8 common software development models. Waterfall Model The waterfall process is a method of software development that moves in an orderly cascade, with each stage having concrete deliverables and being strictly documented. Advantages Simple and understandable, the Waterfall Model is a manageable method ideal for lifecycle management of smaller projects where the requirements are established and finalized upfront. Disadvantages Because of its rigid structure, the Waterfall Model does not work well for complex projects where there is... 28 January, 2022
custom software development the key to the business growth

Why custom software development is important?

Today, Digital innovation is a necessity for every business to survive and thrive. It’s not only to attract new customers, get ahead of competitors but also to operate the business more efficiently. But not everyone is on the same page about the importance of custom software development. Why is custom software better than generic software? Let’s find out. It serves the complexities in systems integration. Your business or at least the majority of businesses works not just in one but multiple areas. Therefore, each requires a specific tool in order to operate. We’re talking about the differences between technology, architecture, and... 08 December, 2021
no-code- web development

The Complete Guide for No-code Development

Today, with digital transformation taking over every industry, the need for software development is higher than ever before. However, businesses have been struggling to find a way to overcome the burden of lowering software development costs. And here comes no-code development to save the day. No-code development has been rising as an innovative software development trend in recent years. Thanks to its advanced features, no-code frameworks allow even non-technical people to execute software without composing a line of code. Users no longer need any previous coding experience to build applications using no-code. Sound interesting enough? In the following article, let’s... 21 July, 2021
scrum vs waterfall

Scrum vs. Waterfall: What’s The Difference?

There are various methodologies in software development: Agile, DevOps deployment, Waterfall, Scrum, etc. But how can business owners identify which method is most suitable for their software development project? In this article, TECHVIFY Vietnam will analyze and compare the advantages and disadvantages of Scrum vs. Waterfall. Difference between Scrum vs. Waterfall methodology – an overview: In our previous articles, we have introduced some basic information about how the Scrum process and Waterfall process work. So here are the main differences between these two software development methodologies: Scrum Waterfall Value-driven Schedule driven Development is iterative and incremental Development is phase-based and... 05 July, 2021
Scrum for software development

Scrum Development Process in Offshore Software Development

There are many Agile methodologies to choose from when conducting a software development project: Kanban, Lean, Six Sigma, Scrum, etc. But what are those methods in detail, and what are the differences between each one? In this article, TECHVIFY Software would like to introduce to you the scrum development process in offshore software development. What is Scrum? Scrum is an Agile project management methodology that allows for rapid development and testing. This software development method is significantly suitable for a small team. As an implementation of Agile, the Scrum development process breaks down a large software project into smaller, more... 05 July, 2021
best vscode extensions

Top 15 best VScode extensions to boost your productivity

In this article, we’re going to show you the 15 best extensions that you must install on your VScode to increase your productivity.   Coding is the backbone of every business. It builds up millions of applications that support services to achieve its goals. Many people have finally had the chance to approach different life purposes thanks to coding. Some may use it as a tool to support their community. Some with an even bigger aim of helping the world become a better place. Others want to have a job in the tech industry because they can make a lot of... 04 July, 2021
what does bi means

What is Business Intelligence and Its Use?

What is Business Intelligence (BI)? Business Intelligence (BI) is an important topic that covers a wide range of topics of importance to today’s businessmen. It is divided into internal and external categories that deal with a company’s capacity to discern what its rivals are doing as well as comprehend what factors may be working against them. How does your company turn the data it collects into meaningful information that gives it a competitive advantage? The subject of business intelligence is usually ambiguous, and it is easy to breach the blurred lines of corporate ethics and federal law. Furthermore, Business Intelligence... 24 June, 2021
Custom Software Development Leverage Growth

Custom Software Development Definition

Custom Software Development Definition Custom software development is the process of designing applications with the purpose of addressing the need of a specific user or group of users within an organization. It differs from traditional or commercial off-the-shelf software, which is typically developed for general use. For example, a custom software piece is designed to satisfy a specific set of needs as below: Let’s dive into a practical instance of Techvify as the case of building a mobile app for the biggest telecom company in Vietnam. Techvify is responsible for building the application to satisfy the entertainment requirements of this... 19 August, 2020