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How To Hire Offshore Developers For Your Project

If you have a challenging project, you can hire offshore developers to facilitate your effort. Read on for more details about the process. Introduction Building a full-fledged, ready-to-use software product can be very challenging. In fact, it is daunting even for the most professional developers. Sometimes, it is even tough to find a capable team or agency in your area for a demanding task. As such, you should choose to hire an offshore development team. The process is pretty simple and offers many added benefits, which we will discuss right below. What Is An Offshore Development Team? To put it... 04 July, 2022

Outsource Ruby On Rails Development Services

If you are looking for a Ruby on Rails outsourcing company which have talented developers for your project, then you have landed at the right place!  Ruby on Rails Outsourcing Ruby on Rails outsourcing means hiring developers to build websites or web apps already coded in the Ruby on Rails framework. At TECHVIFY Software, our Ruby on Rails development service can provide many benefits such as:  Optimal working process for conducting Ruby on Rails development  Assist you in creating and managing the project   Ensure the best code quality by highly expertise developers  Why Choose Our Ruby On Rails Development services? ... 01 July, 2022

Outsource Angular Development Services

Hire outsource Angular development team from TECHVIFY to build the best mobile and web applications at reasonable prices.    What is Angular?  Angular is known as a platform for developing apps in HTML and TypeScript that is notable for its front-end development capabilities. It provides core and optional functionality as a collection of TypeScript libraries that you can import into your applications.  This framework is packed with top features that have made it an excellent choice for creating software, regardless of its engaging interface development projects, complex mobile applications, and more.  Why Choose Our Angular Outsourcing?  There are various reasons why... 01 July, 2022

Outsource Java Development Services

Make your ideas into powerful and effective Java web apps today. Start by hiring highly skilled and experienced Java developers based on your project needs from us. TECHVIFY has a strong and ample pool of experts to build your end-to-end Java-based solutions and scale up your existing team quickly and easily.  Benefits of Java development  Java is a widely used and versatile programming language by many enterprises in the world. Java’s primary advantages include:  Simplicity    It is easy to write, understand, and maintain. Moreover, the code is simple to debug.  Security   Java programs are compiled as bytecode, making them much... 30 June, 2022

Outsource .NET/ASP.NET Development Services

Use TECHVIFY’s outsource ASP.NET development services to build robust, dynamic mobile, web applications or build your own net development team and more.   What is ASP.NET?  ASP.NET Core is a Microsoft open-source, cross-platform development framework primarily used for web development, precisely dynamic web pages. It was created and released in 2002 and continues to provide web developers with a variety of excellent tools for creating dynamic and interactive servers, web pages, and web apps.  Outsource ASP.NET Development Services We Offer  Custom ASP.NET App Development By leveraging the ASP.NET framework and the ASP.NET IDE, we create custom, diverse, and high-quality .NET software... 29 June, 2022

Outsource React.js Development Services

React.js is one of the most well-known and powerful front-end development frameworks for many platforms. React software development services save development time and functional testing and significantly reduce costs. Our React.js developers are ready to build high-quality apps and provide stable and scalable solutions with dynamic user interfaces that combine powerful functionality and optimized visuals.  What is React.js development?  React.js is an open-source Javascript library maintained by Facebook, used to create interactive and dynamic user interfaces, especially for single-page applications. Today, React.js is used by more than 1 million websites, making it a must-have library in any technology system. Software... 29 June, 2022

Outsource Node.js Development Services

At TECHVIFY, we deliver comprehensive outsource Node.js development services. Our experienced, dedicated team takes care of your Node.js project from developing an MVP to releasing the final product.  What Is Node.js?  Node.js is a runtime environment based on the open-source JavaScript engine. The platform is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine written in C++ and Javascript. This platform was developed by Ryan Lienhart Dahl in 2009. Thanks to its lightweight programming capabilities and code reusability, Node.js helps speed up the web applications development process. Node.js has recently gained immense popularity due to its scalability, performance tuning, and data management. Node.js... 29 June, 2022

Onshore Vs Offshore Model In Software Outsourcing

What is the onshore outsourcing model?  The onshore model (or onsite delivery model) means outsourcing companies or third-party vendors that provide employees to customers with the expertise and other services of such employees. Both the supplier and the customer are in the same country.  The supplier’s external or onsite team directly coordinates and works with the customer’s team to delegate tasks. The supplier’s onsite team is usually located in the customer’s office. But sometimes, the outside group is primarily located in the supplier’s office, and most of their work with the customer is online.  Advantages off onshore/onsite Onshore outsourcing can... 28 June, 2022

How To Hire Software Engineers/Developers in Vietnam? 

Vietnam is considered an ideal destination for IT outsourcing, with many advantages compared to other countries regarding the software development market. Let’s find out more about the potential market and how to hire software engineers/developers in Vietnam.  Overview of software developers in Vietnam  Vietnam is a rising star in the field of information technology (IT), with many attractive figures such as the number of software development companies, service quality, IT certifications, economic growth rate, stable political background, and government support. These factors contribute to turning Vietnam into a competitive market for IT outsourcing services.  In general, considering and choosing to... 28 June, 2022

5 Reasons To Hire Custom Software Developers

Why do you need custom software developers instead of buying pre-packaged software products off the shelf? With every passing day, you make certain crucial decisions to raise your business a level up. Those decisions range from budgeting, outsourcing, development custom software, budgeting to return on investment and competitive advantage. As a smart and vigilant entrepreneur, you are very much like an enthusiastic performer, balancing your business’ immediate needs with its long-term needs and growth. Business growth always leads to a great competitive advantage for enterprises. The competitive advantages they get through the kind of tech-stack company use, customized solutions develop,... 23 August, 2021