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TECHVICON #14: Web Automation Testing With Selenium

The recent TECHVICON #14 was held on October 19 under the leadership of our speaker Thomas Hoang and went well.  Automation Testing is also a series of knowledge you need to understand for those who are looking to learn to become a Tester. Knowing the psychology of many people who are confused about the concept, our “long-haired singer,” Thomas Hoang, and his teammates discussed related issues.  Nowadays, instead of manually testing all the processes, which might be time-consuming and expensive, Automation Testing will bring us a better option with the most reliable accuracy. Phenomena such as incorrect data entry, incorrect... 19 October, 2022
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TECHVICON #13: Serverless Architecture

On September 28th, TECHVICON #13, with the theme of Serverless Architecture, was successfully held under the leadership of speaker Jackson Nguyen.  Nowadays, serverless has become ubiquitous, and every leading cloud provider offers this platform, like Microsoft Azure (Azure Functions), Google Cloud (Google Cloud Functions), and AWS Lambda. With a unique combination of properties and benefits, a serverless architecture is well-suited for use cases involving microservices, mobile backends, as well as event and data stream processing.  Under the leadership of Java Technical Leader – Jackson Nguyen, Techvifers had a lively discussion together, thereby deepening their understanding of Serverless Architecture. TECHVICON #13,... 28 September, 2022
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On September 15, TECHVICON #12, with an interesting gRPC theme, officially took place under the leadership of Speaker Hughie Nguyen.  At TECHVICON #4, held in May, Speaker Hughie brought up the topic of Non-Blocking IO with much helpful knowledge. No longer a strange name, coming back to TECHVICON #12 this time, he and members of the Delivery team together troubleshoot the “difficult” topic – gRPC.  gRPC is a new technology, but it is considered to have great potential to develop and replace other server-server communication methods in the future. This technology uses HTTP2 as the foundation, thus inheriting the high... 15 September, 2022
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On the afternoon of August 24, TECHVICON #11, with the theme of GraphQL, officially took place under the leadership of two young speakers, Thomas Dang and Mai Ngoc Toan.  REST API was used for a long time to communicate between client and server; however, REST has exposed several weaknesses and needs improvement. The story of GraphQL began when Facebook had problems handling dozens of data warehouses and customer APIs. Facebook developed GraphQL internally in 2012 before being released to the public and introduced in React.js Conf 2015 to correct those weaknesses.  Under the leadership of 2 speakers, Techvifers learned and... 24 August, 2022
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TECHVICON#10: Introduce About Solid Principles

On August 10, TECHVICON #10, with the theme of “Solid Principles,” was officially held under the guidance of speaker Islam Towhidu.  As a new member of TECHVIFY Software, Mr. Islam Towhidu, known by his dear name, Mr. “To” quickly immersed himself in the vibrant internal culture at TECHVIFY. In the recent TECHVICON #10, Mr. To was the main speaker leading the seminar with the topic “SOLID.”  SOLID is a fundamental principle in software architecture design. However, from theory to practice has a long distance that not everyone can apply skillfully. Mr. To is an enthusiastic developer with seven years of... 10 August, 2022
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Organize and Award Certificates for the Project Management Foundation Training Course

On May 27 – 29, TECHVIFY Software successfully organized the Project Management Foundation (PMF) training course.  There are 17 learners participating in the course, including Managers and Key Members of projects and departments. With both offline and online formats, the lecturer brought to the course useful and practical new content and knowledge that learners can apply in their work.  The Board of Directors of TECHVIFY Software focuses on training to improve the quality of the staff. In that spirit, the PMF training course always ensures the following criteria: Dedicated to sharing – Actively absorbing. In this course, learners will identify... 30 May, 2022
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Will Voice coding Be the Next Frontier in Software Development?

Although voice technology has been around for a long time, the most significant advances in usability have occurred in recent years. Many of us keep asking: “Will voice coding be next fronter in software development?” and the answer is yes. Voice Coding/Programming Existing software development companies have gradually realized the importance of making customer-oriented products and services more popular. Hence, they have to enable voice technology in software development.  Speech recognition has become an important technology when interacting with critical and successful applications in many fields, such as healthcare, education, e-commerce, banking & finance, etc.  Voice technology has an essential role... 19 May, 2022

What is a Chief Digital Officer & What Do They Do?

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is a new role in a company in particular and in an industry in general. They will be in charge of using digital and modern technology to transform information and create value for a business. The part of this job used to belong to CIO and CTO roles, so some organizations do not actually have a CDO.  Still, the industry has adapted to develop a CDO in the business as they realize the use of digital information is an innovative way in the future and will make a significant change in the dominant industry. What is a Chief... 25 March, 2022

35 Best Coding & Programming Quotes Will Inspire You

At Techvify, We have hundreds of young and creative programmers. Sometimes, We like to share with each other quotes about programming for developers. A quote from someone at the right time gives us a powerful inspiration. These quotes are carefully selected by Techvify so that they can be printed and hung in the office or private room. Hope the following motivational and inspirational quotes will inspire you. Coding Quotes Programming Quotes Software Development Quotes Related post: Top 50 Innovation Quotes to Inspire Work Programmers Quotes Funny Quotes for Developers References: Tags:Technology 23 February, 2022
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Mindfulness Meets Technology

Why is mindfulness important in a technology company? Technology plays an important role in forming the world of today. Thanks to its existence, millions of problems have been solved to make the world become a better place. A hundred years ago, communicating with people from different places on earth was an impossible thing. A hundred years ago, work took an extensive amount of time to finish, which reduced productivity tremendously. A hundred years ago, everything was so hard to manage. Businesses in the past would constantly go bankrupt because of management’s inability. Everything was so rough back then. However, technology... 21 September, 2021
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4 Power of Effective Communication in Tech Team

Effective team communication will always yield great results. Everyone is happy, the work goes smoothly, and the job is done excellently. Missing deadlines. Long messy email threads. No idea who will be working on what. Conflicts between team members. Poorly planned projects. Ideas are not discussed enough. Scattered and missing files. Waiting for hours to get answers. Delayed feedback. And so on. Sounds familiar to you? Is your business buried under the same fundamental problems?  Does your team have communication issues? Is ineffective communication a major part of your business? If the answer to all is a yes, it’s time... 23 August, 2021
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How To Become a Self-taught Developer/Coder?

A self-taught developer? This sounds like an absurd idea. The word has changed. The power of technology is undeniable. Almost every business in the world survives thanks to Information Technology. This industry helps reinforce not only the well-being of one business but also its prosperity. Also, the demand for technology never has shown any signs of stopping. More and more companies have begun to apply Information Technology to their system, whether it’s small or big businesses. They need it for their website, their marketing, and even their internal operation, such as Human Resource Management. With the help of Technology, everything... 04 July, 2021
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Internet of things – An uprising and promising technology trend

There is an undeniable fact that technology is growing at a rapid rate nowadays. Especially when the world is suffering through a global pandemic like COVID-19, technology is evolving and changing significantly to meet human’s diverse needs. Therefore, many new inventions in terms of technology have been born and proved their importance in our daily life. Amongst that, there’s a new but interesting term called the Internet of Things.    1. Internet of things definition:   In general terms, the Internet of Things basically means everything is connected to the Internet. “Simply, the Internet of Things is made up of devices –... 08 April, 2021
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SaaS vs. IaaS vs. PaaS – A Complete Comparison

SaaS vs. IaaS vs. PaaS – what are the differences between the 3 types of cloud service providers? Cloud services are not only a rising trend in the technology market but it also an inseparable part of our daily life. It appears everywhere, even though we rarely notice it. You start your day by interacting with the cloud by checking your phone for new emails and messages before you even get out of bed. The cloud is there again when you use your phone’s maps app to check traffic conditions on the way to work. However, when it comes to... 06 April, 2021