An E-Learning Mobile App in the Pandemic 2021

Let’s take a look at how TECHVIFY Vietnam visualizes an E-Learning mobile app.

The need for E-Learning services or E-learning mobile apps has significantly risen during the pandemic. Since most of the world has to stay in quarantine, schools have to go digital too.

E-Learning isn’t an innovative, groundbreaking idea anymore at this point of the pandemic.

However, most online classes occur on the website interface, which requires a laptop or a PC to take part. In order to bring out a more convenient study experience for users, E-Learning mobile is an ideal solution in this case.

Pros and Cons of E-Learning Mobile Apps

The biggest advantage of an E-Learning mobile app is its accessibility. Users can easily take part in classes anytime, anywhere, as long as they have a device that can access the Internet.

It can either be a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. Since quarantine makes people’s daily routines and timetables a little messed up, most users cannot spend 8 hours sitting down and attending a class as they used to do before the quarantine.

Therefore, it is very crucial that the online classes can be recorded and displayed later. A mobile E-Learning app will be more convenient because commuting is much easier.

Thus, mobile devices don’t require a complicated setup process. All you need to prepare for an online class on the E-Learning app is a device and a stable Internet connection.

However, as the use of apps is not restricted to time and location, users’ commitment to the learning process is hard to control. This could lead to severe consequences relating to final outcomes.

A mobile e-learning app that can suggest the most suitable courses based on users’ data:

The very first step in almost every mobile app is signing up. At this step, we require some basic personal information of the user like Name, Age, Gender, Interested Topic, Goals, etc. This information will help the E-Learning mobile app’s algorithm personalize the app for you.

It will suggest suitable courses based on your interests, goals, age, and gender.

0519 elearning 1

This feature will help to ensure your better engagement in every course. For sure that when you take part in an interesting course about the topic you like, you will be more curious and pay more attention, right?

Thus, the app will also have a Statistic section to keep track of your learning process.

This feature will show your course numbers and hours spent and categorize courses into topics. The Statistic section offers users a closer look at their learning history.

Attending time tracking of e-learning mobile app users:

Most online learners lose focus during the class, resulting in a low-quality outcome.

To control this risk, E-Learning mobile app will integrate an attending time tracking feature. Online courses will be designed to have interaction requirements during the class.

During a 2-hour long lesson, users will be asked to make some interaction, like answering some random pop-up quiz or a “Click to continue” box, etc.

These interaction requirements will be distributed throughout the lesson to maximize the effectiveness of attending time tracking.

0519 elearning 2

By adding this feature, the app can monitor users’ level of attention and report in the Statistic section later. Users only get the qualification for taking a course when the attending time rate in every lesson is more than 80%.

Adding tests to control learning quality:

There’s no better way to control outcomes than tests. After every lesson, there will be a small test containing 7-10 questions to check whether the user understands the lesson’s main ideas.

If the user’s score exceeds 60%, they will be asked to retake the lesson for better understanding.

A course usually contains several lessons. Therefore, after every course, users have to take a Final test consisting of 30-40 questions relating to what they have learned. Users are only qualified to pass the test when their score is higher or equal to 60%.

All the qualified courses users have taken will also show in the Statistic section.

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