What Is API Test Automation? Benefits and Best Tools 

The seamless connection of diverse apps is critical in the dynamic landscape of software development. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the connecting points for software systems, establishing the rules that allow them to communicate efficiently. A significant element of software testing is ensuring these APIs’ dependability, security, and performance. “What are the tools used for API test automation framework?” emerges as an indispensable question for businesses who want to automate the testing process. This article examines the principles of this technology, explaining its significance, benefits, and the essential features of leading API testing solutions.

I. What Is API Test Automation and How Does It Work?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of guidelines that allows one software application to interact with another. APIs define the methods and data formats that applications can use to communicate with each other. They are commonly used to enable the integration of different software systems.

API testing is to test the application programming interfaces (APIs) directly. This type of testing is crucial for ensuring that a system’s different software components can communicate seamlessly. API testing involves testing the APIs for functionalities such as correctness, reliability, security, and performance.

API Test Automation is using automated tools and scripts to perform API testing.

This technology works by sending requests to APIs and validating the responses. The tests can be simple, such as verifying that an API is returning the correct data, or they can be more complex, such as simulating user interactions with an API.

II. The Benefits of Automated API Testing

Efficiency Automated tests offer a quick and efficient method of repeated testing, saving significant time compared to manual testing.
Consistency Automated tests ensure consistent test execution, reducing the chances of human error.
Regression Testing Automated tests benefit regression testing, ensuring new changes don’t break existing functionality.
Early Detection of Issues Automated tests integrated into CI/CD pipelines can detect issues early in development.
Increased Test Coverage Automation allows for a broader range of test scenarios, improving overall test coverage.

III. Best API Test Automation Tools for Your Business

1. JMeter

Price: Free to use

Key Features 

Initially created for performance testing, JMeter has evolved into a versatile tool extensively employed for functional API testing. The software boasts several notable features, including the ability to cache and replay test results offline, seamless compatibility with CSV files for quick parameter value creation in API tests, and integration with Jenkins for use in Continuous Integration pipelines. JMeter excels in static and dynamic resource performance testing, offering flexibility in assessing various facets of system performance.

api test automation


Latest Release JMeter 5.5 

The latest release, JMeter 5.5, enhances the tool’s web application performance and load-testing capabilities. With new themes improving visual aesthetics, bug fixes ensuring a stable testing environment, and a visual representation of disabled elements for more precise configuration insights, JMeter 5.5 provides a comprehensive testing solution. Additionally, a revamped Groovy library enhances scripting capabilities while updated templates specifically designed for functional testing streamline the test plan creation process. JMeter 5.5 amalgamates robust features and the latest enhancements, solidifying its position as a powerful and free tool for comprehensive performance testing.

2. Postman

Price: Free and paid plan with $12 per user per month.

Key Features of Postman 

Postman offers a user-friendly REST client with a visually rich interface supporting automated and exploratory testing. It runs seamlessly on Mac, Linux, and Windows, providing comprehensive integrations like Swagger & RAML formats. With features for running tests, documenting APIs, and monitoring performance, Postman facilitates effortless knowledge sharing within teams.

api test automation framework


Latest 10.6.0 Version Enhancements 

In the latest version, 10.6.0, Postman introduces advanced preferences for intelligent collections and the organization of API elements. Users can now employ data files for data-driven testing and configure scheduled runs with email notifications for proactive issue management, enhancing testing versatility and efficiency.

3. Katalon

Price: Free and flexible paid plan.

Free Productivity-Centric Features 

The free plan encompasses essential features for comprehensive test creation and execution across web, mobile, API, and desktop applications. Users can employ the built-in recorder for manual test creation or import existing scripts. Test playback functionality enables step-by-step execution and debugging of failures. You can generate detailed test reports in various formats like HTML, XML, and JSON. Additionally, the plan facilitates easy test sharing among team members through email, export, or integration with popular cloud storage providers.

api test automation tools


Flexible Paid Plan 

Based on the free features, the paid plan introduces the Katalon Runtime Engine for distributed test execution, console mode for command line automation, and advanced scripting capabilities such as object recognition and data-driven testing. Collaboration features include enhanced test sharing, version control, and test management. Additionally, users gain access to technical support from Katalon’s experienced engineering team.

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4. Eggplant

Price: Free or between $10.000 and $50.000 per year

Key Features 

Eggplant excels in API testing with comprehensive protocol support (REST, SOAP, GraphQL, JSON-RPC) and authentication capabilities. Its user-friendly interface enables easy test creation, even for non-programmers. Advanced scripting features, including data-driven testing and object recognition, empower users to develop intricate API tests. Detailed reports provide insights for bug identification and quality enhancement.

best api test automation tools


Latest Version Enhancements 

The tool now supports API versioning, enabling users to test different versions of an API with the same test suite. This tool has enhanced the API security testing capabilities by adding active features to identify common flaws such as cross-site scripting (CSS) and SQL injection. Eggplant also offers improved integration with CI/CD tools like Jenkins and CircleCI and optimized performance for testing large and complex APIs.

5. SoapUI

Price: Free or $749 per year for pro package.

Free Package Features 

These features include obtaining the complete source code and allowing users to customize features. Additionally, users can effortlessly create tests through intuitive drag-and-drop and Point-and-Click functionalities. The Reusability of Scripts feature allows for the seamless reuse of load tests and security scans in functional test cases.

what are the tools used for api test automation


Pro Package Features – $749 per year 

Users can leverage robust data-driven testing to simulate consumer interactions with APIs, incorporating data loaded from files, databases, and Excel. Furthermore, the Pro Package offers native CI/CD integrations and supports asynchronous testing, providing users with a robust and comprehensive testing solution.

SoapUI 5.7.0 

The latest version, SoapUI 5.7.0, introduces support for GraphQL APIs and incorporates enhancements for a more convenient and potent API testing experience. Notably, SoapUI now enhances testing security by turning off the Load and Save project scripts by default.


JMeter excels in versatile performance testing, Postman offers comprehensive integration with a user-friendly REST client, Katalon provides collaborative automation and flexibility, Eggplant stands out with protocol diversity and enhanced security features, and SoapUI is renowned for script reusability and continuous enhancements. In conclusion, these best API test automation tools empower teams with efficient, consistent, diverse solutions that cater to specific testing needs and ensure APIs’ reliability, security, and performance.

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