Top 5 Best AI Detectors to Use in 2024 

AI content detection is key to keeping online content genuine and trustworthy in today’s digital world. As AI-made content becomes more common, these AI detectors are crucial in spotting AI-created material, ensuring it’s original, and protecting against problems like copying. Using smart methods such as Natural Language Processing and complex algorithms, AI detectors are vital for businesses and content makers who want to keep their online content high-quality and reliable.

I. Understand AI Detectors

AI detectors, also known as AI content detectors or AI writing detectors, are sophisticated tools designed to identify and analyze content generated by artificial intelligence. These detectors are becoming increasingly crucial in various fields, including education, content creation, and digital security, due to the rising prevalence of AI-generated text and media.


II. Benefit of AI Detectors

Aspect  Benefits 
Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability  For precise diagnostics, Excel is crucial for sectors like healthcare in identifying patterns and anomalies.
Efficiency in Content Management  Ensure originality and integrity of digital content, which is vital for credibility and SEO.
Fraud Detection and Security  Swiftly identify potential fraud or security threats by analyzing large datasets and protecting financial and personal information.
Automation and Productivity  Boost productivity by operating continuously and freeing human resources for strategic tasks.
Educational Integrity  Ensure the originality of student work in academia, promoting quality and genuine learning.
Customization and Scalability  Tailorable to specific needs, scalable to adapt to new data types or security challenges.
Data-Driven Decision-Making  Offer insights from vast data analysis for informed business strategies, fostering innovation and growth.

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III. Top 5 Best AI Detectors to Use Right Now

Let’s find out what are the best AI Detectors in the market:


One of the top AI Detectors is It is designed to assess the likelihood of content being AI-generated. It goes beyond the simple “AI or human?” query, scrutinizing the text’s structure, syntax, and style to determine the likelihood of AI involvement.

The Undetectable AI detector tool is user-friendly. Users can input suspected AI-generated content and click the “Check for AI” button. The tool’s sophisticated algorithms then analyze the text’s language patterns.

best ai detectors 

Features: offers a dual service of AI detection and content humanization, handling up to 10,000 characters per analysis. It utilizes cutting-edge language models to accurately identify text from GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard, Claude, and other well-known generators.


While Undetectable doesn’t promise specific accuracy rates, it positions itself as a highly advanced and accurate tool in AI detection. Early tests by independent parties suggest detection rates between 85-95%.


The tool provides a basic freemium version, excluding text humanization features. More comprehensive access starts at $5 per month, allowing analysis of up to 10,000 words with customization options. Custom pricing options are available upon request for extensive enterprise use.


  • Offers both AI detection and humanization.
  • Capable of analyzing up to 10,000 characters
  • User-friendly interface
  • Detects the latest AI models.


  • The cost of premium tiers may raise concerns about affordability.
  • The interface design appears outdated.

Ideal Users: 

Undetectable is touted as the perfect tool for writers, bloggers, researchers, and content creators who aim to identify AI-generated content.

2. Winston AI

Winston AI operates as a cloud-based tool, leveraging machine learning to pinpoint content crafted by AI. It’s tailored for business use, aiding in identifying AI-crafted text within marketing materials, customer interactions, and various corporate communications.

Winston AI stands out for its straightforward interface. Users can input text directly on the Winston AI platform or upload documents for analysis. The system then scrutinizes the content, delivering a report that assesses the likelihood of AI authorship. This report offers critical insights, aiding users in verifying the originality of their content.

ai detectors

Winston AI


Winston AI prides itself on its high accuracy rate in identifying AI-generated text, claiming a precision of up to 99.6%. It’s recognized for its swift and effective text analysis. However, Scribbr’s evaluation suggests a lower accuracy rate of 84%.


Winston AI presents various subscription options to accommodate diverse needs. The complimentary basic plan caters to users with minimal feature requirements. For more comprehensive functionalities, there are paid subscriptions. The yearly subscription is $12 monthly, while the monthly subscription is $18. The Elite package, offering analysis of up to 500,000 words, is $49 monthly.


  • High level of accuracy.
  • Effective in detecting a wide range of AI-generated content, including all GPT-4 texts.
  • Highlights sections of text identified as AI-generated.
  • Can process text from handwritten documents.
  • Intuitive interface for AI detection.


The cost may be prohibitive for some, as the free version limits users to 2,000 words monthly and a minimum session of 500 words. This means that if you’ve used 1,600 words, the remaining 400 can’t be utilized under the free plan.

Mandatory registration for usage.

Ideal Users: 

Winston AI is well-suited for authors, educators, and online publishers seeking to identify AI-generated content in their work. It’s also beneficial for students needing to verify the originality of their written assignments.

3. GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room)

GLTR is an open-source tool for detecting AI-generated content utilizing GPT-2 technology. It scrutinizes each word’s context, assessing the likelihood of AI prediction for a specific word sequence.

Input text into GLTR. It color-codes words based on AI prediction rankings: green for the top 10 predictions, yellow for the top 100, and red for the top 1,000. Words beyond the 1,000th prediction appear in violet.

what are the best ai detectors

GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room)


GLTR excels in forensic text analysis, visually marking words by AI generative probability. It provides histograms for detailed pattern analysis, aiding in accurately identifying AI-generated content in various contexts, such as fake reviews or news.


While not the most accurate, GLTR is a viable free option. Harvard research indicates a detection accuracy of over 72% for AI-generated text.


  • GLTR is free.


  • Provides in-depth linguistic analysis.
  • Color-coded highlighting for easy interpretation.
  • Evaluates word placement as an indicator of AI-generated content.


  • May not be updated to detect the latest AI content.
  • Outputs can be complex for first-time users.

Ideal Users:

GLTR is ideal for researchers and developers, offering an open framework for linguistic analysis, datasets, and benchmarks. It focuses on enhancing AI detection algorithms collaboratively, prioritizing long-term technical advancement over immediate user convenience.

4. Originality.AI

Originality.AI skillfully merges AI detection with plagiarism scanning into a single cloud-based platform. It uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to accurately identify content crafted by prominent AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard. Concurrently, it performs checks for plagiarized material, offering a comprehensive solution for confirming content genuineness.

Getting started with Originality.AI is straightforward: create an account, upload or type in the text for analysis, and hit the “Detect” button. Post-analysis, the system presents an in-depth report pinpointing any AI-crafted sections.

top ai detectors



Originality.AI excels in producing detailed, shareable reports. It offers diverse analysis methods, including a Chrome extension, direct website scanning, and file uploads for documents/PDFs. The tool supports numerous languages, ensuring wide-ranging text compatibility and collaborative report sharing for enhanced practicality.


Originality.AI is renowned for its precision. It boasts a remarkable ability to identify AI-generated text with over 95% accuracy and is also known for its swift analysis speed.


Originality.AI’s pricing is flexible, featuring a complimentary tier for basic needs. The pay-as-you-go option begins at $30 for 3000 credits, with each credit covering 100 words. Monthly subscriptions start at $14.95 for 2000 credits, plus additional credits at 1¢ each. Be aware that unused monthly credits do not carry over to the next month.


  • Dual functionality for AI and plagiarism detection
  • Customizable, detailed report sharing.
  • Team-oriented features like multi-user access
  • Readability assessments for content refinement


  • Limited features in the pay-per-use plan
  • Some user feedback points to concerns about detection precision and dependability.

Ideal Users:

Originality.AI is particularly beneficial for teams, promoting collaborative efforts with features for adding team members, sharing findings, and reviewing scan histories. While it’s a prime choice for marketing/SEO agencies aiming for AI-free content, Originality.AI is equally fitting for anyone intent on verifying the authenticity of their content.

5. Sapling

Sapling AI offers extensive AI Writing Software designed to meet the requirements of Startups, SMEs, and large corporations. It’s tailored for personal use, enabling users to scrutinize their writings for traces of AI authorship. While Sapling may not reach the accuracy levels of some competitors, it stands out as a viable choice for those seeking a cost-free solution.

Input your text into the provided space to initiate an AI presence check. Sapling suggests that its detection accuracy is enhanced after the 50-word mark. The result display is split into two sections: the upper part presents an aggregate score and pinpoints potential AI-generated segments, while the lower part focuses on flagging individual sentences, possibly AI-crafted, based on low perplexity metrics (commonly marking cliché or overly simplistic sentences).

best ai detectors



Sapling’s AI Detector is at the forefront of pinpointing AI-originated content across various applications and platforms. It employs sophisticated deep learning techniques to accurately identify text produced by AI-driven tools such as writing assistants, grammar checkers, customer support chatbots, proofreading services, text expansion tools, and other language AI systems used in drafting or refining documents.


An evaluation by Scribbr positions Sapling as the top-performing free tool, boasting an overall accuracy of 68%. In their analysis, Sapling successfully identified all content from GPT-3.5 and 60% from GPT-4 without registering any false positives. It’s particularly adept at detecting AI-written content mingled within human-authored text. Sapling’s detection precision markedly increases when examining text segments exceeding 50 words.


  • Sapling is available at no cost.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Completely free, no registration needed.


  • Accuracy falls short compared to certain alternatives.
  • May incur costs for some users.

Ideal Users:

Sapling AI is a comprehensive AI Writing Software that caters to the needs of Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises. It’s also a fitting option for individuals searching for a free tool.

IV. How to Choose the Right Tool for Your Business

Selecting the right AI detectors is more than just a one-size-fits-all decision. Many available options claim accuracy rates above 90%, but remember, these tools continuously evolve and have room for improvement.

The ideal solution for your business should align with your specific needs and objectives. To choose the most suitable AI software for your company, follow these steps:

  • Explore various solutions.
  • Identify the features that are essential for your needs.
  • Test each tool by analyzing 5-10 AI-generated and human-written articles.
  • Evaluate each tool’s performance, focusing on false positives and negatives.
  • Choose the tool that offers the highest accuracy within your budget.
  • Consider keeping the second and third-best options as additional tools for cross-checking your scanned texts, ensuring greater confidence in your results.


Choosing the best AI detectors for your needs goes beyond a mere technical choice; it represents a strategic shift to protect and enhance the value of your content. With tools like, Winston AI, GLTR, and Originality.AI, you have a range of options to ensure the authenticity and integrity of your work. But the right fit isn’t just about features—it’s about aligning with your goals and challenges.

At TECHVIFY, we’re here to guide you through this selection process with tailored AI services that meet your unique needs. Contact TECHVIFY, and let’s get ready for the future with AI.

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