How TECHVIFY visualizes a mobile app for sales management

A mobile app for sales management is crucial to help business owners maintain efficient sales control. If you are an enterprise looking for such an app, let TECHVIFY show you what we offer by presenting a case study in the business management field.

Digital transformation or digitalization is integrated into every aspect of society, including businesses, government, healthcare, mass media, science, etc. With the rapid growth rate of technology, going digitized is essential for business in every term, from product management to customer services. Exploring the world or doing business at your fingertips is no longer a trend.

Digitizing your data and apps means being on the same page with global tendencies. With the myriad of opportunities, it’s not difficult to digitize your business with the help of software. Going digitized became a driver for companies’ internal operations and external activities.

Business digitalizing as a global phenomenon provokes fundamental changes in how companies operate and deliver value to their customers. Therefore, mobile app development has become an everyday necessity that designs the premise for easier and more effective business management.

I. Customer’s requirements about the sales management mobile app

Our customer is a motorbike shop owner with many stores in different places throughout the country. Therefore, the most important problem we have to solve for mobile app development is controlling the sales number. Due to the number of showrooms and stores, sales tracking and employee performance monitoring are our customer’s top priorities. Moreover, to enhance those performances, there’s a need for a communication tool amongst company branches.

After consulting with customers about our solutions, we have developed a mobile app named Tech Solution (*). This is an obliging mobile app that can solve all of our customer’s concerns and run on both IOS and Android.

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How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

Android and iOS Development for Mobile App

II. A platform to monitor the sales performance of employees.

In order to monitor sales performance, Tech Solution allows sales employees to input information on every transaction, from consulting potential customers to the final step of sealing the deal. This mobile app feature comes along with a chart to statisticize Purchases on visit rate for the past 15 days to see how effective the consulting process is.


Furthermore, we also categorize sale records by motorbike model to track stocking conditions.

III. Maintain customer records and product sales.

Tech Solution is also a helpful tool to collect customers’ data such as name, email, gender, age, the purpose of visit, interesting bikes, etc. This mobile app feature allows sales to keep customer records for further consultant and after-sales services.

0412 App 2

Thus, by keeping track of the most interesting bike model and the purpose of the visit of customers, business owners can have a better view in terms of statistics and come up with a more rational plan to push sales. From the customer records, Tech Solution can provide users with an attending list with a specific date and customers’ data. This is a crucial data source to evaluate sales employee performance.

IV. Implement chat communication among employees and different showrooms

Communication amongst different showrooms plays an undeniably important role in sales management. This tool is beneficial when it comes to communicating to check stocking conditions across showrooms and creating a strong bond between employees to enhance internal connection. Understanding the cruciality of a communicating feature, TECHVIFY had considerately integrated this feature into Tech Solution mobile app development.


0412 App 3

Tech Solution is a typical case study of TECHVIFY for a sale management app. The power of mobile app development for sales management is hard to underestimate. Crafted and custom-designed apps paired with specific features and user-friendliness interfaces have proved to contain huge marketing as well as management power.

Digital transformation, or mobile apps, in particular, can be an ingredient in bringing business marketing and sales development strategy to the next quality level. With TECHVIFY, your digitalization journey to elevate your business’s performance can be easier and much more effective. Leave your contact below so we can consult you with the best technical solutions for your business.

(*) The mobile app’s name has been changed to ensure the client’s privacy.

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