Have you ever felt so annoyed to remember all of your personal documents manually? Crucial personal information, such as social security numbers, bank accounts, social media accounts, emails, etc., needs to be stored securely and carefully.

Most of us choose to save that information in the Note application on our phones. However, this is not an ideal choice because it cannot guarantee data security or convenience when we have to copy and paste these accounts. Therefore, TECHVIFY will explain to you an innovative mobile app named DORY to store all of your personal documents safely.

DORY - mobile app
DORY – mobile app

A personal profile registration to input all your accounts:

In order to store your personal information, of course, DORY should be allowed to have access to your account information. When you first install DORY on your phone, this app will pop up a registration box for you to tick all the information you need to save, like emails, Facebook accounts, bank accounts, or social security numbers.

Then, based on your needs, this mobile app will ask you to import all your account information accordingly. It will categorize all these accounts into smaller sections, such as social media, bank accounts, emails, personal accounts, etc. By categorizing it like this, DORY will help you find the required information much faster and much easier. Hence, you no longer have to scroll back and forth and go through all the unorganized accounts like you used to do in your Note app.

Data security guarantee is our top priority:

With this essential and sensitive personal information like this, data security is definitely one of the customers’ top concerns. Therefore, to secure customers’ privacy, like most e-banking apps, this app will also require a password when logging in to protect the app. You can use your smartphone’s facial recognition or fingerprint lock feature to simplify and personalize the login process.

DORY app: Data security
Data security app

Furthermore, when you lose your phone, you can log in to DORY on your PC to lock or delete all the information within the app. This feature offers you better protection for your information in case someone can crack the password on your phone. With a double protecting shield like this, you no longer have to worry about information leakage.

Track log-in history to identify unusual activities:

This is another feature to take further steps in protecting your data privacy. DORY will keep track of every time you log in, including log-in time, log-out time, location, device model, and which action had been done. By tracking this history, you can identify any strange, unusual activity within this app in case someone tries to steal your information.

Thus, this feature is also available on the PC version. In case you lost your phone but didn’t deactivate DORY’s account soon enough, tracking history can help you check if someone is trying to steal your crucial information, like bank accounts. Thus, by tracking where and which device has logged in to your account, DORY can alert you whenever it detects unusual behavior. Therefore, you can have better control all over your app’s activity.

Connect to other mobile apps for easier access:

Does it bother you when you always have to type or copy and paste your information from one place to another? DORY will be connected to other mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Messenger, Internet Banking, etc. to cut down these lengthy but redundant steps. This will help you to have faster access whenever you want to log in to the DORY app.

mobile app development company
The mobile app development company

In conclusion, here is how we visualize a mobile app to save your personal information from scratch. This is just the very basic draft of an app that can make your life much easier. If you are interested or curious about what we’ve made and what we can offer to you, leave your information below, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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