Top 10 Enterprise AI Companies For Your Business in Asia

AI is changing how industries work, smoothing business operations and sharpening decision-making. It tackles tough business issues and increases productivity by automating tasks and using data for insights.   

With more businesses looking for enterprise AI development companies, offering advice, putting AI into action, and keeping it running. These front-runners in AI bring tailored solutions that improve business workflows and customer interactions. 

For 2024, we spotlight the best enterprise AI companies, known for their custom AI services and a strong record of helping businesses successfully adopt AI. These firms are ready to help companies make the most of AI, from planning strategies to rolling out solutions. 

Top 10 Enterprise AI Companies

1. TECHVIFY Software

Location: Hanoi, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam  

TECHVIFY stands out as a premier global AI and software consulting and development company, offering tailored AI & MLOps solutions to propel businesses into the future. Our expertise spans custom AI solutions, machine learning operations, data engineering, and AI-driven analytics, ensuring companies can leverage cutting-edge AI technologies effectively. With a commitment to innovation and security, TECHVIFY prioritizes delivering high-quality, scalable, and secure AI solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. 

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Choosing TECHVIFY means partnering with a company that combines extensive AI expertise with a deep understanding of business challenges. Our seasoned team is focused on offering complete services from beginning to end, from consulting and development to implementation and support, making TECHVIFY a perfect pick for businesses wanting to use AI to grow, enhance efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in their industry. 

2. Baidu, Inc.

Location: Beijing – China 

Baidu, often called “the Google of China,” is a giant among enterprise AI development companies in the internet services and AI sectors. Founded in 2000, Baidu has evolved from a search engine to a comprehensive AI service provider, offering a wide range of AI-driven products and services, including autonomous driving technology, cloud services, and voice recognition. Baidu’s Apollo project, an open-source autonomous driving platform, showcases its commitment to AI innovation, aiming to accelerate the global development and popularization of self-driving technology.

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Baidu, Inc.

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3. SenseTime

Location: Hong Kong 

Established in 2014, SenseTime is a global leader in enterprise AI solutions and one of the most valuable AI startups in the world. Specializing in computer vision and deep learning, SenseTime’s technology powers applications in facial recognition, video analysis, autonomous driving, and smart cities. Its AI algorithms are used for security and surveillance, retail, finance, and healthcare, showcasing the company’s ability to drive AI innovation across multiple industries.

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4. Ubtech Robotics

Location: Shenzhen – China 

Ubtech Robotics, founded in 2012, is pioneering the field of intelligent humanoid robotics with its cutting-edge AI enterprise software. The company aims to bring robots into every home and business, making robot-human interaction more accessible. Ubtech’s robots are equipped with AI capabilities for natural language processing, facial recognition, and task execution, serving various purposes, from education and entertainment to customer service and companionship.

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Ubtech Robotics

5. Cambricon

Location: Beijing – China 

Founded in 2016, Cambricon is among the top enterprise AI companies, dedicated to building core processor chips for intelligent cloud servers, edge computing, and terminal devices. It is one of the leading companies in the AI chip industry, enabling powerful and efficient processing for AI applications. Cambricon’s technology supports the development of smart devices, autonomous vehicles, and high-performance computing, highlighting the critical role of AI hardware in advancing AI technologies.

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Location: Singapore 

ADVANCE.AI, founded in 2016, is a leading data-driven AI company specializing in digital identity verification, fraud detection, and credit scoring. Serving clients across banking, financial services, fintech, payment, retail, and e-commerce sectors, ADVANCE.AI helps businesses tackle digital transformation challenges, enhance customer experience, and drive growth through advanced AI and big data analytics.

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7. Workato

Location: Singapore 

Established in 2013, Workato is an innovative player in the enterprise automation space. It offers an AI-driven platform that enables companies to integrate their applications and automate workflows without compromising security and governance. Workato’s platform supports thousands of enterprise integrations, empowering businesses to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and foster collaboration across various functions.

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8. Alethea AI

Location: Singapore 

Alethea AI is at the forefront of integrating AI with blockchain technology, creating intelligent and interactive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Founded in 2019, Alethea’s platform allows users to create, train, and trade AI characters, making digital assets more dynamic and engaging. This innovative approach to NFTs opens up new possibilities for content creation, entertainment, and digital interactions.

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Alethea AI


Location: Singapore 

In 2012, ViSENZE powers visual commerce at scale for retailers and publishers. Its AI-driven technology enables image recognition and visual search capabilities, allowing consumers to search and discover products through images. ViSENZE’s solutions enhance the shopping experience, increase conversion rates, and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, demonstrating the impact of AI in transforming the retail industry.

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10. Acronis

Location: Singapore 

Established in 2003, Acronis Acronislobal is a leader in cyber protection, integrating cutting-edge AI-based cybersecurity and data protection technologies. Acronis offers solutions for data backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and sharing, catering to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Its AI-driven security features protect against ransomware and cyber threats, ensuring data integrity and availability in an increasingly digital world. 

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Different Types of AI Development Enterprises 

We’ve divided these companies into different types based on their services so you can make up your mind more easily: 

Types of Main Services 

Company names 

AI Solutions and Services 


AI in Autonomous Systems and Robotics 

Baidu, Inc.; Ubtech Robotics 

AI in Computer Vision and Deep Learning 


AI Hardware and Infrastructure 


AI in Digital Identity, Security, and Automation 

ADVANCE.AI, Workato, Acronis 

AI and Blockchain for Digital Assets 

Alethea AI 

AI in Retail and Visual Commerce 


Have a Project Idea in Mind?

If you want to elevate your projects with reliable, professional support, contact TECHVIFY today and discover how we can help you achieve your goals precisely and excellently

Benefits of Partnering with Enterprise AI Companies 

Enhanced Decision Making 

AI technologies provide advanced data analysis capabilities, allowing companies to make informed decisions using up-to-the-minute data and predictive analytics. This leads to more accurate forecasting, strategic planning, and risk management, ultimately improving the decision-making process across all levels of the organization. 

Improved Customer Experience 

AI-driven solutions such as chatbots, personalized recommendations, and automated customer service can significantly enhance the customer experience. These technologies enable 24/7 customer support, personalized interactions, and quicker response times, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Innovation and New Product Development 

Partnering with AI companies can spur innovation, facilitating the development of new products and services. AI can identify market trends, customer preferences, and untapped opportunities, driving innovation and helping businesses stay ahead of the curve.  

Cost Reduction 

Implementing AI solutions can save substantial costs by optimizing resource allocation, reducing waste, and automating labor-intensive tasks. These efficiencies can significantly lower operational costs and improve the bottom line.  

Enhanced Security 

AI technologies are crucial in cybersecurity, offering advanced threat detection and response capabilities. By analyzing patterns and predicting potential security breaches, AI can more effectively protect sensitive data and prevent cyber attacks than traditional security measures.  


AI solutions can easily scale with the business’s growth, accommodating increased workloads and expanding operational needs without the necessity for proportional increases in human resources or infrastructure.  

Competitive Advantage 

Leveraging AI technologies can provide a significant competitive advantage by enabling businesses to offer superior products and services, optimize operations, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. This differentiation is crucial in crowded and competitive markets.  

Data Management and Insights 

AI manages vast data, extracting valuable insights to drive business strategy and performance. This capability allows businesses to understand their customers better, optimize their operations, and identify new market opportunities. 

How to Choose the Right Enterprise AI Development Company 

Picking the right Enterprise AI development business is an important step that can deeply affect how well your organization’s AI efforts do. Here are important points to think about when finding an Enterprise AI partner, synthesized from multiple online sources:    

  • Define Your AI Goals and Requirements  
    Start by defining what you want to achieve with AI in your organization. Identify specific problems you need to solve or processes you wish to improve. This clarity will help you find an AI company that aligns with your objectives. 
  • Expertise and Experience  
    Look for companies with proven expertise in the AI domain you’re interested in. Experience in your industry can be a significant advantage, as it means the company is likely familiar with the challenges and nuances of your field. Review their case studies, publications, and client testimonials to gauge their expertise. 
  • Technology and Innovation  
    Evaluate the AI company’s technological capabilities. Ensure they use state-of-the-art AI technologies and methodologies relevant to your needs. Innovation is crucial in the fast-evolving AI landscape, so consider companies that invest in research and development. 
  • Customization and Scalability  
    It is key to create solutions that match your exact needs. The best AI company should have solutions that can grow with your business, change when your needs change, and expand as your data and use cases evolve. 
  • Integration Capabilities  
    The AI solutions should seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and infrastructure. Check the company’s experience with integrating AI technologies into diverse IT environments. Smooth integration minimizes disruption and maximizes the value of your AI investment. 
  • Ethics and Compliance  
    AI ethics and regulation compliance (such as GDPR in Europe) are increasingly important. The company should have clear policies on data privacy, security, and ethical AI use. This is crucial for protecting your organization and maintaining trust with your customers. 
  • Support and Maintenance  
    Post-deployment support and maintenance are vital for the long-term success of AI projects. Look for companies that provide comprehensive support services, including training for your staff, technical support, and updates to AI models as new data becomes available. 
  • Cost Structure 
    Understand the cost structure of their services, including any upfront costs, ongoing fees, and potential expenses for additional services. It is crucial to have a transparent andpricing structure that adapts to your financial plan and the value delivered. 
  • Cultural Fit  
    The right AI company should be a service provider rather than a partner that shares your vision and values. A good cultural fit facilitates smoother collaboration and communication, which are essential for the success of complex AI projects. 
  • Proof of Concept  
    Before making a final decision, consider engaging in a proof of concept (PoC) project. A PoC allows you to evaluate the AI company’s capabilities in a real-world scenario, ensuring their solutions meet your expectations and deliver tangible results. 


The right Enterprise AI companies can significantly boost your business’s efficiency, innovation, and competitive edge. The key lies in choosing a partner that aligns with your needs, from technological expertise to ethical standards and integration capabilities.   

For those ready to leverage AI’s potential, TECHVIFY stands out as a premier choice. Our commitment to delivering tailored, cutting-edge AI solutions ensures your business meets and exceeds its strategic goals.   

Elevate your business with AI. Contact TECHVIFY now and discover how our best AI services can transform your operations. 

TECHVIFY – Global AI & Software Solutions Company

For MVPs and Market Leaders: TECHVIFY prioritizes results, not just deliverables. Reduce time to market & see ROI early with high-performing Teams & Software Solutions.

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