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24 March, 2022

Offshore Development Center (ODC): The Complete Guide

In the IT industry, offshore software development has had an impressive rise. As a result, the Offshore Development Center is finding its way to every business, be it a technological or non-tech company. This type of service has even outweighed outsourcing recently.  If you are interested in an ODC team or looking for a superior solution for software development, this is a suitable option. Why? The reasons will be revealed in this writing.  What Is Offshore Development Center (ODC)? Definition An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is an offshore team of talents. It provides the services of developing software to any... Read More
develop Magento Theme

Magento Theme Development Tutorial: A guide for beginners

Magento development plays an undeniably crucial role in creating an E-Commerce website. To really upgrade your online store, businesses should spend a good investment in Magento theme development. It is the decisive component in designing the whole look, mood, and aesthetic of your website. Let TECHVIFY introduce to you a step-by-step guideline to Magento Theme Development. By fully acknowledging these steps, you can have a better view of this whole process. Step #1: Create a Directory Containing Theme Go to: /app/design/frontend and create a new directory with the vendor name you want for theme package: /app/design/frontend/<Vendor>. Under the vendor>directory, create... 25 July, 2021
Outsourcing Factors

Outsourcing Factors: 8 That Must Be Consider

Outsourcing is, no doubt, an evolutionary service that offers tons of advantages so that businesses can easily adapt to the constant change of the world. It’s affordable and optimal, especially for small businesses that only have a humble budget. It’s also a great way so that a company can entirely focus on its core improvement. Other minor tasks can be done smoothly as how it’s been done by an in-house team.  However, outsourcing isn’t easy. It has tons of benefits but also multiple challenges ahead. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of these factors that you should consider before... 25 July, 2021
Web App Development Best Practices

Top 5 Web App Development Best Practices

In order to make full use of web applications, businesses should follow these web app development best practices. Let’s figure it all out with TECHVIFY Software in this article. Web apps are basically application software that is stored on a remote server. Progressive web apps can be used directly from your browser on PC or mobile devices, without having to download anything. Therefore, web app development is simply the creation of web app programs. Web App vs Mobile App Comparison Most web applications can be written in popular programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, Node.js, Vue.js, React.js, Python, dotNET, Style... 22 July, 2021
0519 5tips thumbnail

Top 5 Mobile App Development Best Practices

In this article, TECHVIFY Vietnam will introduce the top 5 trends for your mobile app development. As digitalization has become a popular technology trend of 2021, app development has gradually proved its essential role in helping businesses to level up their game. Thus, the mobile app is a very helpful tool in branding and implementing commercials. However, to really outperform in this brutal battlefield, businesses should follow some best practices for a flawless mobile application. Choose a suitable development method Every successful development process starts with a compatible method. Therefore, before starting with your first code, you should decide on... 22 July, 2021

M-MEETING: A Meeting Management App for Your Company

Have you ever found yourself desperately needing a meeting reminder because you keep forgetting important meetings? If yes, M-MEETING is a perfect mobile app to solve your problem. Let TECHVIFY introduce you to an application that would be incredibly helpful in managing meetings within a company: M-Meeting. Well organized and user-friendly Menu: This app is available on both mobile and PC to maximize its effectiveness. You can sign up for an account in M-Meeting using your company email. M-Meeting Menu section is designed with a friendly interface so that everyone can use it effectively. In the Menu section, you will... 22 July, 2021
Blockchain and AI

Blockchain and AI: a Powerful Combo in Digital Transformation

Separately, AI and blockchain are both popular trends in tech. But have you ever heard of their combination? In this article, let’s find out why are these two concepts are such a perfect duo in technology with TECHVIFY Vietnam. And see how your business can make use of this trend. What is blockchain technology? Blockchain is a system that acts as a public ledger of transactions, recording information to make it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. This allows users to achieve security that protects them from data modification. Each of the blocks is connected to... 22 July, 2021
0519 foodapp thumbnail

How Techvify Visualizes a Food Delivery App?

A food delivery app isn’t exactly an innovation for everyone anymore. However, during this pandemic time, it has become an imperative tool. Quarantine has offered food delivery apps to outperform itself. It shows loads of convenient features that are incredibly helpful when people cannot go out to have meals like they used to. Therefore, let TECHVIFY shows you how we would carry out a delivery app for your references. Personalize the sign-in process: Just like any other apps, the app also requires some personal information for better recommendations. With our Healthy Fast Food app, you can easily sign up using your... 22 July, 2021
End to End Solution

An End to End Solution for Offshore Software Development

In this following article, TECHVIFY Vietnam will explain one of the top reasons for the success of ODC. And that reason is, ODC is known as an effective end-to-end solution. A decade ago, software outsourcing was seen as an ideal option for businesses that wanted to lower operational costs. Nowadays, with the significant increase in demand for IT resources, offshore software development has become the only acceptable course of action. Consequently, offshore development center, or ODC in short, is no longer an unfamiliar term to business when it comes to software development. What is an end-to-end solution? The term is... 22 July, 2021
0519 elearning

An E-Learning Mobile App in the Pandemic 2021

Let’s take a look at how TECHVIFY Vietnam visualizes an E-Learning mobile app. During the pandemic, the need for E-Learning services or E-learning mobile apps has significantly risen. Since most of the world has to stay in quarantine, schools have to go digital too. E-Learning isn’t an innovative, groundbreaking idea anymore at this point of the pandemic. However, most online classes occur on the website interface, which requires a laptop or a PC to take part in. In order to bring out a more convenient study experience for users, E-Learning mobile is an ideal solution in this case. Pros and... 22 July, 2021
digital workspace

Digital Workspace – A Leading Trend of 2021?

In the pandemic time, people’s needs have changed drastically toward digital transformation. As humans are always learning and developing, information is also growing at exponential rates. Therefore, many new technologies and services have been created to meet the majority of needs. So many new definitions have also appeared in the vocabulary. Amongst that is “digital workspace” What is a “digital workspace”? With the rapid growth of workplace today, employees need to be able to use technology to get things done quickly, efficiently, and to the highest standard. Thus, a study by Cisco Connected found that 64% of employees would opt... 22 July, 2021
iOS mobile app development

iOS Mobile App Development Tutorial – How to Start?

iOS mobile app development is no longer an uncommon term in our daily, especially for business owners. Digitalization has urged enterprises to step up their game by developing mobile apps that help to enhance user experiences of their services. How to start ios app development? There are many platforms on which you can develop your smoothly run mobile apps. However, these platforms are mainly divided into 2 categories: native and cross-platform frameworks. Native mobile app development is the development of apps that run on specific platforms such as Android, iOS, or Windows. The app demonstrates an extremely high level of... 22 July, 2021
hire a startup for Offshore development project

Should I Hire a Startup for Offshore Development Project?

This question must be one of the top concerns of business owners when it comes to offshore development. With the fast growth in the number of offshore development centers, or ODC in short, there are various outsourcing company sizes to choose from. So should you choose a large offshoring corporate, or a startup ODC that will be a better choice for your project? Let’s find out with TECHVIFY Vietnam in this article. Benefits a big company can offer to you Large offshore development companies stand out thanks to their experiences in various outsourcing services with many clients from different business... 22 July, 2021
5g applications

5G Applications in Daily Life: All You Need to Know

5G technology is no longer a strange definition in technology anymore. Most of us must have heard of it, at least once. So in this article, we are not going to discuss What 5G technology is, but about its applications in our daily life. By finding out how we can apply 5G Applications in our life, we can see and understand a more practical aspect of this interesting term. How 5G will change your life? 5G technology offers users a faster Internet connection and a bigger amount of data. This new capacity of 5G will open new opportunities for different businesses... 21 July, 2021
web 3.0 benefits

Web 3.0 Design: A Transformation for Web App Development

Have you noticed some significant changes in web design recently? Did you see that new websites’ outlooks are much more different compared to a few years ago? That is because of an uprising trend named “web 3.0 design”. So what does “web 3.0 design” refer to? And how does it affect the web app development process? Let’s dive into this fascinating topic with TECHVIFY Vietnam. What are web 3.0 design standards? This term is referred to a new design trend for websites. With designers enjoying their freedom in design, they’ve had much more options in choosing pegs and inspiration. Nice... 21 July, 2021
android app development tutorial

Android App Development Tutorial: A Complete Guide

There’s no doubt that most mobile users in the world are using the Android operating system. According to StatCounter, in 2020, Android owned 71.93% of the worldwide mobile operating system market share while iOS took 27.47%. This has led to significant growth in the need for Android mobile app development… A standard Android mobile app development process usually contains 7 steps. Step #1: Plan your idea carefully down to every detail Planning usually is the first step of most development processes. The more specific the plan is, the more secure the project. Therefore, to conduct a smooth, error-free mobile app... 21 July, 2021
Fixed Price Model

Why Offshore Software Developmet For Your Projects?

If you’re a business owner who is looking to outsource software development, there are two popular pricing models you’ll come across. You might not whether to choose a fixed-price project or ODC services. Don’t worry. This article will help you clear everything out. What is a fixed price model? Fixed price is a model in custom software development that is based on an estimate of the amount of work that needs to be done. Therefore, in a fixed price project, scope, time, and cost are all fixed. First, project requirements need to be clarified by the client to define the scope... 21 July, 2021

5G and Everything You Need to Know

What is 5G? 5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile networks. After 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, it is a new worldwide wireless standard. It provides a new type of network capable of connecting practically everyone and everything, including machines, objects, and gadgets. This wireless technology is intended to provide more users with better multi-Gbps peak data rates, super-low latency, increased dependability, enormous network capacity, enhanced availability, and a more consistent user experience. Higher performance and efficiency enable new user experiences while also connecting new industries.  How fast is it? The maximum speed is 10 gigabits per second... 21 July, 2021
Remote Software developers

Hire a remote software engineer, why should you?

If you’re not planning to hire a remote software engineer, you’re missing out on all the great benefits. Let us give you 5 reasons. #1: You can optimize your budget effectively with remote software engineers This is most likely to be the main reason why companies only hire a remote software engineer (or a team of engineers).  Hiring local developers means prices change depending on the location. For example, If you’re living in the US, specifically either on the East or the West Coast, hiring a local engineer there will cost you a lot of money since those are the... 21 July, 2021
qa vs ba comparison

Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst Vs Business Analyst (BA) what’s different?

Quality assurance analyst and business analyst – is one more important than the other? The tech industry has grown at an exceeding speed. More and more companies need a great amount of talented human resources to serve their needs. With that being said, job opportunities in tech have never been hard to reach. The number of people expecting a job in the tech industry has grown tremendously. The greatest portion of those comes from high school students that want to have a bachelor’s degree in technology. Some that have had a career in a different field looking forward to switching... 21 July, 2021
Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet success in recent years: 4 top reasons behind it

“Digital wallet” is no longer a strange term to users nowadays. First introduced in 2016, the digital wallet trend has risen significantly since then, especially after the pandemic. A global survey from MasterCard would have us believe cash is verging on extinction, with 82% of respondents saying they believe contactless payment options are “cleaner” during this difficult time. And by 2025, it is expected to become the second most preferred payment method. But what drives this digital wallet success?  #1: Digital wallets offer a better E-Commerce experience E-Commerce and the cashless society have become inseparable in recent years. In fact, according... 21 July, 2021