TECHVIFY: Notice of Change of Business Name & Model

First and foremost, TECHVIFY would like to thank our customers and partners for their cooperation and trust in recent years.

After years of establishment and development, TECHVIFY has gradually become a reliable brand for clients worldwide in the software outsourcing and development market.

TECHVIFY is pleased to announce changes in its business model and company name to clients and partners as below:

I. Change TECHVIFY’s business structure to the GROUP JSC model

TECHVIFY officially transformed its operating model into a group joint-stock company in April 2022. Apart from two current subsidiary companies which are TECHVIFY Software and TECHVIFY Japan, we are orientated to develop two subsidiaries named TECHVIFY Product and TECHVIFY Training in the future.

Speaking at the announcement ceremony of converting the operating model of TECHVIFY-to-TECHVIFY Holdings, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hieu – Founder and CEO of TECHVIFY Holdings, said that changing the business model is an important step. It is a vital part of TECHVIFY Holdings’ long-term strategic direction to consolidate its credibility with customers and welcome new investors.

II. Change the name TECHVIFY Vietnam to TECHVIFY Software

As part of TECHVIFY Holdings, TECHVIFY Vietnam has changed its name to TECHVIFY Software., JSC, effective April 25, 2022.

TECHVIFY Software aims to become one of the top 10 brands in Vietnam in software outsourcing and development over the next five years, with branches in Japan & Singapore, software production centers in Hanoi, Da Nang, & Ho Chi Minh City, and scaling up to 3,000 employees.

To continue to develop and affirm our position in the market, TECHVIFY has outlined strategies to improve overall capacity, primarily focusing on building an effective and transparent governance system and enhancing quality software services to meet the increasing requirements of clients.

With a team of young, dynamic, well-skilled professional developers and years of experience in overseas projects, TECHVIFY Software believes in providing the best-qualified solutions to valued customers.

III. Conclusion

These crucial changes help to strengthen the brand’s position, expand, develop, and improve service, and be more consistent with the company’s development strategy in the long term.

TECHVIFY Holdings always welcomes potential investors to join us in creating lasting value throughout customers’ entire digital transformation journeys.

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