In this article, TECHVIFY Vietnam will introduce the top 5 trends for your mobile app development.

As digitalization has become a popular technology trend of 2021, app development has gradually proved its essential role in helping businesses to level up their game.

Thus, the mobile app is a very helpful tool in branding and implementing commercials. However, to really outperform in this brutal battlefield, businesses should follow some best practices for a flawless mobile application.

Choose a suitable development method

Every successful development process starts with a compatible method.

Therefore, before starting with your first code, you should decide on which method you want to build your app. Will it be a native, hybrid, or web-based mobile application?

Carefully consider the pros and cons of each one to come up with the best method that can meet all of your needs and requirements.

Thus, you should also consider choosing the method based on the resources that you have, like the number of programmers in your team, or the languages your team is proficient in.

Moreover, think about whether you have the capabilities to develop two versions of the same app, whether you need to use different programming languages, and whether cross-platform or hybrid development might suit you better.

By answering these kinds of questions, you will be able to sketch out the whole picture of your mobile app development process. In other words, just make sure that you clear everything out before you start.

Focus on user experience

Make sure that you prioritize user experience during the mobile app development process because the success of your app mainly relies on it. There are three factors that affect user experience:

  • convenience
  • speed
  • experience
Mobile app development best practices #2: Focus on user experience

Mobile app development trend #2: Focus on user experience

These three elements determine people’s satisfaction when they’re using your apps. A good experience will lead to positive feedbacks that will attract potential new users.

So make sure that you invest an adequate amount of time, effort, and funds in these factors from the very beginning stages.

Follow the app development guidelines

There are some guidelines, depending on your target platform, that you should follow to make sure that your mobile app will be accepted in the App Store or Google Store.

If you want to make an Android app, you need to follow the Android Developer Guides to develop your app correctly. And if you are developing an iOS app, follow the Apple Developer Program guideline.

However, it is suggested that you get acquainted with both regulations and best practices for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, even if you’re only developing for one of these right now. Because eventually, you will find yourself in need of extending your apps on both platforms.

Put the app in many tests

Testing is an important step that should be conducted throughout the whole mobile application development process to fix every problem that arises. So don’t wait until you complete your app to test the performance.

Testing your app periodically will help you to identify and fix the bugs much easier.

Moreover, in-time solutions to fix crashes and bugs will save your business tons of money. Without regular tests, the issues will become more complicated and require investing more time and money to repair.

Don’t be afraid of feedbacks

Feedback is a very helpful suggestion to upgrade your app’s performance. You can get contributing feedbacks from anyone, like testers, other developers, or even your users.

An objective opinion is crucial because when you have been working on a project for a while, it can be tough to review your own works thoroughly and objectively.

You may miss some very obvious mistakes while other people could easily point them out. So it’s best to get a fresh set of eyes on your work.

Furthermore, user feedback will help you to evaluate your mobile app from their point of view. You can get those useful feedbacks to upgrade the UI and UX of your app from many channels like social channels, email, or phone numbers, etc.

So don’t be afraid of customers’ feedbacks. Success is a long journey of learning and growing.

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In summary, these are the top 5 trends in mobile app development. These tips will help you to really upgrade the whole developing process.

Moreover, if you need a trusty assistant to help you develop a flawless mobile application, you can totally count on us. TECHVIFY Vietnam is here to help.

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