Will Voice coding Be the Next Frontier in Software Development?

Although voice technology has been around for a long time, the most significant advances in usability have occurred in recent years. Many of us keep asking: “Will voice coding be next fronter in software development?” and the answer is yes.

Voice Coding/Programming

Existing software development companies have gradually realized the importance of making customer-oriented products and services more popular. Hence, they have to enable voice technology in software development. 

Speech recognition has become an important technology when interacting with critical and successful applications in many fields, such as healthcare, education, e-commerce, banking & finance, etc. 

Voice technology has an essential role in the growing trend of people searching for and using different software. It’s time for today’s software engineering products to take advantage of this technology in building and developing. 

The voice referred to is the original user interface. Voice is the most preferred method of communication as we grow up. As we all know, people have been using different communication methods, such as texting and email. Now we are back to the voice method. 

We understand that this is an approach to software developer using voice instead of a keyboard and mouse to write code. Through voice programming platforms, software engineers issue commands to manipulate code and create custom commands that serve and automate their workflow.  

This will be utilized for automating the workflow and catering to the development demands. It’s not very simple as a complex technology is involved, but with Serenade, a speech encoding application, one can convert speech to text engine for writing code

Serenade’s tool also includes conversational speech, which allows software engineers to talk to code. Serenade’s engine can speak code and uses a natural language processing layer with machine learning models to translate that into valid code. In 2020, the corporate raised $2.1 million in seed funding. 

Talon is also an app that uses eye-tracking, voice recognition, and noise recognition components. This system uses the ability to simulate mouse navigation to have the power in speech recognition. This has low latency and low effort to get the job done faster without straining your voice. 

Other Applications of Voice Technology

Regard of mobile apps, as we know, they have been personalized more than any website. In addition, there is very little screen space on mobile devices, making it harder for users to find or navigate. With a more extensive product portfolio and more information, voice app development enables people to use natural language to eliminate or minimize manual effort, helping get things done much faster. 

Rogers introduced voice commands into their remote, allowing customers to quickly browse and find their favorite shows or the latest movies using specific keywords, such as an actor’s name. Brands need to focus on better mobile experiences for consumers, and voice is the way to do it. Users are looking for faster and more efficient ways to complete tasks, and voice is becoming the ideal channel for this. 

Whether it’s finding information, making a purchase, or achieving a task, voice is the new mobile experience. With the speech and speech recognition market expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.2% to reach $26.8 billion by 2025, it is clear that brands are racing to find the right strategy for their voices. 

So today, voice technology is not just limited to Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri, but more than that, people ask for their queries. People use and are supported by various voice-enabled devices at home and work, such as car voice-assisted systems (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay), Alexa from Amazon, or voice and command biometric applications.  

We have applied voice technology to different things, such as Smart Home devices, to support our lives, making everything a lot easier, from thermostats, refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves to vacuums, doorbells, and intelligent lights. People are starting to use them because of the simplicity they require to use and the convenience they bring because you can control them hands-free just by using voice commands

Another trend that has been expanding a lot lately is the trend of using voice assistant technology incorporated into business software to create a voice assistant for its employees. 

Voice technology will allow innovative products like the Spark Assistant to participate in different meetings, make suggestions, and even answer questions. 

Assistants can easily record meetings with a specific command. This particular product will have the ability to perform action items, send meeting summaries, and even help with scheduling meetings in the future. 

Voice technology is becoming more and more accessible to developers. Google has taken steps to increase the popularity of Assistant by opening up its software development kit through Actions, allowing developers to build their voices into artificial intelligence-powered products. 


Companies need to educate themselves on utilizing voice to best engage with their customers. It is no doubt about the role of voice technology applications. In other words, the answer to the wondering, “Will voice coding be next fronter in software development?“, was evident. It’s essential to consider the value of adding a voice, as this doesn’t always make sense for every brand. How can we add value to clients? Will voice improve the user experience or frustrate the user? How are we addressing their pain with your voice?  

In general, all those above are just the beginning steps of voice technology as there will be many challenges and barriers. Still, it is absolutely to see tremendous advances and innovations in user interfaces in the coming years. 

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