10 Best AI chatbot solutions to Boost Customer Engagement in 2024

Today, 85% of customers expect to manage their interactions with businesses without needing human assistance. They prefer self-service options available at any time and on their preferred channels. This demand has driven rapid growth in chat and messaging platforms, enabling businesses to meet these expectations.

The marketplace offers a diverse range of AI chatbot solutions, each offering different features and price points, making it challenging to find the ideal option. To simplify your decision-making, we’ve analyzed top providers and pinpointed the most effective chatbot solutions for various business uses.

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What are AI chatbot solutions?

AI chatbot solutions are software applications that use artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to automate customer interactions through conversation. These solutions leverage machine learning (ML) to comprehend user intentions, provide precise responses, and engage users in a human-like manner.

Businesses deploy AI chatbots to handle frequent customer inquiries, offer product details, and resolve issues quickly, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing frustration. This personalized customer service approach mimics the presence of an in-store sales representative, available at all times.

Furthermore, AI chatbots improve the overall customer experience by providing 24/7 support, increasing user engagement, and making customer service operations more efficient.

ai chatbot solutions

AI Chatbots

The Importance of AI Chatbot Solutions in Enterprises

Effective, accurate, and rapid responses are essential to keep customers, especially as their expectations grow and your service quality becomes a critical competitive edge. However, businesses face the challenge of providing real-time, personalized responses to millions of customers, often through convenient mobile access as customers go about their daily activities.

Chatbots can resolve up to 80% of routine questions any time of the day, all year round. They can decrease the time to resolve issues from 38 hours to just 5 minutes. Additionally, chatbots can reduce customer service costs by up to 30%. By 2022, chatbots will save more than $8 billion in industries like retail, eCommerce, banking, and healthcare.

As remote work becomes more common, businesses and call centers must adopt innovative solutions like chatbots to demonstrate a return on investment effectively.

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The Best AI Chatbot Solutions for Enterprise in 2024

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is built upon the sophisticated architecture of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models. It excels in understanding and responding to a wide array of queries with human-like proficiency. This AI chatbot is versatile, supporting tasks from casual conversations to complex problem solving across various domains such as education, customer service, and creative writing. Its continuous training on diverse datasets ensures it remains at the cutting edge of AI capabilities.

chatbot solution provider


Pricing: Varies based on usage; typically integrated within other platforms or services.


  • Advanced natural language processing
  • Versatile across many applications
  • Regularly updated with the latest AI research


  • May produce biased or inaccurate responses
  • Requires continuous updates for optimal performance
  • Occasionally generates verbose or off-topic content

2. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is designed to integrate AI capabilities directly into Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools. By leveraging the power of large language models, Copilot assists in tasks such as summarizing emails, drafting documents, and generating insights from data within apps like Excel and Outlook. It’s aimed at enhancing productivity in the workplace by handling everyday tasks and giving smart advice based on the context of the user’s work.

enterprise chatbot solutions

Microsoft Copilot

Pricing: Included in select Microsoft 365 enterprise plans.


  • Deep integration with Microsoft Office tools
  • Enhances productivity through automation
  • Secure and reliable within the enterprise environment


  • Limited usefulness outside Microsoft applications
  • High cost for comprehensive enterprise features
  • Potentially steep learning curve for full utilization

3. Google Bard

Google Bard seeks to bring the breadth of Google’s search capabilities into a conversational AI format. Utilizing LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), Bard is designed to provide not only accurate and contextually relevant answers but also to generate creative content and ideas. It taps into Google’s vast search index to pull in up-to-date information, making it a potentially powerful tool for educational, professional, and personal use.

chatbot solutions

Google Bard

Pricing: Expected to be integrated into Google’s cloud services; specific pricing is yet to be announced.


  • Access to Google’s extensive data repositories
  • Continuously updated information
  • Potential for creative and insightful responses


  • Limited availability in its initial rollout
  • Uncertainty around future pricing and features
  • Privacy concerns, given the integration with Google’s data

4. Jasper

Jasper AI is tailored towards content creation, helping users generate articles, blog posts, advertisements, and even books. With a focus on marketing and media production, Jasper can adapt to various tones and styles, supporting creative professionals in overcoming writer’s block and scaling content production.

Its interface is made for easy use, allowing for seamless collaboration and integration with other tools.

ai chatbot solutions


Pricing: Starts at $49/month for basic features; more comprehensive plans available.


  • Capable of producing diverse and creative content
  • User-friendly interface suitable for collaborative work
  • Supports multiple languages and styles


  • High subscription cost for all features
  • Dependency on user prompts for best results
  • Can require significant editing for nuanced content

5. HubSpot Chatbot Builder

Integrated within HubSpot’s broader CRM platform, the HubSpot Chatbot Builder is designed to automate and personalize interactions with site visitors and customers. This tool leverages the data within HubSpot’s ecosystem to create responsive and intelligent conversations that can guide users through marketing funnels, provide support, and gather insights. It’s particularly effective for businesses looking to streamline their inbound marketing and customer service operations without human intervention.

chatbot solution provider

HubSpot Chatbot Builder

Pricing: Free for basic use; advanced capabilities available with paid plans starting at $50/month.


  • Deep CRM integration facilitates personalized customer interactions
  • Scalable with business needs
  • No-code builder for easy setup


  • Limited capabilities without additional HubSpot services
  • Advanced features require higher subscription tiers
  • Primarily focuses on marketing and customer service automation

6. Intercom

Intercom provides a robust platform for messaging and communication, aimed at enhancing customer relationships through personalized, automated conversations. It combines advanced machine learning techniques with practical deployment strategies to deliver a conversational experience that scales with business growth. Intercom’s bot can qualify leads, provide support, and integrate with a variety of marketing and support tools to streamline operations.

enterprise chatbot solutions


Pricing: Starts at $67/month; larger custom packages available for enterprise needs.


  • Highly customizable for various use cases
  • Extensive third-party integration capabilities
  • Powerful analytics for measuring engagement and effectiveness


  • High cost can be prohibitive for smaller businesses
  • Complexity of features may require dedicated management
  • Customization and integration can demand significant setup time

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7. Drift

Drift focuses on conversational marketing and sales, using AI to engage site visitors through real-time chat to enhance lead conversion. It’s adept at recognizing buyer intent and facilitating direct connections with sales teams, making it ideal for businesses that want to capitalize on immediate sales opportunities. Drift also offers extensive analytics to track engagement and optimize interactions.

ai chatbot solution


Pricing: Entry-level plans start around $400/month, scaling with additional features and usage.


  • Optimizes lead generation and sales conversion
  • Real-time engagement with site visitors
  • Detailed analytics for tracking performance


  • High cost for entry-level plans
  • Focuses mainly on sales, less versatile for other uses
  • Requires significant integration effort for full functionality

8. Tidio

Tidio merges AI-powered bots with live chat functionality to provide a seamless service experience, particularly for e-commerce platforms. It helps manage customer inquiries, automate responses, and handle high volumes of interactions, which can significantly improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Tidio is easy to set up and integrate with existing websites and e-commerce systems.

chatbot solutions


Pricing: Free limited version available; premium plans start at $18/month.


  • Effective for handling large volumes of queries
  • Quick to set up and integrate with existing platforms
  • Multilingual support enhances global usability


  • Basic functionalities in the free version
  • Advanced features require additional payment
  • May not offer the depth of customization as more specialized bots

9. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is an AI layer embedded within Salesforce that enhances the CRM’s functionality by providing predictive insights and automated task handling based on customer data. It’s designed to make customer relationship management more intuitive and effective by anticipating customer needs and automating routine interactions. Einstein integrates across Salesforce’s cloud solutions, making it a comprehensive sales, marketing, and customer service tool.

ai chatbot solutions

Salesforce Einstein

Pricing: Included in Salesforce’s higher-tier plans, starting around $75/user/month.


  • Leverages AI to enhance CRM insights
  • Customizable to specific business processes
  • Strong support for Salesforce users


  • High cost, especially for smaller businesses
  • Relies heavily on Salesforce ecosystem
  • Complex to set up and manage without proper training

10. Freshchat

As part of the Freshworks suite, Freshchat aims to revitalize customer engagement through automated and intelligent messaging across various channels. It supports integration with other Freshworks products, enhancing its utility in providing a comprehensive customer service experience. Freshchat is designed to be versatile, catering to businesses of all sizes with features that can be scaled or customized according to specific needs.

chatbot solution provider


Pricing: Starts free; more advanced features from $15/month.


  • Integrates well with other Freshworks products
  • Scalable and customizable to a wide range of business needs
  • User-friendly interface simplifies operation


  • Full functionality requires integration with other Freshworks solutions
  • Higher-tier features can be costly
  • May require initial customization to achieve optimal performance

Build Your Own Custom AI Chatbot Solutions with TECHVIFY

Enhance your customer engagement with TECHVIFY Software’s custom AI chatbot solutions. At TECHVIFY, we specialize in creating chatbots tailored to your business needs, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Customized Development: Your business is unique, and so are your needs. TECHVIFY’s team builds AI chatbots designed to meet your specific goals: enhancing customer support, increasing sales, or streamlining interactions.

Advanced AI Technology: Our chatbots use the latest AI technology, capable of managing everything from simple questions to complex transactions swiftly and accurately. This ensures fast, precise responses that improve user satisfaction.

Integrated Solutions: TECHVIFY chatbots easily connect with your existing systems—CRM, social media, and enterprise applications. This seamless integration delivers a consistent customer experience across all platforms.

Continuous Support and Enhancement: TECHVIFY is dedicated to your ongoing success. We provide continuous support and regular improvements, ensuring your chatbot stays up-to-date with the latest trends and business needs.

Scalability: Our chatbots are built to grow with your business, easily handling more interactions and expanding service capabilities without losing performance.

Partner with TECHVIFY and transform your customer engagement with dynamic, responsive AI chatbots that are perfectly aligned with your business objectives.


The top 10 AI chatbot solutions listed in this blog provide various features to improve your business operations, increase customer satisfaction, and boost revenue growth. But sometimes, customized AI chatbot solutions are a much better idea for your business.

TECHVIFY offers customized AI chatbot solutions that meet your business needs, increasing customer satisfaction and driving sales. Contact TECHVIFY today to enhance your customer engagement.

TECHVIFY – Global AI & Software Solutions Company

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