09 May, 2023


On April 28, 2023, at the Army Theatre, 130 Ho Tung Mau, Cau Giay, Hanoi, TECHVIFY Software Joint Stock Company was honored to win Sao Khue 2023 Award in the IT outsourcing category. The award is presented by the organization VINASA (Vietnam Software Association). This is the first time TECHVIFY has participated in Sao Khue – an award dedicated to the IT industry in Vietnam that has been held for 20 years. Accompanying 300 other technology companies nationwide, TECHVIFY proudly won Sao Khue with “digital transformation consulting & development service.” Specifically, in this service, TECHVIFY will participate in all clients’... Read More

All you need to know about Magento Development

Magento development has been widely used by a lot of software developers during their process of building an e-commerce platform. Everything when it comes to online shopping and the system behind it, such as shopping cart, item storage, etc., are constructed by the functionality of Magento development. It also helps adjust the look and controls the content of an online store. Magento’s tools are undeniable since it includes the best gear for a business to run smoothly and stably: a powerful marketing system, catalog-management tools, and search engine optimization. Magento development can allow the adjustment of the product number shown... 22 August, 2020
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Mobile app development: All you need to know

Mobile app development is the process of creating a specific software app that is active on a mobile phone and compatible with connecting to other sources of digital devices. What are the benefits of mobile app development? The number of such is probably tremendous, but we’re only going to look at some highlights of what this digitalized process can bring to a business. Customized to match personal requirements Nothing better than a product of your choice. A custom mobile app made to meet only your specific demands is the number one option for every business. Since you might only work... 20 August, 2020
Custom Software Development Leverage Growth

Custom Software Development Definition

Custom Software Development Definition Custom software development is the process of designing applications with the purpose of addressing the need of a specific user or group of users within an organization. It differs from traditional or commercial off-the-shelf software, which is typically developed for general use. For example, a custom software piece is designed to satisfy a specific set of needs as below: Let’s dive into a practical instance of Techvify as the case of building a mobile app for the biggest telecom company in Vietnam. Techvify is responsible for building the application to satisfy the entertainment requirements of this... 19 August, 2020


Techvifyは長年にわたり、お客様にソフトウェアソリューションを作成・開発することで、革新的で費用対効果の高い技術ソリューションを提供してきた。 No tags for this post. 18 August, 2020
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Offshore Software Development: A Complete Guide

When you hear or read the word “Offshore” for the first time, don’t wonder for yourself, it simply means outsourcing. The word Outsourcing refers to getting your business operations done remotely by other people. Although, many people still believe that offshore development services cost less and are risky. But that’s not true. If done with diligence, offshore development outsourcing can be very helpful. In fact, it is one of the leading service types opted for by millions of people across the globe. And Vietnam is the source hub of offshore software development. So, in this article, we’ll provide you with... 18 August, 2020
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Explore the Magento Development: Why it is the right choice? 

Are you struggling to look for the platform that spurs your growth in the E-commerce marketplace? Or are you getting entangled in the stuck at Magento development cost for E-commerce? If you encounter these problems, please keep calm and determine the most suitable solution via our article below. What you can discover in our article What is Magento development, more precisely? If WordPress is the simplest platform for websites, Magento is the best platform for online shop development in the field of eCommerce. Magento empowers the e-commerce websites of popular retailers such as Nike, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and others. Nevertheless, this... 17 August, 2020


ベトナムのハノイにおけるビジネスソフトウェアのアウトソーシングリーディングカンパニーとして、Techvifyは柔軟でシンプルなビジネスソフトウェアソリューションを構想し、導入している。それによって今日、クライアント企業はより効率的に業務を行い、より多くの価値を生み出すことができるようになっている。 No tags for this post. 06 July, 2020

TECHVIFY: the Top-Tier Software Outsourcing Company in Vietnam

TECHVIFY Software is the leading Software Outsourcing Company in Vietnam that specializes in offshore software development and evaluation powered by the state-of-the-art technology such as React.Js, Node.Js, Vue.Js, Golang, Angular, .NET Core, Java, PHP, Golang and Swift to help our client companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value. Our core strength lies in perceiving the client’s business processes, culture, vision, and goals across the industry segments and offering client-oriented software solutions which are highly reliable. Equipped with the knowledge and passion for technology, Techvify was established in May 2018 to provide professional consulting and IT outsourcing services to... 06 July, 2020

Techvify: トップレベルのソフトウェア・アウトソーシング・プロバイダー

優れたパフォーマンス、非常に魅力的で創造性に富み、そして驚くほど時間を守る。 Techvifyは、ReactJS、Angular、.NET MVC、.NET Core、Java、PHP、Swiftなどの最先端技術を駆使したオフショアソフトウェア開発・評価を専門とするベトナム・ハノイの大手ビジネスソフトウェアアウトソーシングプロバイダーで、顧客企業がより効率的に業務を行い、より多くの価値を生み出すことを支援している。 No tags for this post. 06 July, 2020

ベトナム – ソフトウェア・アウトソーシングの理想的な選択

ベトナムは、アジアにおける低コストで高品質なソフトウェアの成長のための魅力的な目的地として急速に浮上している。  ベトナムには、若くて優秀な労働力が豊富に存在し、他のITアウトソーシング企業と比較して労働コストが最も低く、安全で安定した政府環境が整っているという利点がある。 No tags for this post. 06 July, 2020
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Vietnam – The Ideal Choice For Software Outsourcing?

Vietnam is emerging as a destination for software outsourcing as it has the advantages of a young, talented labor pool with the lowest labor cost and a safe, stable sociopolitical environment. As a consequence of the US trade war with China and its intention to end preferential trade treatment with India, Vietnam has become an attractive alternative destination for business process outsourcing. Within the ICT sector, business process outsourcing (BPO) is the field of the IT industry that is poised for growth due to the following: A growing talent pool Vietnam has a young and dynamic growing workforce with a... 06 July, 2020

The flourish of IT industry in Vietnam

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a booming sector in Viet Nam, supported by world-class telecommunication infrastructure. ICT revenue in 2018 reached almost US$100 billion, posting an 8% increase compared to 2017. Software export revenue is estimated to reach US$3.5 billion, an increase of 11.6% over the previous year. Vietnam’s plans for a digital economy, smart cities, and start-ups have helped the country’s IT industry record vigorous revenue growth. Foreign Investment An official press release has noted that the growing capital inflow in Vietnam’s IT industry from private investors, especially foreign ones, has been considered a “golden opportunity” for the... 06 July, 2020


情報通信技術(ICT)は、世界水準の通信インフラに支えられ、ベトナムでは急成長している分野である。 2018年のICT収入は約1,000億米ドルに達し、2017年と比較して8%の増加を記録した。ソフトウェア輸出収入は、前年比11.6%増の35億米ドルに達すると推定される。 No tags for this post. 06 July, 2020
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Our Software Solutions in a Nutshell

It Does More. It Costs Less. It’s That Simple. Over the course of many years, by creating and developing software solutions for our clients, Techvify has provided innovative & cost-effective technology solutions. By using high-tech tools, technologies, frameworks, and languages for the achievement of various projects with top-tier quality to our customers, We are constantly working to help our customers become high performing and attractive, developing and retaining the best talent t for our business in order to fulfill our obligation of building a better, more reliable and durable company for future generations. A Case Study Our latest achievements are to... 30 June, 2020

Business Survival 101: Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

To survive and grow, every product and service offering must have a clear, distinct competitive edge over its market competitors. In short, the competitive edge is the key to sales success and high profitability. You must be excellent in some specific areas that customers value. In other words, saying, “We offer the best for you in this critical area.” is important in building customer trust. Especially during this crisis while most of everyone is working remotely from home in 2020. Design, address, and meet your customers’ needs, and your business management system has proven to be the most effective competitive... 30 June, 2020
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Top 4 healthcare Trends in 2020

Health care is an industry that is currently being digitally transformed using the latest technology to be able to meet the challenges it faces in the 21st century.  The global health expenditures accounted for $8.45 trillion worth of the global health industry in 2018, and it could reach over $10 trillion by 2022, according to the Global Wellness Institute.  Technology can help healthcare organizations meet growing demand and efficiently operate to deliver better patient care.  From real-time diagnoses aided by machine learning to wearable devices that track and transmit patient data from a distance, a host of new and evolving... 30 June, 2020
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Competing in a digital world: Outsourcing in Vietnam

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, companies of all sizes invest in custom software solutions to increase efficiency and productivity, launch new business units, and innovate. Whether you are a small business owner or heading multiple businesses, there will always be a number of activities going on every time. It could be a challenge to handle too many things at once and not let work become chaotic. This is why it makes sense for businesses to use a custom software solution to get things done, predict risks, and improve overall efficiency. But how much does it cost to develop a... 30 June, 2020
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A Quick Look at Software Development Services

Human societies are gradually entering the 4.0 technology revolution. This is the era of the software industry with inventions of high intelligence and practicality, followed by the explosion of e-commerce and software development services. There is no denying today we live and depend on technology more than ever. We can encounter technology in every area of our lives. This is the pivotal factor that promotes rapid development.  Following that, the growth of software outsourcing services demands is rising every day as they not only save time to solve the problem but also allow firms to access more professional, more expert,... 29 June, 2020