Blooming Sense: A Closing Mark for A Blossom 2024 

On January 26th, 2023, TECHVIFY proudly celebrated Bloom Sense – A 2023 Year-end Party with nearly 200 employees and guests. This event marks an end to our 2023 journey, with successful collaborations and excellent contributions of TECHVIFY’s outstanding individuals.


TECHVIFY officially chose “Blooming Sense” to represent the era of explosion and innovation ahead, all in alignment with our business’s core values:

TÔN (Respect professionalism)

TIẾN (Dare to think, dare to do)

TẠO (Stay curios & open-minded)

TÂM (Willing to share)

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the party that day: 

Cultural Experience and Traditions

The culinary experience featured diverse traditional delicacies, including Kho cake, peanut candy, Lam sweet soup, Doi candy, etc. Attendees enjoyed these sweet treats alongside traditional Sen tea.


At the Blooming Sense party, employees and guests could engage in calligraphy enthusiastically and explore characters from Chinese characters to Vietnamese calligraphy on red paper.


The event incorporated a traditional craft called “To He” to evoke childhood memories, where elders molded familiar animals, preserving the essence of joyful and exciting childhood moments.


Reviving Traditional Games

Returning to the era without smartphones, attendees bonded over games like “O An Quan” (a traditional Vietnamese game), fostering mental calculation skills and environmental friendliness. The event recreated these childhood memories, bringing Vietnamese culture closer to our international guests.


O an quan

The highlight must have been our blindfolded pot-smashing game – a familiar yet nostalgic experience that resonated with every Vietnamese child, especially in the New Year presence.


Pot-smashing game

“Blooming Sense” as the theme of the party night

Under the theme “Blooming Sense,” the organizers carefully integrated various activities for an explosive sensory experience. Attendees could not only taste ethnic specialties but also try smashing clay pots, play traditional games, and craft their own “To He,” immersing themselves in Vietnam’s ancient cultural heritage.

Awards and Recognition

Innovation & Impact Awards:

  1. Peter Cao – Senior AI Engineer, DES Department
  2. Tinh Dinh – Accountant Specialist
  3. Phuc Pham – Bridge Engineer, TECHVIFY Japan

Collaboration Excellence Awards:

  1. Amanda Vi – QA Lead/Project Manager, Delivery Unit 2
  2. Catherine Dang – SEO Lead, People Department
  3. Andrew Pham – Front-end Developer, ITS Department

Special Recognition Awards:

  1. Vincent Huynh – Technical Leader, Delivery Unit 3
  2. Toby Dao – Technical Project Manager, Delivery Unit 1
  3. Minh Nguyen – Project Manager, Delivery Unit 6
  4. Henry To – Senior Sales Global

Breakthrough Team Award: 

SP Group ODC Project 

These awards celebrate the exceptional contributions and achievements of our dedicated employees. Each individual and team have played a vital role in the success and growth of TECHVIFY. Congratulations to all the winners!

Techvifers Showtime

Interspersed between the award ceremonies are fun, attractive performances prepared by the Techvifers. Work hard, play hard for real!




A loving greeting from the beautiful country of Vietnam – performance: Hello Vietnam!


Charming singing and dancing performance


Graceful and sweet performances in traditional Ao dai

content 9


What a memorable scene!

From mesmerizing musical performances to electrifying dance routines, our teams showcased their hidden talents, turning the evening into a showcase of creativity and artistry.

Looking Forward: 

The night left an indelible mark on the 200-strong TECHVIFY employees and guests.

As 2023 passes by, TECHVIFY stands proud of our exceptional team. Our vision is to secure a spot among Vietnam’s top 10 IT enterprises in revenue and position ourselves within the top 20 regionally. 

With that, TECHVIFY looks forward to 2024 with an unwavering commitment to growth, excellence, and delivering unparalleled value to clients and partners. With “Blooming Sense” guiding us, we anticipate another year of innovation, shared success, and continuous growth.


Let’s make 2024 a blossoming chapter for TECHVIFY!

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