Custom Software Development: Definition and Process

Custom Software Development Definition

Custom software development is the process of designing applications with the purpose of addressing the need of a specific user or group of users within an organization. It differs from traditional or commercial off-the-shelf software, which is typically developed for general use. For example, a custom software piece is designed to satisfy a specific set of needs as below:

  • A field service equipment maintenance program for a manufacturer or
  • An online app designed for the company’s and its customer’s unique requirements.

Let’s dive into a practical instance of TECHVIFY as the case of building a mobile app for the biggest telecom company in Vietnam. TECHVIFY is responsible for building the application to satisfy the entertainment requirements of this company as well as building additional features such as chatting, listening to music, playing games, transferring gifts, etc.


How salient is custom software development in the digital transformation adventure of a business? Let’s discover with us the subsequent part!

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Why is custom software development important?


Compared to a commercial off-the-shelf software product, a custom piece has 4 benefits:

  • Efficiency: The process would be speedier and more productive with the support of custom services instead of tinkering with or modifying commercial applications.
  • Scalability: You can own a complete version of the custom software and without incurring costs by paying subscription or royalty fees. Designers and developers can access further needs as part of their requirements which then can be combined with the applications.
  • Lower integration costs: The commercial off-the-shelf application might not fit the existing and legacy system or not. Customized products, on the other hand, will answer this question without incurring any additional investment to the organization.
  • Profitability: The business can earn more profit by means of licensing or selling it to other organizations depending on the terms and conditions of the projects.

Custom Software Development Process at TECHVIFY

A customized project would move through the familiar steps of requirements gathering, code construction, testing, and deployment and apply the same methodologies, like Agile, DevOps, or Water Fall as any other software project. TECHVIFY starts with your business from scratch to discover your requirement and proceed with your case following the sequential process as shown below.


Techvify’s custom solutions

We promise a young and dedicated team that goes beyond its limits to transform your idea into reality. Our offerings consist of mobile and web app development which is tailor-made to your requirements. Would you like to increase your profit? Learn more about custom software development services.


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