With the slogan “Empower your digital innovation,” we are grateful and appreciate the opportunity to accompany the business transformation around the globe. Moreover, in the challenges, we encounter our own paths.  Hence, this article aims to pinpoint how DIGINEX – Hongkong enterprise, about digital finance and blockchain, believes in partnering with us as well as how TECHVIFY has adapted itself for the global environment and scope in the digital transformation era.

We catch the light from a challenging time.

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As the year 2020 comes with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, various businesses find it hard to get to grips with this tough situation or even get themselves entangled in the various repercussions. But for us, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; enabling the online mode might be the only way to let your business stay afloat; we take advantage of the “new normal” of the whole world to unleash our capacity for Offshore Software Development Center.

We are appreciated and respect working with Diginex, which is a digital financial service and blockchain solutions company. They partner with institutional investors, corporations, and governments to offer services in terms of digital assets and blockchain technology. Moreover, they have built a Digital asset trading tool built on top of existing institutional platforms.

In this partnership, Diginex believed in Techvify to provide solutions for the services of Website Application, Mobile application and Cloud services which satisfy the Diginex’s need with regards to human resources and infrastructure.

Our main criteria are to adapt to global clients.

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We come first with the proposal for ODC Setup and Operation, which is specifically customized to adapt to the client’s environment and requirements, giving the three main points pinpointed below.

Quality: Techvify has designed a solution giving customers high-quality services, documented and guaranteed in clearly defined and agreed Service Level Agreements.

Flexibility: As the number of new features and other applications’ integration might be variable over the years, our solution will give the customer the flexibility to scale the system up based on these variable demands.

Cost Efficiency: Based on a mix of onsite and offshore resources, our overall solution would offer the customer the cost-efficient option that brings value to your money.

When the proposal is agreed upon, we continue to implement the subsequent stages of the project, which are Conceptualization, Development, QA & Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance.

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When it comes to the ODC and infrastructure setup, TECHVIFY is going to provide unlimited candidates for customer interviewing as a selection process, as well as various infrastructure options to come up with the customer’s requirement as the best fit. In the case of DIGINEX, they may choose a standard ODC which is secured in a TECHVIFY working environment or higher levels of security such as restricted areas and private network lines. We are flexible to adopt the requirement since we have years of experience collaborating with global clients.

We want to engender digital components for Diginex and global digital enterprises.

“A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant.”

We believe that each partner brings us a valuable chance to self-reflect on our human resources and competencies. Getting feedback makes us properly grow since we would enhance our strengths and minimize our weaknesses.

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This opportunity to collaborate with DIGINEX – one of our big global clients, has proved our capabilities and proposition in the market and hence expands our path for seizing new potential projects on the global scale; furthermore, it marks the milestones in the company’s life cycles.

We proudly claim that Techvify is ready to embrace the challenges and our passion for digital transformation is the spark that spurs our courage in even the harshest situation.

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