Halloween 2023: Mamma Mia and the Surprises

On October 31, TECHVIFY organized a Halloween 2023 program with the theme “Mamma Mia” to create an exciting atmosphere and surprises for its employees. In this event, “the Messengers from hell” visited each department and delivered refreshing drinks with special and meaningful messages to the employees.

“Mamma Mia” is Italian and means “oh my god,” expressing surprise at unexpected events or phenomena in life. The Halloween 2023 event was named after this expression to bring an element of surprise to all TECHVIFY staff. Four “devils from the Land of Spirits” named Hugh LK, Nguyen Tuan Anh, Teddy Nguyen, and YuTa Nguyen skillfully cosplayed the famous Japanese cartoon character *Faceless* and **distributed unique gifts to everyone.


“I was very surprised when Faceless suddenly appeared and handed me water with funny gestures while I diligently worked. It made me and those around me burst into laughter.” Ha Minh Nghia from G2 shared.


Moreover, these devils presented small challenges to engage the Techvifers and stimulate their minds, adding excitement and liveliness to the company’s atmosphere, especially during a stressful working afternoon.

Dustin Giang from G1 happily commented, “The challenge may seem simple, but it’s not. I couldn’t figure out who was behind the Faceless mask, so the person in the Witch mask refused to give me candy. However, I managed to get candy from a friend nearby, so it all worked out =)))”


Besides the cool drinks, the organizers prepared special messages for the Techvifers. These messages served as reminders for the changing seasons, emphasizing the importance of staying warm and taking care of their health during the upcoming cold winter. The message conveyed that good health is essential for a happy life and productive work.


After more than an hour, the “Halloween 2023: Mamma Mia” event came to an end. It was a delightful and surprising experience for all attendees. Let’s cherish these beautiful moments!


Faceless is coming…

You get one bag, I get one bag, divide it and distribute it to reach our KPI.

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