Memorable Moments At TECHVIFY Summer Trip 2023

The TECHVIFY Summer Trip is part of a series of events commemorating the company’s 5th anniversary. Spanning two days, Techvifers have shared remarkable memories, engaging in enjoyable Teambuilding activities and a meaningful Gala Dinner.

Vibrant Atmosphere

At 8 a.m. on August 18th, two Techvifiers cars left Hanoi for Sam Son Beach in Thanh Hoa. Over 90 Techvifers joined this excursion, excited as they anticipated an enriching adventure.

The onboard performances were a high point of the 3-hour trip to the distant country of Thanh Hoa. Both managers and staff contributed songs alternately, showcasing the energetic youth that Techvifers possess.

Yuta Nguyen – G2 shared, “Normally, I’m quite shy at the office, so I never sing in front of a crowd. But today, the joyful atmosphere in the car encouraged me. I wanted to sing, share, and bring joy to everyone in the car.”


“It’s been a while since I felt such enthusiasm. Lately, work has been busy. Everyone feels stressed. So, when the journey started, everyone sang and danced together, which made me forget the pressures at work,” said Larry Nguyen – Head of ITS.

After over an hour, the car stopped at the first destination, Ba Trieu Temple. Techvifers stepped off the ship one by one to explore the famous historical site. Harry Hieu Nguyen – CEO of TECHVIFY Software – represented the group in offering incense, paying respects to the national hero.



“At first, when the schedule was announced, I didn’t want to visit the temple due to the scorching sun. But upon hearing the history of ‘Ba Trieu,’ I felt immensely grateful. This journey gives TECHVIFY’s activities a deeper purpose. It’s not just leisure travel anymore.”

The solemn atmosphere at the temple’s entrance emphasizes the importance of “TÂM” to the business. This value is affirmed through internal activities, cultivated from the roots upward.

Weather Navigation Energy

At 12:15 p.m., Techvifers were present at Sam Son Beach – Thanh Hoa. Despite traveling a long way, the faces of the Techvifers showed no signs of fatigue.

Thanh Hoa was having pretty lovely weather at that time. Although it had entered the rainy season, directly the sun was shining on the sand. The sky was bluer than ever.

Techvifers quickly got into exciting team-building activities like big volleyball, balancing balls, and more. Everyone, from senior management to staff, came together to form a united circle, breaking down hierarchy and geography barriers and overcoming challenges.


All Techvifers stood on the beach, forming the words “TVF 5th,” leaving a mark on the 5th-anniversary journey. This milestone signifies the development of a bright future. Looking back 10 or 20 years from now, everyone will feel proud.


“Standing in the line of words, I felt so moved unexpectedly. I didn’t realize we’d come through such a challenging journey. If I were to look back in 5 years, I’m sure I’d be crying. We’ve put in the effort,” shared by Chloe Nguyen – Head of CCM.

Explosive Birthday

After spirited competitions, Techvifers joined the meaningful Gala Dinner themed “Luminous – illuminating five years of Brilliant.” The program’s red, purple, green, white, and black palettes created a mystical, dreamlike atmosphere.

The program began with a performance involving department representatives, combining group singing and dance. Traditional songs blended with beautiful dance reflect the vibrant spirit of each participant.


The event continued with a video highlighting five years of TECHVIFY’s journey. Five years of TECHVIFY – a trip that is neither too big nor too long, but all have overcome many difficulties and challenges. The emotion touched the participants’ hearts, reaffirming the company’s success to guests from other companies and groups in the past.

After the BOD raised their glasses in a toast, the feast for Techvifers officially commenced. Departments joined forces to showcase their vibrant performances in the “TECHVIFY X Factor” competition. This party included four teams with unique names: “Enchanted,” “Da Nang,” “Hara Drama,” and “Overseas Bootleg Disc Center – Trung Van.”



Simultaneously, the lively Mini Games and the “Lucky Draw” prize drawing brought anticipation and a joyful entertainment atmosphere to all Techvifers. All employees had turned into the captains of the lively party that was the program.




On the second morning, Techvifers enjoyed a restful time after a day of intense activities. They relaxed by the water, strolled the beach, and shopped for gifts.

At 1 p.m., the cars carrying Techvifers began their journey back to Hanoi, concluding the 2-day, 1-night trip full of excitement and significance. These beautiful memories will inspire Techvifers in the days to come!

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