Sunrise Technology Services and TECHVIFY Software: A Powerful Partnership Driving Technological Excellence

Bringing Vietnam to the Forefront of Outsourced IT Solutions and Software Development

In a landmark move, Sunrise Technology Services and TECHVIFY Software have forged a strategic partnership to propel Vietnam to the forefront of outsourced IT solutions and software development. This collaboration unites two industry leaders with a proven track record of excellence in their respective fields. The partnership is set to harness their combined expertise, creating a synergy that promises to revolutionize the technology landscape.


I. Sunrise Technology Services: Pioneers in Technology Consulting and Outsourced Services

Established in 2009, Sunrise Technology Services has emerged as a pioneering force in technology consulting and outsourced services. The company has consistently delivered exceptional results by catering to various industries, including Financial Services, Education, and Transport.

Sunrise Technology Services has mastered helping organizations achieve their technology-driven aspirations. By harnessing skilled offshore resources and combining them with UK-based Program Management Leads, the company empowers businesses to execute large-scale technology change projects rapidly and cost-effectively. Their collaborative approach ensures tailored solutions that align seamlessly with business objectives.

II. TECHVIFY Software: Empowering Businesses through Customized Software Solutions 

TECHVIFY Software, founded in 2018, has swiftly risen as a global powerhouse in AI and software consulting and development. The company is renowned for delivering end-to-end digital transformation solutions, encompassing analysis, consulting, architecture, planning, and implementation. With a team of over 200 tech-savvy developers boasting extensive experience across diverse industries such as Finance, Insurance, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Internet Services, TECHVIFY has consistently proven its mettle.

III. A Shared Vision – A Bright Future

The strategic partnership between Sunrise Technology Services and TECHVIFY Software is a testament to their shared vision of positioning Vietnam as a hub of outsourced IT solutions and software development. This collaboration amplifies the strengths of both entities, combining Sunrise’s established global market experience with TECHVIFY’s renowned expertise in technology empowerment.

Thomas Nguyen, CEO of Sunrise Technology Services, expresses his enthusiasm: “TECHVIFY’s broad spectrum of capabilities across Financial Services and FinTechs makes them an ideal partner for Sunrise Technology Services. This partnership represents another great addition to our capabilities and further confirms Vietnam as a Centre of Excellence for outsourced technology development.”

Harry HIEU Nguyen, CEO of TECHVIFY Software, echoes the sentiment, saying, “We are delighted to work with Sunrise Technology Services on this partnership. With our known expertise in top-notch quality technology empowerment and Sunrise’s experience in the global market, I firmly believe this partnership will offer strong support for TECHVIFY and further amplify our vision to the world.”

This collaboration between Sunrise Technology Services and TECHVIFY Software is set to drive remarkable transformations across industries, revolutionizing how businesses approach technology solutions. As Vietnam emerges as a global technology leader, this partnership will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of outsourced IT solutions and software development. The stage is set for a new era of technological innovation, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of technological advancement.

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