On February 22nd, TECHVICON #17, with the topic Container Deployment On Kubernetes, was successfully held under the leadership of Speaker David Ho. 

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With modern web services, users expect applications to be available 24/7, and developers want to deploy versions of that application multiple times a day. Packaging the application into the container helps address this goal, allowing applications to be released and updated easily and quickly with no downtime. Kubernetes helps you make sure container applications run wherever and whenever you want and helps them find the resources and tools they need to run. Kubernetes is open-source, can run in the production environment, was designed and developed by Google, and is combined with the best ideas from the community. 

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Led by Lead Solutions Architect David Ho, Techvifers had a lively discussion together, thereby deepening their understanding of Container Deployment on Kubernetes. TECHVICON #17, in turn, goes through the main contents, such as: 

  • Traditional & Containerized Deployment 
  • Container Orchestration 
  • Kubernetes Engine (K8S) 
  • Design Your K8S Cluster 
  • K8S Cluster Integration 

“Exclusive” tech sharing sessions at TECHVIFY have become characteristic of the culture and a place for Techvifers to update new knowledge and skills quickly, solve problems encountered while doing tasks, as well as share the story of “work.”  

[TECHVICON – A series of seminars exclusively for Techvifers (held once a month) where we discuss and share knowledge on hot topics of technology and skills]  

Let’s look back at the memorable moments in the TECHVICON #17 session that just took place and continue to support the program in the following issues!

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