TECHVICON #24: Advancing When The Boss Keeps The Seat

Hanoi, on September 27, the event TECHVICON #24 was organized with the theme “How to get promoted when your boss stays in the same position.” Taking on the role of the speaker, Mr. Thaniel Le – Group Lead G1, introduced a challenging topic along with a unique approach that attracted the participation of 32 Techvifers from various departments.

Considered a complex and unprecedented topic at TECHVICON, “How to get promoted when your boss stays in the same position” specifically addresses the concepts of “promotion” and “self-worth” in the workplace. As a result, Techvifers had the opportunity to reflect on their career development path and find clear solutions for their future.


Notably, TECHVICON #24 was organized in a completely different style. Here, the speaker didn’t play the role of a traditional presenter but became a facilitator, presenting the content as questions to encourage Techvifers to engage in discussions. The audience could express their opinions directly, confront opposing viewpoints, and collectively find the best solutions to the issues at hand.

Mr. Thaniel Le – Group Lead G1, shared, “This is my first time taking on the role of a speaker at TECHVICON. In the past, I often attended previous sessions. Still, I always felt speakers needed more interaction and connection with the audience. So, I decided to present the content differently for this occasion, making it more accessible to everyone.”


“During my previous participation, I usually came with the mindset of listening and hesitated to ask questions. But this time, in such a comfortable debate environment, I enjoyed expressing my opinions and sharing my viewpoints,” added Mr. Kiên Đồng – G2.


This event was also the first time TECHVICON was held in both online and offline formats. There were 29 in-person attendees at the sharing session and 3 participants joining online from Group Da Nang and TECHVIFY Japan. This attendance demonstrates the unique attraction of the theme “How to get promoted when your boss stays in the same position,” confirming that the quality of the content at TECHVICON continues to improve.

After over an hour, TECHVICON #24 ended. Let’s look at this event’s intense and lively yet humorous moments!

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