TECHVICON #27: How to Drive Your IT Career Path Success?

Yesterday afternoon, January 4, speaker David Ho (Head of DES) once again opened Techvicon’s first issue of the new year, leading the topic: **How to Drive Your IT Career Path Success?** The sharing session lasted more than 1 hour and 30 minutes with a large number of participants both Offline and Online, up to 60 – 70 people at the same time, bringing a lot of useful knowledge, helping Techvifers have a clearer picture in building Build your own advancement path in the IT industry.


*Speaker David Ho – Head of DES*


Coming to the seminar, Techvifers specifically visualized what it means to be an Engineer in different positions such as Frontend, Backend, Fullstack Engineer, Technical Leader, and Solution Architect. Get accurate information about the definitions of Fresher, Junior, Middle, Senior, and other levels.


Under speaker David Ho’s skillful guidance, Techvifers discussed topics surrounding personal development in each stage, with content that goes deep into sharing practical experiences, highlighting the contributions of experienced personnel such as Mr. Larry Nguyen (Head of ITS), Mr. Potter Le (Head of AI), Mr. Johnny Chung (D2 Lead), Ms. Durin Nguyen (Senior Project Manager – DES), and Techviers with different levels from different departments. Techvifers has a deeper, multi-dimensional view from the shared tips to build a suitable development path for themselves.

Some quotes shared by speaker David Ho include:

“Never let your role define your impact, let your impact define your role”

“Find a mentor, be a mentor, build relationships.”

“Unlearn and learn, share to learn”


By the end of the program, many questions were raised, and everyone discussed them enthusiastically. Speaker David Ho sent three spiritual gifts to the 3 people who asked the best questions in the program with the following content:

“In your opinion, what factors will affect career path development? How to apply positive factors and eliminate negative factors?

“In your opinion, to reach the middle level, are there any requirements for hard skills and soft skills compared to junior level?”

“In the case of building a new team and a senior is chosen to be the lead even though he may not have leadership experience, to be a good leader, how do you need to develop and work?”

Let’s look back at the memorable moments in the TECHVICON#27 session that just took place and continue participating in the program in the next issues!


Sweet gifts from the speaker for 3 people with the best questions of TECHVICON#27

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