On December 21, 2023, hundreds of Techvifers enthusiastically participated in TECHVIFY’s NOEL NÔ-END program, enjoying the warm Christmas atmosphere together. Besides receiving cute gifts and messages, for the first time, Techvifers decorated meaningful gingerbread cookies by hand. Let’s take a look at the joyful and meaningful Christmas moments together!


(One of the staff arrived super early, and received the first messages)

(Messages and cute Christmas gifts given to Techvifers)

Early in the morning, lovely messages accompanied by lucky numbers for adorable gifts were sent out.


(So many cute candies, what shape should I choose?)


(Girls, that thing is so pretty… Oh so cute…!)

Cute reindeer headbands, sweet lollipops, warm and pretty socks… all wrapped in a special TECHVIFY box, imbued with the Christmas spirit.


For the first time, Techvifers decorated gingerbread cookies with various shapes and colors, capturing the essence of Christmas while incorporating TECHVIFY’s colors.


(Techvifers are highly focused on producing masterpieces)


(The whole office is eager to create their own masterpieces to make a personal impression)

Let’s see how skillful these amateur artisans are at decorating gingerbread cookies.

With a lot of dexterity and creativity, each Techvifer created their own “unique” masterpieces.


The Noel Nô-end event was an opportunity for Techvifers to enhance their relationships, hone their dexterity, and boost their creativity.

TECHVIFY wishes everyone a peaceful and meaningful Christmas season and a happy Noel Nô-end!

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