This October, we have a lot of events to celebrate. The first is the successful organization of the event on October 20 to show gratitude to the female colleagues. There is also an event that cannot be ignored, namely, that TECHVIFY has officially added a new department: DES (Digital Enablement Solutions)

Surely everyone remembers that in September, we welcomed a new member with a “huge profile” – David Ho. Following the “hot pitch” stage this October, the DES unit was formed under the temporary leadership of Mr. Harry Nguyen (CEO) and David Ho (Lead Solution Architect) and is in the process of finding more talents. 

We aim to build a team of expert solution architects with high-quality expertise who can communicate and be fluent in various technologies and services (Software Development, Cloud, DevOps, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Migration Service, and Managed Service…). The department is responsible for consulting, designing, and deploying technology solutions for potential new and vital customers (key accounts) and providing support to answer or remove technological bottlenecks for the software development community in TECHVIFY to elevate the image and technology services of TECHVIFY to a new level. 

Besides, DES is also responsible for developing practical, reusable software development toolkits for projects in TECHVIFY to save effort in the coming time and help deliver products quickly, ensuring quality assurance for customers. In addition, DES will also embark on the development of Back office tools to automate and change internal office processes such as time and attendance, document management, notifications, asset management, etc., to meet the increasing number of employees at TECHVIFY. 

This information is announced to all Techvifers as an event to celebrate the launch of the new department, with many new things waiting. 

This is also the mark of a new development stage for TECHVIFY in general and DES in particular. We all believe that under the guidance of Mr. Harry Nguyen (CEO) and David Ho, our new department is growing and achieving great success. 

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