TECHVIFY has been through 4 years of establishment and development. We celebrated this special milestone through many meaningful activities, including Team Building and Gala Dinner to look back on all the memorable achievements and events in the past four years and the development orientation for the next journey together. 

TECHVIFY – 4 years of unforgettable milestones on the development journey 

techvify bai chay beach

May 2018 

TECHVIFY took the journey’s first step when deciding to start a company. And the rest is history.   

March 2019 

TECHVIFY started focusing on software development and outsourcing services with the first office in Duy Tan, Hanoi.   

July 2019 

TECHVIFY has the first onsite project in Japan.   

October 2019 

TECHVIFY opened a new office in the Thanh Dong building.  


A year of solid breakthroughs:   

  • TECHVIFY expanded the market to 26 clients in the USA, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore  
  • Sales grew up 300%  
  • And the personnel increased 3 times  

July 14, 2021 

We officially established TECHVIFY Japan, located in Fukuoka – one of the four most Japan’s dynamic and comprehensive pearl islands.   

December 2021 


April 26, 2022 

TECHVIFY marked an important milestone in the long-term strategic direction to restructure the company’s operating model. TECHVIFY Vietnam officially changed its name to TECHVIFY Software. 

TECHVIFY – 4 years of efforts to bring leading technology solutions 

With a team of experienced software engineers, we provide technology services to meet all customer needs, including:  

  • Offshore Development Center   
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web App Development  
  • Mobile App Development  
  • Cloud Service  
  • QA & Testing Service
  • Blockchain & AI development 

TECHVIFY- 4 years of building and shaping corporate culture 

It’s not just about customer satisfaction. More than that, we are constantly building a professional, creative, and human-centered working environment.   

TECHVIFY’s cultural beauty is reinforced through activities and events exclusively for employees, such as Seminars, Open talks, Happy Day, Team building, Voice radio – TECHVIFY residential group, and TECHVIFY – Determined to conquer new peaks of technology.   

On the upcoming journey, we will strive to achieve the goal:   

  • Becoming one of the top 10 brands in Vietnam in the field of software manufacturing and outsourcing.   
  • Expanding more branches in Japan and Singapore.   
  • Building software production centers in socio-economic nuclei such as Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City.   
  • Reaching 3000 high-quality employees over the next 5 years. 
TECHVIFY's 4th Anniversary Celebration

Team building & Gala Dinner to celebrate the TECHVIFY’s 4th anniversary 

On May 13-14, 2022, TECHVIFY Software successfully organized a Team Building and Gala Dinner to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the company’s establishment in Ha Long, Quang Ninh. 

Team Building to connect the whole TECHVIFY family 

Team Building is one of the most anticipated events for Techvifers. This May, we celebrated a vital milestone in the development journey of TECHVIFY – the 4th anniversary of the company’s establishment. This is a valuable opportunity to help connect employees and create many good memories for all of us. 

A particular highlight that cannot be ignored is the Team Building program at Bai Chay beach. Exciting games with high cohesion received enthusiastic responses from all members.  

Special Gala Dinner – The Aurora 

In the evening, Techvifers were highly excited to participate in the most anticipated event: the Gala Dinner celebrating four years of TECHVIFY. 

Inspired by Aurora, Gala Dinner for the 4th Anniversary of TECHVIFY was not only a place where we connected and looked back on the past. Furthermore, the party was where Techvifers could shine in their own unique way. The Gala Dinner exploded with memorable performances and fierce competition from TECHVIFY’S Got Talent teams, immersed in the vibrant dances of DJs and “dancing” with all their might. 

The resonance from the trip, with the highlight of the explosive TECHVIFY 4th Anniversary Gala Dinner, has been still burning in the hearts of all Techvifers. 

Happy TECHVIFY’s 4th birthday! 

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