Top 3 Digital Transformation Trends 2021

 2020 has witnessed a historical event that drastically changed the world: The COVID-19 pandemic. In such a desperate time, mankind has to come up with innovative measures to mend the stitches. Therefore, digital transformation slowly emerges to save the day. To maintain a competitive position in the technology race, businesses should get acquainted with these digital transformation trends in 2021.

5G technology will thrive strongly

5G technology has been a common term in technology for years now. But not only until this period of time, when remote work, video conferencing, and digital collaboration became core parts of our lives, that the need for fast and stable connectivity became a must.

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Moreover, in time of quarantine, as we spend more time inside, we have become more reliant on devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. More devices are in need of Internet connection, and 5G technology with fast connectivity and data density has proven it’s essential.

Thus, nowadays, to conduct an effective business model, businesses cannot afford to be disconnected. Therefore, 5G deployments have become a vital part of the solution. As we continue to work and manage work from our homes, the value of 5G will become increasingly mainstream in 2021.

So there’s no doubt that 5G technology is one of the most popular digital transformation trends of 2021.

Although the work on 5G technology development was interrupted in the early half of 2020 due to the pandemic outbreak, the initiatives have resumed back work this year as the situation is more under control now.

Of course, big markets like China cannot miss out on such a potential field like this. They are on their way to fulfilling the 2020 deployment goals. Thus, leading mobile manufacturers are expected to release advanced 5G smartphones within the year 2021 too.

This could be a game-changer for the smartphone manufacturing industry.

Confidential and privacy computing gains momentum

Cybersecurity became a relevant digital transformation again in 2021 due to the expansion of attacking campaigns against businesses worldwide caused by hackers.

Statistically, there was a 238% rise in attacks on banks, and a 600% increase in attacks on cloud servers was observed from January to April 2020 alone. This number has shown data vulnerability since fewer employees are working onsite to secure the network.

Confidential computing is the decisive key to determining the performance of cybersecurity. Confidential computing is to encrypt the overall computing process, not just the information.

Confidential computing supports the creation of extra security layers around mission-critical data.

Leading names in the technology industry, such as VMware, Microsoft, and Google, are assisting in coming up with best practices and new protocols. The technology is still in the very first steps, but confidential computing is expected to become mainstream in 2021.

Generational change will change business behavior

2021 is witnessing a generation change in the world’s labor force. Many Generation Z-ers have graduated college and are entering the workforce, causing a new digital transformation trend.

This generation is the first generation who have access to technology at a very young age. Therefore, this transition means that the world’s business behavior will change toward digitalization.

These digital natives perceive and interact with technology in different ways than the previous generations, such as Millennials or Gen X-ers.

From Gen Z-er’s perspective, technology is a determining element that helps employees on a day-to-day basis. Thus, as passionate youngsters, they want to go far beyond the basics of technology to optimize and drive value.

There will be no surprise if they make use of relatively “basic” technology – like the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) – as an integral key to success in business.

Moreover, companies will need to update their technology to meet their young employee’s expectations of an ideal working space.

By providing them with up-to-date devices, they can ensure to conduct better and more consistent work performances, seamless customer service, and control over interactions.

Digital transformation trends 2021

Those are the top 3 digital transformation trends that TECHVIFY Vietnam predicts to cause huge changes in 2021.

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Make sure that your businesses stay up-to-date with these above-mentioned trends and fully prepare for a massive transformation of the world’s industries. Be the contemporary leader of your industry, this opportunity will act as leverage to push your business to the top.

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