What is MEVN stack? Everything You Need To Know

Those who have had the opportunity to work with the JavaScript programming language must know the concept of MEVN Stack. MEVN Stack makes a huge contribution to website and web application development. So what is MEVN Stack? Component of MEVN Stack? Learn everything you need to know about the MEVN stack below! 

What are web stacks? 

If you are a web developer or full-stack developer,  you might have come across the terms MEAN, MERN, LAMP, etc. These are some web application stacks comprising a bundle of software and frameworks used to build a web application from front-end to back-end and make it fully functional. A stack usually involves database software, back-end or front-end technology, a particular Operating system(Sometimes back-end technologies are cross-platform hence no particular OS), and a web server. 

What is MEVN stack?  

The MEVN stack includes MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, and Node.js, which helps developers create websites and web applications. It is a collection of four technologies associated with JavaScript. They possess superior features to optimize software building performance. MEVN is a web stack like MERN and MEAN, though it is relatively new as the front-end framework used is Vue.Js. The only difference is that the front-end frameworks used in these stacks differ. Its software components can be used to effectively design front-end and back-end development and improve the functionality of your website or app. 

In MEVN, Vue.Js is another open-source framework for building user interfaces. The advantage of Vue.Js is fast and easy to learn, but as it is newer, the community support is relatively less, which is one downside of Vue.Js. 

The term MEVN is an abbreviation of the names of the four applications that make up it: 

  • M – MongoDB 
  • E – Express.Js 
  • V – Vue.Js 
  • N – Node.Js 

MEVN Stack is popular because it is the best solution to create the perfect SPA model. 

Components of MEVN Stack 

We will go deeper into its composition to better understand MEVN Stack. 


MongoDB is a source code database in the form of NoSQL. NoSQL is a database with the following characteristics: non-binding, distributed, open source, and horizontal scalability. It is these unique characteristics that bring superior data processing capabilities to NoSQL. It can quickly complete a very small to an extremely large amount of data, namely petabytes. NoSQL makes the system more robust to withstand massive processing. 


Express.Js is an application framework built from the Sinatra programming language for Node.Js. Express.Js actively provides advanced and powerful features for web development on the Node.Js platform. 


Vue.Js is especially used in front-end web development and is referred to as a client-side framework. Vue.Js has two-way data binding, allowing seamless front-end development, MVC capability, and interactive, server-side applications. 


The next prominent component in the MEVN framework is Node.Js. Unlike writing Javascript in the browser, Node.Js allows users to write Javascript on the server side. Node.Js makes good use of Javascript language and asynchronous input and output to become a powerful platform for real-time software development. It is the second most viewed platform after Github and has more than 15000 modules attached. It is indeed a very respectable number. 

Pros and Cons of MEAN Stack


The most significant advantage of MEVN is that javascript is used on all development levels from client to server, simplifying the process and making development faster and more efficient. Moreover, it is platform-independent, and MVC architecture in the back-end organizes the server side, and hence back-end development becomes quicker and more efficient. Lastly, MEVN uses Vue.Js, which is faster and easy to learn.  


In MEVN, It has Vue.Js, a new framework; hence it doesn’t have the support of a large community. And it is still growing. Another disadvantage of Vue.Js is that it lacks plugins, as Vue is still not as big as Angular or React. 

How is the MEVN Stack different from MERN and MEAN  

The main difference between the MEAN, MERN, and MEVN stacks can be found in the third letter of each acronym. MEAN is a JavaScript stack based on Angular’s use for its front-end JavaScript framework. Meanwhile, the MERN stack is based on React and its ecosystem. Finally, MEVN is based on Vue.js and its ecosystem. Below, TECHVIFY Software will explain how each of them works:  

In MEVN, Vue.js is a relatively new JavaScript framework compared to Angular.js and React.js. It was released in 2014 and gained popularity in a short span of its versatility, approachability, speed, and quality documentation. MEVN stack development companies usually use Vue.js to create intuitive user interfaces and single-page applications.   

In MEAN, Angular.js is backed by Google. It is another front-end framework that is used widely. Developers often use it for several development projects as well as web, native mobile, mobile web, and native desktop. Angular.js is several applications in the business world and is used by banks and hospitals.   

In MERN, React.js is a front-end library that MERN stack developers use. It allows for the creation of interactive user interfaces for applications and websites. The best thing about React.js is it has support from Facebook – a leading tech giant, and is easy to scale at any given point. Unlike Angular.js and Vue.js, React.js is a highly customizable JavaScript technology. 

3 Tips to Choose The Best MEVN Developers   

Choosing a software developer for your next technology project will be easier if you carefully consider the following considerations when hiring a JavaScript developer for MEVN development.   

Project Management Skills  

Choosing the best MEVN developer for your business requires excellent project management skills. They require great project management skills to keep projects running smoothly, on time, and within budget. Along with understanding the ins and outs of computer languages and programming, they must attend to detail because software developers deal with large amounts of numerical and alphabetical data.   

Programming Languages   

Today’s developers must be well-versed in the most popular and widely used programming languages. Recently, JavaScript has been one of the most popular languages used to build interactive websites, web applications, and mobile apps.   

Communication Skills   

It’s critically important for software development professionals to have impeccable communication skills. Because of the work, one slight miscommunication can lead to dangerous results.   


MEVN Stack is gradually conquering global users thanks to its intelligent mechanism and powerful platform. It is growing daily, so many people want to learn what MEVN Stack is. Hopefully, this article’s information TECHVIFY Software has brought you will partly answer questions about MEVN Stack. 

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