Cloud-native platforms enable organizations to accelerate and enhance the adoption of cloud computing (and deliver on digital initiatives) within their business. By 2025, cloud-native platforms will serve as the foundation for more than 95% of new digital initiatives, Gartner predicts.

With the adoption of cloud computing only set to rise in 2022, integrating cloud-native platforms is crucial now more than ever and will provide the primary means for companies to execute their digital strategies and ensure business growth, customer retention and efficiency.

Fast-track and standardize solutions

Cloud-native platforms provide abilities that fast-track the use of cloud computing. They include technology functions such as infrastructure as code, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), application architecture, infrastructure, and operations (I&O) as well as transformation, including culture, staffing, tools, and processes.

What’s more, they can deliver standardized, automated solutions suitable for cloud environments.

Stay relevant-and competitive

Cloud-native platforms offer IT leaders and companies a key differentiator.

They address legacy application backlogs and make the most of cloud computing to enable innovation and IT modernization. They allow organizations to remain relevant and competitive.

Business implications and responsibilities

There are several business-wide implications, including the rearchitecting of the system, and the rebuilding process.

IT teams must retain responsibility for a variety of functions, including strategy development and maintenance, procurement and vendor management, architecture governance and security as well as compliance.

Adopting cloud-native platforms

For businesses that adopt cloud-native platforms, several actions must be undertaken.

First, cloud-native platforms should become the default for new application development and digital initiatives. Then, create a dedicated platform team that automates, secures, and operates a reliable platform for agile application development and delivery.

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