How to choose the right a Magento Development Team?

Magento development is an ideal tool when it comes to developing an E-Commerce website.

It’s getting more and more popular with business owners thanks to its various benefits. Therefore, the need for a Magento development team to build an E-Commerce website is growing in, too. Amongst many development teams, deciding which agency is the most suitable isn’t easy at all. Hence, let TECHIVFY walk you through the top 5 things you should consider when choosing a Magento development team.

Choosing a Magento development team

#1: Is this Magento development team has certified developers?

Having a certified Magento development team will ensure a higher chance that the developers are skilful enough to deal with your projects.

One of the first requirements when choosing Magento development services is a company that has an expert team of certified Magento developers. This will give you the peace of mind that your E-Commerce website is taken care of by professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

Although Magento is open source and is not subjected to strict coding rules, it has certain standards and Magento-certified developers are experts in applying these standards to projects. To qualify for the partnership, a Magento E-Commerce development company must develop a certain number of Magento projects and have Magento Certified Developers on its team.

These developers will have to sit for an exam every year so that they stay up to date. When developers are certified, this means that the developers are prepared well, and the company invests in the professional development of its engineers.

#2: How experienced is this Magento development team?

In terms of Magento development, experience counts a lot! Therefore, how experienced an agency should be one of the top concerns when choosing an agency for outsourcing. Information like years of experience will give you important data to know if that agency is reliable.

A Magento development team that has many years of experience in Magento website development will have a great deal of knowledge and experience in operating an E-Commerce website. Thus, their expertise has been proven objectively to real clients through many case studies. Moreover, years of experience also mean that this team has practiced serving projects from different industries.

Therefore, make sure that you ask enough questions before sealing the deal. While interviewing agencies, ask them how many projects they have built or completed. Do they have trained and certified Magento developers for Magento 2 platform? Questions like that could let you know more about their experience developing Magento sites.

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#3: Is their portfolio qualified?

Examples of previous work are the best evidence that lets you know how good a Magento web development company is.

This will give you a clear idea of the type of work they have done in the past and how skilled their developers are. You would also be able to judge their creativity as well as efficiency through this portfolio.

It’s a good sign if the Magento development company provides the following:

  • Case studies describing customers, challenges, aims, and results.
  • Clients’ feedback on the quality of products, services, and communication.
  • Links to the developed solutions, websites, apps, etc.

Furthermore, check the portfolio thoroughly to know if the projects that the agency took over in the past are diverse in requirements or anything else. The more cases you check, the more you are sure about their capacity. You shouldn’t only look at the UX designs, especially the projects that have been finished for several years. Check how successful their previous clients are with their online stores, too, to really examine the efficiency of that Magento website.

#4: How does this Magento development teamwork?

Checking the Magento development team’s workflow will help you see whether they are the right match or not. The development processes are usually detailed on their website or in documents. If not, directly ask the company about their workflow. A professional working process will result in high-quality outputs. So make sure the agency works effectively, reliably, and devotedly toward your ultimate goal.

The entire process of Magento development needs to go through several phases, from planning, designing, and developing to optimizing. Ideally, the process should follow the best practices of Magento development to ensure that the system will be easily scalable and upgradeable. The Magento development process should be a tight, professional, but simple process to ensure zero downtime. Thus, you should also pay special attention to the timeline and project evaluation. This will allow you to have better control over the whole project.

#5: What are their security policies?

It is crucial to consider the protection of your data when outsourcing. Therefore, make sure that your Magento development team offers clear and specific data security policies because data loss will greatly impact your business.

However, there is no certain way to guarantee that you can stop someone from stealing your data. When signing the contract, you can ask for a detailed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to avoid data leakage.

NDA is a legal document that both the customer and Magento development company have to sign to acknowledge that the project and its critical data will not be shared with anyone outside without permission. This can prevent the agency from leaking your data, especially to your competitor.

Keep in mind that the best Magento development company will undoubtedly possess a command on fine-tuning Magento stores for years, and their experience against countless projects will make you feel secure.

Furthermore, a website security certificate could also be helpful in this case. A website security certificate is a validation and encryption tool, part of the HTTPS protocol, which secures and encrypts data going back and forth between the server and your browser. This can help to ensure that the website you are connecting to is legitimate and that the connection is safe and secure.

Vietnamese Magento development team
Vietnamese Magento development team

Those are the top 5 most basic criteria you should consider when finding a Magento development team. By answering those questions, you will have a better point of view about that agency for further consideration.

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