Announcement Ceremony of Da Nang Group Establishment Decision (GDN)

“Life is about choices. Some people choose to commit to a certain purpose, some people choose to dedicate themselves and advance in their careers, some people like to choose stability, and some choose to chase money. At TECHVIFY, we choose DEVELOPMENT” – CEO Nguyen Xuan Hieu spoke back at the Announcement Ceremony of the Decision to establish Group Da Nang (GDN) and the Appointment of personnel. 

techvify ceo nguyen xuan hieu

On the morning of June 9, 2022, TECHVIFY Software solemnly held the ceremony to announce the Decision to establish Group Da Nang (GDN) and the Appointment of personnel. Attending the ceremony were CEO Nguyen Xuan Hieu, Group 1 Leader  – Le Anh Thai, Group 2 Leader – Pham Quoc Hung, the Board of Directors, and all TECHVIFY Software staff. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, CEO Nguyen Xuan Hieu announced the decision to open a software development center in Da Nang, Group Da Nang, and named Mr. Lai Cong Thanh Group Leader of GDN. 

techvify leader gdn

Speaking at the ceremony, CEO Nguyen Xuan Hieu emphasized: “I believe that with his dedication, contributions, and the role of a “pioneer” – Mr. Thanh will successfully complete the assigned tasks in his new position, bringing GDN as strong as Group Delivery in Hanoi, the bigger goal is to put TECHVIFY Software far on the world technology map.” 

Mr. Lai Cong Thanh, Group Leader GDN, thanked the Board of Directors and all employees for their trust, saying, “The fact that we added GDN and will have more groups in the future is an inevitable step that TECHVIFY will perform to reach out further; we all will not stop at any limit. I will do my best to let GDN promote the spirit, culture, and values you have built.” 

techvify mr lai cong thanh

At the ceremony, the Decision to appoint Vice Group Lead of Group 1 and Group 2 was also approved: 

Mr. Le Anh Thai, Group 1 Leader, announced the appointment of Mr. Le Khanh Hung as Vice Group Lead G1 on behalf of the company’s Board of Directors. 

Mr. Le Khanh Hung, throughout the working process, is always dedicated, constantly improving his professional and leadership capacity. With his achievements, TECHVIFY believes that with his new position on the upcoming journey, he will always be “strong and tough” and complete all the tasks entrusted to him. 

le anh thai vs le khanh hung

Group 2 Leader – Mr. Pham Quoc Hung, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the company, announced the Appointment of Vice Group Lead G2 for Mr. Chung Vi Thanh: 

Mr. Chung Vi Thanh has many years of experience working in the outsourcing industry, experience in managing human resources in both English and Japanese environments. With those skills and experiences, TECHVIFY believes that Mr. Thanh will accompany Group 2 and the company’s further goals the next time. 

techvify leader g2

In response to the expectations and directions, Vice Group Lead G1 – Mr. Le Khanh Hung, and Vice Group Lead G2 – Mr. Chung Vi Thanh, would like to thank the Board of Directors and all employees of TECHVIFY Software for their trust and promise to promote the spirit of effort, initiative, and excellent work completion and ensure the quality of projects and other assigned tasks. 

At the end of the program, the Board of Managers went on stage together with CEO Nguyen Xuan Hieu, toasting the establishment of Group Da Nang, congratulating a new development that promises much success in the future: 

techvify 1 2 3 yo

The ceremony to announce the Decision to establish Group Da Nang (GDN) and the Appointment of personnel took place successfully. Wish GDN will achieve admirable achievements and gradually expand the scale and influence of TECHVIFY on the technology map. Hope that the newly appointed personnel always perform admirably on their assigned tasks and accompany and firmly step on the path to new technological heights. 

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