Which is the best way to start your E-Commerce game?

With the rapid growth of technology nowadays, E-Commerce has become an inseparable part of our daily life. Because of that, to enhance your firm’s position in the trading field, switching to E-Commerce platforms is a must.

For starters, there are 2 most common tools, Magento and Shopify, to build an E-Commerce platform that you should learn about to decide which is the most suitable one for your business.

What are the differences between Shopify and Magento development services? 

  • Shopify is an E-Commerce platform built on cloud-based in 2006. A user-friendly interface and simple to use are Shopify’s most competitive features. Unlike other platforms that require knowledge of websites, hosting, or HTML to work, Shopify is explicitly designed for beginners with websites and E-Commerce as long as they know how to use the Internet. Shopify provides everything you need to build an online store from web templates, databases, back-end plugins, and everything necessary to create a retail presence. All you need is knowledge about sales and running business, along with a range of good products to sell, you could have your online store up and running in hours with Shopify.


  • Magento is a platform built in 2008 on open-source technology that help developers create E-Commerce websites. Magento development is well-known for its flexibility to customize that can meet various customers’ demands. There are thousands business, including big corporations, using Magento development services to start their E-Commerce game such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, Nike, etc.

Magento development service offers 2 editions for developers to choose from:

  • Magento Open Source: This is a free-to-use and self-hosted platform. Magento Open Source offers functions to help you build and develop an online store from basics to some extent that meets your specific requirements. This is a cost-effective solution for small businesses or startups as this version has great features with minimum expenses.
  • Magento Commerce: The premium paid edition with more extensive features compare to Magento Open Source. Magento Commerce is more suitable for large business, especially with merchants and Magento developers who are looking for an all-in-one cloud solution and has experience in running enterprise-level on-premises systems.

To sum up, both platforms have their pros and cons that would be suitable for different customers.

Shopify is an ideal choice for small businesses that want to get their store up and running as quickly as possible. Shopify also offers an all-in-one payment, and a support team on hand whenever you need it. This platform is suitable for businesses that just starting out in E-Commerce but is hoping to develop a fully-fledged E-Commerce business.


On the other hand, Magento is the best platform for medium to large-sized businesses thanks to its flexibility. According to Litextension’s in-house data, in 2020, Magento was one of the three platforms that merchants migrated to the most, while only a minority of store owners chose other carts. Magento has also been listed as 1 of 10 leading E-Commerce platforms for 2021 worldwide by Techliance. If you’re aiming to create a big brand with big revenue, keep reading because the following contents will focus on analyzing Magento’s most competitive points.

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What makes Magento a smart choice to build your E-Commerce platforms? 

To develop a long-term and professional E-Commerce website, Magento is the best solution that you should keep in mind.

Thanks to its various extensions, Magento developers are capable of customizing and personalizing customers’ websites to highlight products’ best features as your demand. Magento extensions development provides you the possibility to create unique branded experiences for your users. This platform has the ability to adapt well to changes and flexibly adjust to meet the requirements of shop owners.

Furthermore, Magento is very responsive to mobile due to its open-source technology offers flexible E-Commerce solutions. Both versions of Magento comprehend the HTML5 platform to maximize users’ mobile shopping experiences. Therefore, Magento development services will establish a fulfilling brand experience for your customers using their mobile devices anytime and anywhere.


Magento really excels in SEO – which helps to increase the amount of visitor traffic from search engines to your website – and comes with plenty of SEO guidance to help you get started, making optimizing your product pages and descriptions become very simple. You can edit images, alt tags, and customize URLs to help search engine users find your web pages more easily. It also generates SEO-friendly URLs and meta descriptions, meaning that you don’t have to worry about creating them yourself. All of these are included in Magento development’s built-in features.

In conclusion, Magento is an excellent choice for your CMS because it’s powerful, SEO-friendly, customizable, ideal for sales, and easy to edit. Choosing Magento development services to build your E-Commerce platform would bring enormous benefits to your business, especially for medium to large businesses.

Why choose TECHVIFY as your trustworthy assistant to launch a Magento site for your E-Commerce?

TECHVIFY Software is proudly offering competitive Magento development services for our customers.


With a talented Magento developers team, TECHVIFY is skillfully qualified to help you develop a flawless Magento-based website and mobile app. We have a Magento extensions storage (https://x-mage2.com/) coded by our Business Managers to sell to other Magento developers. Therefore, we are fully capable of designing an E-Commerce platform that is personalized for your business as requested. These extensions are really powerful in terms of customizing E-Commerce platforms to fit your business’s specific target audiences as well as keeping up with the market’s trend.

If you are looking for some guidance and assistance in Magento development services, leave your contact below. TECHVIFY’s customer service team will get in touch with you shortly to offer the best solutions for your concerns.

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